4 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Needs Video Marketing

If you’re in the real estate business, you know how important it is to make sure your client finds exactly what they’re looking for in a new home. You’re the person helping them find a new space to create memories, find comfort, and call home – it’s an important job. You play a key role in the start of your client’s new life, and implementing video marketing in your business strategy can give your customers helpful visuals and information so they can make the best decisions in their home buying or selling journey.  

Here are four reasons your real estate business should use video marketing: 

It Lets Your Client Visualize Their New Life 

Choosing a place to call home is difficult for various reasons. Your clients should find comfort in knowing exactly how their lives would look if they were to move into a specific home, and video content can help them visualize how life would be in that house. 

Video content can capture aspects of a home that photos simply don’t. Don’t get us wrong – photos are great (see point 3), but videos help the space come to life for your client. 

It Helps Out Of State Buyers 

If you have a client who’s moving from far away, you want to be sure to give them as much information as possible before they travel to look at homes with you in person. 

When out-of-state clients have videos to reference, they can narrow down the homes they’re serious about so they don’t waste one moment of precious house-hunting time. They’ll appreciate how thorough you are as a real estate agent, and you’ll feel confident when showing each home because they have already seen it in videos.  

Videos Compliment Photos

Good quality photos are an absolute must when it comes to presenting and selling a home. They showcase a general idea of what the home looks like, the size, and what the client should expect when they visit. However, photos can’t bring the home to life and showcase every aspect as videos can. 

Videos show how the space will be lived in, how the layout flows from room to room, and how the house will look from the owner’s point of view. Photos show the important basics, and video goes beyond to showcase the important details. 

Videos Show Everything 

When showing your client homes, it can be difficult to know whether they’re going to like the home or not. It will likely take a few tries to find the perfect one, but videos showcasing the entire home can really simplify and speed up the process. 

When your client knows exactly what the home will look like before they take a tour, they’ll be more likely to only visit the ones they’re seriously interested in. This makes the process simple, painless, and exciting for everyone involved. If you’re interested in professional videography for your real estate business, send us a message – we’d love to help.

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