0 to 1 Billion Views: Hunter Devries’ Journey in Audience Growth


In the insightful episode of “0 to 1 Billion Views – How to Grow an Audience,” hosted by Dan Page and Shane Hickenlooper, guest Hunter Devries, a seasoned social media strategist, shares his journey and insights into the world of audience growth and content creation.

The Genesis of a Social Media Journey:

Hunter’s passion for social media began in high school, where he engaged in playful Twitter challenges with friends, leading to interactions with celebrities and offers for internships. This early exposure sparked a realization in Hunter about the power of social media to connect people globally.

Finding a Path Through Ensign College:

Attending Ensign College (formerly LDS Business College), Hunter immersed himself in the practical world of social media and digital marketing. He embraced opportunities for internships and client work, broadening his experience and laying a solid foundation for his future career.

Joining ‘What’s Inside’ and Exploring New Platforms:

Hunter’s big break came when he joined the ‘What’s Inside’ YouTube channel, where he played a pivotal role in expanding their presence on platforms like Facebook. He discusses the growth of the channel from 4 million to 7 million subscribers and his success in generating over one billion organic views on Facebook.

Advice for Aspiring Creators:

Hunter shares invaluable advice for those looking to start their journey in content creation:

  • Pursue Passion: Choose a subject you are passionate about.
  • Learn Best Practices: Understand the nuances of different platforms.
  • Analyze and Adapt: Pay close attention to data and audience retention.
  • Authenticity is Key: Be genuine and true to your voice.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Build relationships by responding to comments and feedback.

The Importance of Community Engagement:

Highlighting the significance of engaging with the audience, Hunter recalls how he personally responded to half a million comments in a year, significantly contributing to the growth of ‘What’s Inside’ on social media.

Hunter’s Next Venture:

With his rich experience in growing channels and brands, Hunter is now venturing into his own business, focusing on content management and brand partnerships. He emphasizes his goal to assist creators and companies in maximizing their organic social media potential.


Hunter Devries’ journey from a curious teenager to a social media expert demonstrates the power of passion, perseverance, and the willingness to embrace new challenges. His story is a testament to the endless possibilities in the world of digital content and audience engagement.




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awesome well Hunter thanks for being with me today yeah in the hotel room in


St George you know it works out it works out great it works out awesome so


um today I would love to chat with you about your story okay we both went to


ldsbc at the time it’s now enzyme college but we both kind of got our start I guess at the BC but I’d love to


just why don’t you introduce yourself and give us the story of kind of how you got to where you are today yeah well


thanks for this opportunity so I think you know it all starts with like four-year-old me always wanting to like


win at Monopoly like as soon as that game was introduced to me I was like there’s so many different ways to make


money but yeah I wanted to figure out the best way and then during High School I took engineering classes hated it I


took Medical classes hated it and like one of the number one things I’m in like a young men’s group so I work with young


men all the time yeah they’re like my parents always have want me to do like these classes even though I don’t like


them I’m like my number one thing is like do the best in the class but as soon as you’re done be done like find


whatever you want and I got introduced to Marketing in high school the DECA and all that stuff yeah but Twitter started


popping off and I’m like this is amazing so I got a group of like 10 friends and we always had challenges like who can who’s the


biggest celebrity that can like or follow us on Twitter so like I had Hugh Jackman like one of my tweets my friend


had like Carly Rae Jepsen follow him um and that was like at the Pinnacle of Carly Rae Jepsen I got the whole


University of Utah offensive football team besides the QB to follow me and


they invited me to play Call of Duty and I was just like mesmerized by it and I remember watching Shark Tank and I


tweeted at these the Shark Tank Company yeah I was in Utah I think it was called uh lipsticks okay back in the day yeah


yeah and um they like replied and they’re like do you want an internship and I was like 16 years old and they


were like down in Lehigh and I’m like and again this this is on Twitter yeah yeah you’re just on Twitter yeah I’m


just sitting on Twitter like the 16 year old me like just trying to figure out you know what I want to do


and just have some fun with it and I’m like this is crazy how I can talk with almost anyone in the world and just get


connected with them and it just kept fascinating me yeah and fast forward uh served a mission and I saw the power of


like we couldn’t use like Facebook or anything yet but we could tell people to go watch a video on Facebook and like


they would share it and we saw like people that we would teach they knew those people on Facebook and they’re


like oh we already saw that they shared that on their timeline and it was just like blowing my mind I’m like this is


going to be a thing and this isn’t like a fad and so fast forward came home from my mission went to Ensign College after


one semester at Weber State because you know how it is like the associates


degrees at other colleges are just so there’s nothing that compares to the one that the BC does yeah my opinion or


enzyme college now yeah we’re calling it BC because I would just forever know what is that yeah did you take a semester anywhere else before yeah so I


went to BYU beforehand and then I also uh I went to I had some classes that we


were too but yeah yeah is it yeah and so like they they’re like oh you have to take all these requisites and it’s like


they told me to take a Billiards class just to fill my credits yeah and I’m crazy I’m paying 800 for a Billiards


class why would I do that yeah and so I saw the ad for enzyme where it’s like oh you get real world experience you


actually work with clients and I was like sign me up sold and you probably you probably hopped on it when they when


they had like barely first introduced that program it was the first time they had all the classes available they had a


few test classes but it was the first time they had the certificate available and and the full degree okay and so my


plan was only to be there for one semester and do all 18 credits in their certificate yeah but like day one I walk


in the doors and I’m like I want as much I went up to Barrett Christensen oh yeah yeah good old Barrett yeah and I’m like


I want all like give it give it everything give me everything like what kind of internships do you have


everything and he’s like here’s this and this and this so I had on day one by the end I had an internship in Singapore San


Diego and Salt Lake City all remote on top of my 18 classes and my work just


offered me a full salary position but it was boring it was like customer service at the Home Depot love the Home Depot yeah yeah but like super boring right


yeah for sure and I literally went back after that day went to my boss and I’m like


appreciate everything you’ve ever done for me learn so much in customer service I’m getting I’m I’m a different way I’m


out and he’s like respect to you like all you don’t even have to do your two weeks we’ll just close you out today


you’re so excited that’s a good boss oh he was amazing and like he was just about to give me like make him like his


number two at the in the in the thing so nice to me and yeah but anyways the


first semester 18 credits I’m just like hitting the ground running I started picking up my own clients at the time and I’m like I freaking love this and so


anyways like that’s kind of the story of how I got to the college yeah and then there’s a lot that happened from after


college and then from there but so and at the college you were involved with the student agency so so was I and I I


don’t think we uh you must have left because when did you leave 27 yes I left


April 2017. okay so it would have been I I probably would have started you


probably were still there when I started because I started right after I got married but I didn’t get involved with the agency until I was in probably into


2017. yeah but yeah just super cool that I don’t know why we didn’t really cross


like cross paths I think we knew each other but we never directly worked with each other no uh-uh yeah this is kind of


interesting how was the agency for you I’m just stealing your question yeah for sure it was it was uh it was interesting


so I ran the I was the agency strategy manager so it’s me and uh Alyssa I’m


trying to remember how to pronounce her name she was Ukrainian and I oh yeah yeah her last name I can’t remember how


to pronounce it but I worked with Alyssa and she kind of ran uh ran more or less like fulfillment and I ran all the


strategy for all the clients and then ran a team and it was fun we had a we had a blast we had a good time they like


I think it was like one semester after mine that they just kind of dissolved it yeah yeah and it came back but it’s not


the same like were you on scholarship yeah yes okay perfect yeah so that was my whole goal going into the agency so


someone started it beforehand and there were scholarships and then they were about to get rid of it when I was there and I’m like no way and like how can I


save this yeah and so we went out and found like four clients that would pay for all the scholarships and so that’s


awesome that’s that’s you probably saved it then for that for my semester her because we we had I was on scholarship I


think anyone that had like more or less like a leadership position was technically on scholarship yep and so


which was so nice I literally I rarely paid a dime for college because I had it all covered with FAFSA at the same time


because I had I’d gotten married super early yeah in my life and so I qualified for FAFSA so I like never paid for


college and I count myself very lucky for that well and the nice thing is enzyme’s very affordable compared to


most places but yeah you can stack scholarships so that was my thing too I hardly paid for enzyme because I fought


for the scholarships from the agency and then I had a private scholarship as well yeah that paid for it all so that’s the


best part like yeah no pressure no student loans yeah exactly yeah it was awesome but yeah so uh I I probably had


we I think at one point we had about eight clients and a good half of them


were the church yeah so we we ended up like building we built the whole entire


strategy for like the church’s how to Channel 4 for all the young adults at the time we had built up a couple other


brands through bangkom that they were working on and it was it was a good time I had a blast it was it was like my


first taste at like running like strategy from like 10 000 feet you know


yep basically yep and uh and then that got me hooked yeah it really yeah once


you sit down with a client and then you you pitch them on everything and then they’re like love it run with it you’re just like let’s go yeah yeah for sure it


just lights that fire yeah so that’s awesome so you got involved with the the BC majorly and then what like during


your time with I guess enzyme now I’m gonna call it BCC yeah just keep adding just keep that on the BC but uh you got


involved with the BC student agency and then what what took you to where you are today you’re now down in St George and


you got involved with the what’s inside a YouTube channel yeah yeah so I when I was at my last semester at


BC uh I was helping students also get get jobs while running the agencies


because Barrett had left we hadn’t hired a new director and so Barrett was kind


of helping students land jobs okay and so I kind of had to assume that position to help people so I did both and so I


saw that what’s inside Dan was at BYU saying hey I’m looking for you know an


intern for the summer to come out so I just commented on his Instagram post and I’m like look you’re at the wrong College they don’t have a degree in


social media we do yeah ldsbc yeah we’d be such a better fit I would love to recommend you some people and he


literally dm’d me back within five minutes he’s like hey could you get on a call in an hour and so we got on a phone


call it’s supposed to only be five minutes turned into 30 such a good combo and the power of the DM yeah oh it’s


yeah I know for sure that could be a whole chapter in my like whole biography


how many deals I’ve landed and just people’s DMS and like sending even replies just like replying in the


comments yeah totally um but anyway so got on the phone for 30


minutes and I set up I’m like hey one week from now come to ldsbc I’ll find six people that would be awesome options


for you yeah in different ways and then we can go from there so we interviewed all six thought they were 10 times


better than the BYU students love BYU but they they’re focused on Advertising yeah it’s totally it’s they’re the the


BYU ad lab if he was talking to them they’re focused on Big Box agencies you know and National International agencies


and they’re amazing at it but they’re ldsbc fits this unique Niche yeah and


enzyme college does that I think is really unique just in really in the


country yeah we’re you know placing students with creators like like Dan or like me I ended up partnering with one


of our one of the professors we can get into that in a little bit but yeah but similar like I had knew nobody from BYU


that had the kind of experience I had at enzyme especially what was it like six


five six years ago like yeah it was a whole different thing I think BYU is catching up but enzyme’s still kind of


leading the pace for those that take it seriously right yeah so so anyways he interviews all six thought they were all


impressive and then he’s like I want to interview you and I’m like sure that’s fine I already had a job lined up yeah I


wasn’t even thinking of it I was just trying to get back he’s like I’m really impressed by you can I just can you just


work with me yeah yeah and I’m like well so he was pitching an intern position right okay and I was like I already have


a salary yeah like I already have like benefits lined up and he’s like okay what would it take and I’m like this


number and he’s like okay let me speak with my wife business partner obviously yeah and uh so a day later he calls back


I can do this and I’m like could you do that and he’s like I can do that and so we agreed on that and good for you thank


you thank you so God started with that and um it was a wild ride like my first week or I was gonna say maybe maybe we


give because I don’t know if everybody knows what the what’s inside of YouTube yeah yes I think definitely there’s some people in Utah that know about him and


enter and obviously around the country but maybe give us an intro for who Dan and what’s inside is yeah so Dan so it


started as a father and son YouTube channel the whole goal was just to get extra credit for a second grade science fair project so Lincoln decided for his


son right this is his son Lincoln so Lincoln’s in second grade he’s thinking


of his ideas and he comes up with the idea of what’s inside Sports balls classic like every every kid is


interested to know I’m throwing around this ball all the time what’s inside of it yeah and so Dan decides to set up his


iPhone for four or five at the time and it’s literally like leaned up against


the table like this yeah that’s crazy like yeah just like and it’s like well it used to be they were bricks yeah they


were bricks so you could just set it like that and that’s for sure that’s how he shot it right and he shot five or six


different versions so basketball volleyball golf ball baseball and I


think soccer ball wow and just like real quick and Lincoln is a you can go back and watch the videos they have millions


of views but Lincoln is like sick with the flu and so he’s just giving his feedback for it but um for extra credit


that was the goal is to post these YouTube videos Lincoln presents he did an awesome job got an A but for like the


a plus he he can tell his students like his classmates you can go to my YouTube channel and


watch me cut this open and experience it with me yeah and Dan was so proud of him because Dan wanted uh Lincoln to have


really good public speaking skills yeah fast forward a year they picked up like a million Subs


from those videos just just absolutely Bonkers especially at the time that they


would have been doing this yeah so it was 2014 going into 2015 and by the end


of 2015 so like a year and a half they hit a million Subs because they just kept going and they would go and like


you know find different things like they bought uh big you know those big old TVs


that used to be like super thick yeah they picked that up from like the DI or like you know thrift shops for like 10


bucks and he’s like let’s cut this open this week he got a bowling ball for five


bucks and he’s like and like uh just a grinder and it looks so they kept the DI


down in southern Utah in business oh yeah yeah for sure for sure and at this


time they’re actually in Kaysville oh okay they’re up in Northern yeah up in your neck in the woods yeah and uh


they’re just having a blast and stuff and then it was like beginning of 2016 they had the third most viral video of


that year it went carpool karaoke with I think Adele Uh pineapple Apple pen if


you remember that yeah oh gosh don’t get yeah don’t get me started with that one and I’ll be stuck in my head now the


rest of the day no for real and then it was what’s inside a rattlesnake rattle so they cut that open it was the third


most viral video it got like 42 million views on YouTube in a week and I think


it’s up to like 90 million now so that’s crazy yeah and so they started you know


building out the channel and everything and then one year after that viral video that’s when I come into the picture and


they’re looking to expand uh in different ways primarily Facebook that was like where I started and then okay


built out from there that’s amazing dude so how many like so you came in around 2016 17 when you were kind of done with


BC yep so right at so we graduated did I want to say it was like April 12 2017.


I went on a week vacation to California and then I started the next week and it’s awesome just like went for it and


they were like number one on trending the first week and I was like this is dope this is great yeah I came in at a


good time yeah no it was like perfect they were just like hit in that all cylinders and it was it was super fun


that’s awesome so where where are they today what are they doing now so at the time they were at four million


subscribers on the main Channel they’re not 7 million on the second Channel and then the what’s inside Family Channel


which only had 300K where they’re up to 2 million now I actually have a gold play button for that channel because I


helped grow that one which is awesome yeah and then uh for Facebook that’s


what I was hired for they had 30 000 followers it’s now up to 1.8 million we’ve done one billion organic views


across Facebook that’s pretty amazing and then we created a secondary Facebook page called uh electric cars so we own


that domain facebook.com slash electric cars and uh 450


000. because he got he got really into he’s like a Tesla fanatic oh he loves it


yeah yeah yeah he loves EVs and he was like one of the first ones to really have a Tesla in Utah he bought like a


second hand one and he’s just driving around town and people used to stop him and be like hey can I just jump in yeah


he’s like yeah sure let’s do it that’s awesome yeah so well cool so you’ve got


to interact with a lot of Fairly large creators yeah over the course the last couple years and you’ve also helped grow


their YouTube channel you’ve helped grow their Facebook you’ve got to see kind of the inner workings of like what it takes


to like run a full-time Creator business yeah yep yep so what and I guess in your


opinion what are the what’s the best way if you want to get started being a


Creator like what’s the best way to start that’s a great question I think the first thing is you have to pick something that your passion in it about


because you’ll fizzle out if you don’t so like Dan really loved working with his son and like having fun adventures


and so that was a perfect fit easy it’s an easy thing for them to do yeah and then the second channel it’s like whatever he wants to do so it kind of


built out from there so as long as he had that like core thing helped him you know build and that’s how all creators


are that I I feel like are super successful they pick something they’re passionate about and then the second thing is like learning all the best


practices like yeah like a b testing like trying your own things figuring it out and just not being afraid to fail


like when I started on Facebook so disheartening watching his his video


in his video on YouTube number one on trending and he’s like here you go hunter here’s the video you can put it


for Facebook and it gets like 3 000 views in a week when I began I was like are you kidding me yeah for sure but


like I just kept going and like continued to find like different things and like now


some videos just outperform YouTube like


and there’s different strategies on Facebook and we could get into that if you want yeah but like


there’s so many opportunities for each platform that people just don’t identify especially if it’s like say Facebook’s


been around for 16 17 years and so people kind of shelf it they’re like


yeah Facebook’s okay we’ll use it for like ads but when you talk organic with them because that’s like


I was so worried to do organic because I came from a paid background for sure and now I’m like organic’s the way to go


like if I was running and I I just started my own business and stuff yeah and I’m like helping


um you know creators and like companies have organic strategy and in like the last month I’ve like 2xed one page like


just in the last like 20 days or whatever and so it’s just kind of that


conversation is like there’s so many opportunities out there let’s scale you up and build you up and have best


practices yeah and then like Just Launch you into you know the next couple years because organic is here it is present


well people just don’t stay focus on it or spend near enough time on it and you have to take your L’s yes and like for


sure be okay with that like yeah that’s a loss that’s totally fine but then once you get those big W’s it’s like it’s a


huge one it’s a game changer well I had listened to um I’m trying to remember his name now he’s that like comedian magician and I’m


trying to remember his name he’s French oh yeah yeah French accent yeah I can’t


remember his name off the top of my head but he’s pretty big on YouTube too but he uh I was listening he was on a


podcast talking to another Creator and they were talking about during the pandemic he like ended up like just moving to like Cabo and Mexico and


rented out like just a home for a couple months with like his girlfriend and they just decided to start making just


ridiculously stupid you know like face you’ve seen these videos on Facebook like they’re like punching a hole


through the wall or like spray painting on walls or like doing just the stupidest like recipes that don’t make


any sense just to get the views and engagement right and he said in one day they released 10 videos and they got


like it was something ridiculous it was like 10 million hits in a single day yeah off of these videos yeah and that


was that the height the height of the the pandemic back in 2020 where I think everybody was online online watching


yeah exactly so it’s gone down a little bit since then but it just really it fascinated and that was Facebook alone


yeah yeah no and he was making that he was saying I mean this is what he said I think he was making I mean a couple


million dollars every couple months based on engagement on Facebook organically yeah and I think I know who


you’re talking about and yeah he did he just and it was always three minute videos like if you watched walk watch


back a shot off of an iPhone just one shot like just a continuous like what the heck is going on yeah basically yeah


I remember that because I was talking to I think my partner up at the time and I’m like how are you guys running ads on this


like and they’re like it’s good content people watch it like yeah and I’m like cool


for whatever reason if you want to get a lot of views that’s like the standard now on Tick Tock and Facebook organic is


these kind of silly videos yeah like it’s really interesting and I think like especially over the last I’d say like


year the they’re starting to put more silos so instead of like the the viral


content they’re getting so much better at like recommending you stuff and stuff like that but yeah there’s always going


to be the stupid stuff that just kill it yeah and that’s what gets views that’s what people are yeah for whatever reason


interested and I think Mass like Mass people are interested in that kind of fun stuff yeah like during the the peak


like I would say may 2020 Peak pandemic uh I was hitting it hard on Tick Tock so


I started our Tick Tock September 2019. and within that like I don’t know six


month period we grew like 400 000 followers and stuff like decent views and stuff yeah but like May was insane


like I think I posted like 20 times that month and we I think we did about like


100 million views on there and gained like 2 million followers and like just


unbelievable and you guys and you were just cutting were you just cutting up your YouTube video you weren’t like


shooting native tick tocks no we weren’t shooting native at the time I think basically still to this day I would say


it’s like 85 like taking what we shoot um horizontal and then I chop it up at


extra elements and stuff like that yeah and uh yeah yeah it was super fun and uh


at the time I remember getting a phone call from one of our friends at Tick Tock because they were like pumped that


was like their year right that’s where they like legitimized like this is a place for creators and I got this phone


call from him and he’s like hey do you want to talk to Mr beasts like Tick Tock person like they’re looking at doing it


and like sure and I got on the phone gave them like a couple tips and stuff and obviously I think they’re the


fastest growing Tick Tock now yeah is like them and they’re just yeah not not surprising yeah I know yes well well


when you have just plethora of content and stuff and they’ve gotten really smart have you


seen that they’ve been like Outsourcing to other creators well yeah they’ve been Outsourcing Outsourcing out of the


creators but also that I mean his strategy with with the YouTube in general with dubbing in other countries


and getting into separate other Tick Tock accounts that are dubbed in other countries languages it’s just it’s


pretty amazing yeah they’ve been able to do yeah it’s insane so you you finished


all this stuff with with Dan and you decided to go out on your own is that how I kind of understand it now with


kind of what you’re wanting to do yeah so I still work with Dan on brand Partnerships so the last four years like


my role kept expanding at what’s inside and handling more and more stuff yeah like any startup yep and uh so


I started doing brand Partnerships and I’m like I really like this too and I I


I want to expand past this so I had a conversation with Dan and he’s like yeah if you can still represent our brand


Partnerships would love to work with you and then you can just like build out your own business so I’m working with creators on content management so taking


like their content from whether like they’re huge on Tick Tock and they’re not big on other platforms then helping


them repurpose it yeah either repurpose it or build out like strategies for long-form Content as well because that’s


what I worked with at what’s inside as well yeah and then or taking like they’re massive on YouTube but they have


never catered to the other platforms and just being like okay we’re gonna you know slice and dice get you get you


going on there and then handle brand Partnerships and stuff like that so that’s that’s awesome yeah so it’s kind


of fun and you’re running your own business is uh it’s got its own ups and downs 100 yeah 100 and I’m like


um five six weeks in yeah I’m like okay is interesting this is good but I’ve had


a great response from creators that I’ve you know I’ve made so many contacts over the last six years quite the relationship yeah and they’re just like


yes what do you need let’s go and I’m like awesome so I’m just like I’m sure


you know at squirrel you guys have a whole system of processes yeah I’m kind of catching up to that so I can like you


know really narrow it in because the nice thing is like and I’m sure that’s how it is at scroll with your position


now you just are like I’m sticking to 80 of the stuff of my time we’ll be


sticking to the things that I know best and that’s that’s what like what’s inside I was like across the whole board


and super happy to be like a Swiss army knife yeah but now I’m like it’s nice to kind of hone in yeah hone in to those


two things and yeah it’s going it’s going good and a great response already uh especially on the content management


side and the brand partnership side so that’s awesome so for from I guess an


organic content perspective uh scroll is jumping in for for the first time in several exciting like building our own


brand right yeah we’re doing the podcast yeah we’re doing a whole bunch of organic stuff Shane and myself we’re


jumping in on our own personal Brands and trying to put stuff out there and it’s been it’s been an awesome journey


and it’s kind of fun because it’s like it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time we just have never I


think had one had the time there was other things that were taking totally taking time as you know running a


business and it just organic we put it off for too long and I know we’re I don’t think it’s you’re ever late to the


game no there’s always uh there’s it’s always time to get started I guess yeah


and so we’re just excited about what it’s going to do for our business we’ve already seen the you know the ramifications in the last several well


really last year as we’ve been very active on LinkedIn but we’re excited to you know jump into the whole video thing


but I I guess what would be your advice for maybe an established company that


wants to you know will get into organic like what would what would you suggest


doing first so I would ask you questions first so like what what’s your core goal


for an outcome like what what is like success measure to you is it views I would doubt that for you or is it like


relationships and almost like okay and then what what do you want your


community to gain from you really uh for for us we want our community to gain


knowledge we want them to understand digital marketing like our audience is mainly businesses that are decently


established yep but like aren’t doing anything on the paid side like they aren’t doing digital marketing at all so


like our our classic client is like a local plumber okay like has a steady


flow of business but like wants to scale he’s like I want more trucks they want more guys I want to get out of the


day-to-day yep that’s like our perfect client because he’s got money and he wants to invest in his business and he


kind of understands he’s heard like what’s Facebook he’s heard these things yeah yeah right and so he wants to jump


into it and so that’s where we come in and you know we provide them with a full setup so that’s one of our ideal clients


our other ideal client is white label so we work with other agencies gotcha and


so we help other agencies One Market their own business we do their lead gen we help them on board and then we also


help fulfill for their clients okay and so those are the you know the type of people that we’re trying to to hit is


these local plumbers on one side and you know local Home Service guys and then these agencies that market to those guys


too yeah yeah okay and then so here’s my third question and then


we’ll dive into it yeah is your goal to continue to build up a clientele or just


almost get to because like for me like in my business my goal is to get like 10 to 15 like just super happy and like


clients clients and that’s that’s just kind of my goal and I love that for right now are you looking to scale past


that or okay perfect which is awesome yeah for sure like our goal is really to make ourselves a household name at a


minimum in Northern Utah’s front you could expand past that and we could totally expand past that which is kind


of interesting the reason why we want to like hone it in right now to like Utah is simply due to the fact that we have


like you know we’re approaching the 300 client Mark and 80 of them are outside of Utah that’s awesome so like for us we


really want to bring it home and we want to be like we really want to be a local name too yeah and so that’s like that’s


at least our initial focus and then we’ll go after whatever else we want to go after next you know yeah it’s good to have like almost home turf superiority


or like just established like but it’s good to expand obviously yeah for sure


so if I was to dig into it I would I would focus on uh different Avenues of content I think


the first one love the plumber thing like a day in the life of a of a plumber and you guys kind of almost being the


the what is it Jim row or yeah yes yeah totally Dirty Jobs yeah yeah like if


you’re going off of off uh the like blue collar nitty-gritty jobs yeah go in


there for a day and see what’s going on and then at the same time while you’re shooting that content shoot content for


him that’s like that he can use for his Market oh 100 and I think like there’s


this there’s this plumber on YouTube and he worked with another Utah local


guy I’m forgetting who it was but I think I know the guy you’re talking about he’s really big on LinkedIn yeah


I’m trying to remember his name he has like LinkedIn lives I follow him gosh dang I need to be better at remembering


names but I know you’re talking about it’s Saturday it happens it’s the weekend but um anyways he started off


really small but then he had tutorials because here’s at the end of the day that plumber cannot service the whole


world yeah but she can give tips that can help the whole world and then Word of Mouth drives to him or like for


example like I think he sells that plumber now sells his own like equipment that you can like buy genius so like to


have those Solutions in there is amazing and like for example have you ever seen the channel Jerry rig everything oh my


gosh I love that love Zach yeah yeah he’s the best voice I could just like


listen to his voice and just like go to sleep that’s awesome so I don’t want to


steal Zach’s story but basically he started it off in college he was a T-Mobile like phone repair rep but he’s


like this is super expensive and I could teach people how to do it a lot cheaper so he started making his own


YouTube videos tutorials so people could instead of like 100 to 200 to repair their phones it’s like 20 bucks he like


outsourced the products directly from China to having the link in this description and within three months he


had a channel that was already making the same amount of money as the salary as a salary at T-Mobile and so


it was a no-brainer like just go for it and so I think when people see that value and like understand hey he could


be ten thousand miles across the country yeah but he took the time to record and


then from his standpoint he can help recommend them products that he actually uses he gets a cut of it or he makes


like white lists his own products yeah and then he gets the full full profit and they’re still having a huge discount


everyone wins in that situation so I feel like and like you know how it is


Blue Collar Community they’re built on trust like a hundred percent yeah and so like they’re going to convey that big


time and as long as you edit the videos correctly and especially with like YouTube shorts tick tocks like there’s


so many different ways and it blows up in that Niche like yeah and even me I’ll watch somebody mowing a lawn oh yeah


they’re they’re 20 minutes oh 100 and like the the people that power wash the driveways like I’ll do it for free and


you’re like oh this is going to be a good one you like sit back here’s 30 seconds of my time yeah and I’ve


literally looked in the description of one of I’m reaching out to one to work with them right now yeah because I just


think there’s this huge opportunity in the sense of like uh I have connections at Lowe’s I have connections with these


companies why not just put the products right there in the description yeah they’re already using them they’re on display


like connect with them and help them elderly so anyways so that would be one strategy you guys kind of having the day


off from the office and going and putting on the blue collar shirt I think that would be super fun I like that and


then I think from the element of you know from the agency side like


I’m a huge fat fan of collaboration over just fighting each other when it comes


to agency to agency and I I I’m right there with you yeah and so I feel like


if you convey that in the sense of like hey we work with this agency they kill it in all these things yeah and it’s


just a beautiful piece of content to highlight their brand showcase what they’re doing and drive a story towards


them I think that also shows how much you care about working with them and


build steps with your audience so that might not be the viral video but that’s the depth for that’s the depth video and


that’s going to get you know the the ideal clients looking at it you know yeah for sure and then


yeah when it comes to you know just short form content there’s so much that you could do oh my gosh it’s endless


yeah and I think right now what we’re playing with is like Shane and I are kind of doing our own personal brand


stuff that just fits like him and a nice personality for now as the founders and I think that that’s working really well


and we’re getting we’re already getting leads in quite a bit of Engagement from that and it’s been fun to see like we’re


we’re taking basically the same content and just cross posting it so you know we’re doing it like an initial edit and


just posting a tick tock Instagram reels and YouTube shorts and just seeing which one’s performing better and it’s been


fun like YouTube shorts is blowing up it’s kind of crazy YouTube shorts is awesome yeah like Shane’s posted a


couple zero subscribers posted for the first time it like the video got like 5


000 views yeah and you know he’s got like a bunch of subscribers now which is super fun and he’s he’s killing it on


YouTube shorts I need to get mine up there but yeah um yeah YouTube shorts is crazy how how


much you can grow right now and then the beauty of it in no other platform form I’m pretty sure Facebook hasn’t even


figured this out yet keep recommending that to them but the recommended traffic it used to be separate buckets between


long form and short form yeah but if they see you’re short now they’ll get recommended to your long form so exactly that’s such I don’t know it’s such a


good hack right now super super cool well uh Hunter I I would love to end on


maybe your I guess your top five maybe pieces of advice for somebody who uh


like wants to start a YouTube channel wants to start you know getting involved


in organic content no matter who they are maybe it’s a business maybe it’s a Creator what are like your top five


pieces of advice for them good question


um so we’ll go by platforms so with YouTube I think make sure that you know


you have a good title and thumbnail there’s a book by derral Eves that really covers everything like yeah


Daryl’s great and um there’s a lot of Core Concepts in there that I would highly recommend buying that book it’s


20 bucks and it will pay for itself um but title and thumbnail is huge uh use tubebuddy or vid IQ to it’ll rank


how well your title is and so like I’ll sit for hours to figure out like what


titles yeah will have the best not only short term but long-term longevity and it’s not like an exact science it’s not


like uh chat GPT that’s like a little spit out this is it even though that’s really good for title and thumbnails


right now I’ve had a couple people that are like this is beating my job like which is crazy which is insane uh it


doesn’t always work that way but it is interesting so I would say title and thumbnail for the first one Daryl Eve’s


book for the second one and this is by plat form the third one is the


looking at your data and seeing how the retention is on the curve you have to


understand like what key points were people dropping off is that something that you’re okay with like there’s


moments like in this conversation where you know it was a little bit duller than other parts for sure but it continued it


and that’s totally fine or in the next one you’re like let’s edit out that bit for this platform to improve it so like


makes sense making the data work for you over the long term I would say fourth


thing is like be genuine with you know the audience just be authentic yeah don’t go for the


vi I’m so against like following viral trends like in the sense of there’s good


sounds and you can do that but like 95 of the tick tocks we ever posted had zero of the viral sounds like and they


just killed it by themselves yeah so establishing that you aren’t just a part of a trend that you have content that’s


meaningful and you should watch yourself yeah and then I would say the fifth thing would be


engage with your audience like really like if they’re gonna spend like 60 seconds to write you a comment


try to respond to as many comments as you can every day and it’ll gain


traction um I’m working with a Creator now that


I’m I’m helping him do like distribution Community Management and everything and I showed him his stats have gone up this


month which is awesome within like 20 days yeah just killing it and I sent him a text of the stats and then I sent him


a text of an example of a response because I responded to a couple people and the response was uh here I’ll I’ll


just pull it up I’ll read it word word for word so it doesn’t yeah because it was so good and I was like yeah this is


gonna be he’s and he was pumped about it always gotta respect when a Creator connects with their Community I feel


like we hardly see that anymore and I love when creators reply to even just the most random comments by the way I


love your content and you’re easily one of my favorite creators that’s awesome yeah and it’s just something simple like


that I think we’ve seen um you probably know Keith Lee down in Las


Vegas he’s on Tech yeah yeah yeah so and he’s been really good at and


engaging and responding and even thousands like literally thousands of comments 100 like I when and this is


another thing that I’ll recommend like on any platform besides basically YouTube yeah uh if you reply to comments


that helps you in the algorithm for sure like big time yeah so yeah there was one


time our video was going viral it was doing about like four million views a day like every day for a week and I was


literally responding to every single every comment that would come in and I


totaled it up one year I responded to like 500 000 comments wow and yeah we


just just absolutely destroyed it yeah and so I I just like take the time to


respond yeah as much as you’re making content to put out there it’s just as impactful to make people know that they


you appreciate them for watching that comment and you’ll remember that forever literally going back to the very


beginning of our conversation today yeah and you remembered all the people that replied to you on Twitter yep that


engaged with you and that was years and years and years later and I think that’s that right there is the the take home


from this you know and create content and then absolutely engage your audience


as much as you can 100 well Hunter thanks so much for the time today appreciate it yeah thanks for the invite


you bet do you want to just give a little plug for yourself where people can find you so


you know I’ve worked in Social for the last few years and now I’m actually jumping in and promoting myself yeah


which is fun but you can find me on Twitter at Hunter freeze or LinkedIn I’m going to be a lot more active on there


uh Hunter to freeze on LinkedIn happy to connect and have any kind of conversation or answer any questions so


awesome well thanks Hunter and then we’ll we’ll link everything in our YouTube and in the show notes for Hunter


today so we’re excited thanks so much for the time today Hunter appreciate it thank you


amazing [Music]

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