Behind FilmLaab: The Creative Journey of Mitchell Thayne

In a recent episode of “Scroll Sessions,” hosts Dan Page and Shane Hickenlooper welcomed a special guest, Mitchell Thayne, a remarkable figure in the creative and entrepreneurial world. Known for his venture, FilmLaab, Mitchell’s journey from college dropout to an acclaimed content creator is a story of tenacity, creativity, and innovation.

The Early Days

Mitchell’s journey wasn’t straightforward. A college dropout from BYU, he found his calling in the world of content creation. Despite the rocky start, his persistence and passion for storytelling and filmmaking led him to establish FilmLaab, also known as Lab Rats. The company has carved a niche in creating compelling stories and has worked with big names like Sephora, the Utah Jazz, and even Michael Jordan’s brand.

The Creative Process

Mitchell shares that his approach to content creation is deeply influenced by his experiences and the challenges he faced. He believes in the power of storytelling and its ability to connect brands with their audiences. In the podcast, he discusses the significance of content in marketing and branding, highlighting how big brands are now trying to emulate the personal touch of smaller businesses to build community and engage audiences effectively.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Mitchell’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his resilience. Faced with challenges like insufficient funds and the pressure of running a business, he had to adapt constantly. His story is an inspiring example for aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of grit, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of one’s passion.

Lessons Learned

Throughout the podcast, Mitchell and the hosts discuss various aspects of content creation, the shift in advertising, the importance of community building, and the balance between creativity and business acumen. Mitchell’s insights into the industry, combined with his personal experiences, offer valuable lessons for anyone looking to make their mark in the creative industry.


Mitchell Thayne’s story on “Scroll Sessions” is more than just a narrative of success; it’s a roadmap for aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs. His journey highlights the importance of passion, perseverance, and the power of storytelling in building a successful brand. As Mitchell continues to push the boundaries of content creation with FilmLaab, he remains a source of inspiration for many in the industry.

Podcast Transcript

0:04welcome LinkedIn influencers and messy fans uh this is scroll sessions and

0:10we’re happy to have you today messy fans especially dude that’s me right there yeah Mitch we’re excited to have you on

0:16today because it’s been nice to be here it’s been I mean we’ve had a relationship for years with with you and

0:22your family and uh and it’s been just cool I think for both of us to kind of

0:28like watch each other the last couple of years for those of you that live under a rock like Patrick on SpongeBob this is

0:35Mitchell thing also known as Mitch Thane that is me and he runs film lab rablats

0:41AKA Lab Rats and uh that’s not working he is an amazing uh creator

0:49amazing Storyteller and an amazing entrepreneur growing his business and

0:55doing great things hands down in my opinion the best content creator in Utah

1:02I have always yeah I’m like I got a lot to live up to go watch their content and

1:08you’ll try and tell me otherwise uh these guys absolutely crush it they’ve worked for some of the biggest names out

1:15there throw some names Mitch tell us some of the people you’ve worked egi Sephora the

1:21Utah Jazz we just did a piece for Jordan coming out this week guys yeah it was a fun event Michael Jordan’s brand Michael

1:28Jordan’s brand so we shop for them in uh for NBL all-star weekend that was cool but then we just did something for them

1:34in Boston but we didn’t get approval to use it till now so now we’re gonna be able to throw it out which will be fun

1:39cool so literally the biggest names in the United States they are working for

1:45those Brands uh go watch their content even before we’re watching this episode

1:50and uh you guys it’s it’s amazing so all right hey uh Abby can we clip that and

1:56we’ll just run that as an ad for film lab because that was great

2:02and obviously like our relationship has been fun I mean I’ve been you guys individually for a while I mean first

2:10time I met you Dan we were filming a funeral I literally tell people a real funeral

2:16it didn’t seem like a funeral it was I mean it was a funeral it was like a celebration of life it’s like a mini

2:22Park okay okay great but still that’s weird so people I’m like yo you want to know where I started bro I was making I

2:29was shooting piano recitals I filmed a funeral yeah that’s where we first met man well we’re I don’t know maybe not

2:36when we first met but when we first started working together yeah you know now that I think about it that could be nice to have yeah a video of like you

2:43know in memory of it was it was cool I think maybe you were the one that

2:49filmed they had people that were like walking in and you could leave like a 15 30 Soul

2:54like message clip or whatever and he was filming that and then we filmed the actual like

2:59funeral so hey yeah you need a funeral slideshow do you need a funeral recap film lab if you’re we’re your people

3:07um well I think today we kind of wanted to talk about

3:13content creation because that’s what I do baby we are noticing a

3:19trend not a trend a shift a trend would be temporary shift is permanent and uh

3:25the importance of content when it comes to advertising marketing growing a brand

3:31a company um so that’s why we have out here today

3:37well and I think with yeah and I think it comes from this huge shift in Ai and

3:43also the platforms themselves are getting more or less easier to use and

3:49tracking is becoming harder to do and will be increasingly harder to do with new privacy laws with cookies being

3:56eliminated maybe if that ever happens Google keeps pushing that back um but it content will be the only thing

4:04in the future you know that will help you stand out so we wanted to talk about that today and just

4:11kind of get your perspective on it as a Creator and what you’re seeing when

4:16you’re working with Brands and maybe give some creative advice to agencies

4:22that don’t have that as part of their repertoire absolutely so when it comes

4:27to working with the biggest brands in the world pretty much let’s talk about like Sephora for example what are they

4:34hiring you guys to do like what are these big Brands hiring you to do what kind of content is it because as small

4:41Brands we want to maybe follow the direction that these big brands are approaching see what’s interesting is

4:47the big brands are actually trying to pattern after the small Branch so what Sephora they hired us to do was we

4:53filmed the Sarah Hyland the daughter from Modern Family that was fun yeah um and she basically was telling the story

5:01of her brand so it’s very like high level you know very branded

5:06um very high quality type of content that just gives like an overarching feel for the story of the brand what the

5:12purpose of their product is stuff like that and then what they wanted to do is they wanted to start cutting down and

5:18cutting down these these longer pieces that we created to create more social content short form stuff and it was so

5:24interesting because right when it was past just the how do we present this brand make it feel really luxury elegant

5:29but also accessible you know trying to play both sides of the coin then once it started getting to okay how do we

5:35actually cultivate Community how do we actually generate Buzz that’s where they started being lost and that’s where they

5:42started referencing smaller Brands who are doing it right I um yeah I just met with a woman who is the VP of

5:49Partnerships for like the largest um is out of home agent brand like

5:56agency in the world you know out of home marketing it’s essentially like it’s Billboards it’s in-person experience

6:02it’s basically a lot of Home marketing business name

6:08industry yeah the whole industry itself okay you guys are marketers like what no

6:13but you said that in the way you said I was like are you talking about a brand are you talking about quarterly delivered yeah

6:18there’s an agency I can’t remember their name but I mean these people they they do all the stuff for McDonald’s skims

6:26United Airlines Chick-fil-A all the biggest brands you could possibly think of and what she was telling me is we

6:33don’t know what we’re doing we don’t know how to get from the traditional billboard stuff or big you

6:40know TV commercials on broadcast we don’t know how to start dialing it back and actually build a community on social

6:46we don’t know how to actually engage an audience and create loyalty from falling

6:51we’re just we’re just the biggest names so people buy from us but they’re not especially loyal to us and we’re not

6:56really connecting with them so we don’t actually know what we’re doing which is kind of funny so the smaller branch is

7:02about to be in like the I see that uh that pain point because yeah in my eyes

7:09like these small brands are building based off of community and these big brands are like trying to get community

7:16where really people are just buying Sports because it’s right next to the Apple Store and yeah exactly and like I

7:22think the smaller Brands because the reason they’re innovating so much is they have a lack of options you know

7:27they don’t have just stupid they can’t throw millions of dollars into these campaigns like they have to figure out

7:33how do we tell our story how do we show case our product in a way that is first of all affordable and something that’s

7:39actually achievable for us because we can’t get Victoria’s Secret models and you know the the guy who filmed the last

7:46Avengers movie and whatever you know we can’t have the top talent in every shot that we’re doing a lot more creative

7:53yeah you got to get more creative so Sephora was like we want to build community and seem approachable by using

7:59Sarah Hyland yeah so I I don’t know and Sarah Sarah

8:04she does seem approachable for a celebrity like yeah yeah she was great and it was for her husband Sarah’s brand

8:11right which is sore so it like worked but it was so interesting right when it got down to how do we make this short

8:16form content they were lost they were just like lost yeah that’s just so which is interesting well and I think we’re we

8:22are seeing that I think we are seeing also brands that are totally leaning into it and doing a really good job big

8:27Brands like I mean the latest example is like the Grimace Shake Trend yes McDonald’s right and that just blew blew

8:35up and there there was uh there was an agency that was tasked and I can’t remember the name of it that was tasked

8:41with that campaign um and did a obviously an action excellent job with it but they even

8:49themselves admitted like they didn’t ever foresee it blowing up and they also didn’t they just took advantage of the

8:55situation basically you know um but it worked really really well for McDonald’s and I think McDonald’s and

9:03Coca-Cola and two of like the biggest more or less food brands in the world some of the biggest brands in the world

9:08in general are doing a good job with it but I think there’s others that aren’t and there’s

9:15the reason why smaller Brands can uh can exceed is because of that personal brand

9:21aspect right there’s the founders can actually put their face out there and it’s going to make sense and resonate

9:27with people where that’s not so much the case with like McDonald’s or with you

9:32know maybe Sephora right but I mean for example I I think story is what draws

9:39people in and what what brings massive loyalty I read Phil Knight’s book Shoe dog I don’t know if you guys oh my gosh

9:44one of my favorites I mean this guy is lying to his bank and saying that the

9:50product is coming from China or wherever it was already it was already shipped and on its way and then he’s going to

9:55his manufacturers in you know Asia saying oh yeah the money’s coming just send it and he’s just trying to get by

10:03and I was like I’ve never related to somebody so much um but you know there’s that story and

10:09this human that I’m now connected with right and I don’t know if you guys saw the recent movie air oh yeah it is right

10:15Michael Jordan right now you are connected to this brand because there are stories you understand the struggle

10:20it’s humanized and now they’re The Underdogs who are now like the top dogs let’s be honest but knowing that story

10:27made you connected with them and I’m so bought in yeah right now dude we’re both

10:33wearing Air Max 90s and I have probably 50 other person I’m not wearing Nike today yeah come to our house yeah

10:44um it’s probably because they have a size 15 that’s the only thing I can actually wear um but but Mitch though like I think you

10:51have a good point about where things are heading right now

10:56um what what’s been some like trends that you’re seeing right now with with

11:02short form yeah that you guys are kind of like how Are you delivering stuff in this newish format because you’re also

11:09good at it like you’re doing it yourself yeah you’re kind of setting that tone that’s nice and and I still I look at my

11:15content and I’m like I’m just I’m just saying things sometimes you know that’s like top of Mind whatever I’m not being

11:21as intentional as I want you know if I were if I were to get more intentional I think the brands that are doing the best

11:27or they’re telling the story and the the format of a good story this comes from Matthew Dix he wrote story worthy and

11:33he’s a very incredible Storyteller he tells stories on the moth and has won a bunch of grand slams he’s great but the

11:40pattern for a good story is I was once this way or I once thought this way or

11:46the world was once this way then something happened or some stuff happened and now I am this way or now I

11:53think that’s where I see the world this way and when you can have it in kind of that three-step formula where you paint

11:59the picture of this is how it was something happened and now it’s this way and you can articulate that

12:06very quickly very concisely but in the way that’s connecting with people that’s where you’re gonna win transformation

12:12yeah exactly and just showing that change because again people have probably been stuck in that same mindset

12:18or that same perspective you know why why are you know weight loss transformation so exciting to all of us

12:24right that’s literally where my mind went exactly right you see you see somebody who is you know overweight and

12:32not feeling happy about what they are they’re depressed whatever and whether it was like a ritual experience where

12:38he’s walking up his stairs at 40 and has to stop halfway so glad you know that story I actually read Finding Ultra

12:45because you bought it for me oh my gosh I did that you did oh nice good you’re good dude I love that book yeah but I do

12:51too but he stops Midway up the stairs gasping out of breath and then gets to

12:57the top and he realized he needs to change his life and so his story arc yeah he becomes vegan he does these

13:02things and then eventually becomes an Ultraman and is incredible individual right but he was this way he had this

13:09moment of realization he made some changes and now he’s this way it’s a powerful story well it’s like the

13:15inspiring recovery story too yeah oh yeah sobriety on story brand new probably familiar with story brand

13:21Donald Miller and he that’s his that’s his kind of like uh I think he really

13:26coined that phrase I think he’s even trademarked it because I think it’s his thing and his book is called the story run but it’s the same framework and we

13:33see it not only I mean that comes from literature that’s that I mean that we’re talking thousands of years we’re talking

13:41oldest stories out there Jesus the Bible the underdog right the transformation is

13:49um it’s innate with us it’s very it’s very human to want to I think be be

13:56better and transform and we’re all inspired by transformation and that can

14:01be as a person that can be as a product that can be as a service and you’ve got

14:06to be able to tell effective stories to sell all three of those things so maybe

14:12give us some advice because one thing we suck at right now is producing content for ourselves that is like structured in

14:20a way that I think is valuable currently like we’re doing a podcast we’re and

14:26this is great post it on LinkedIn every now and then with no format or you know strategy process we have uh one of our

14:33team members is posting short clips from our podcast every day but like in your opinion what

14:40would be if you were to give us a strategy what would how would you put

14:45piece that together off the top of your head yeah well I think what really helps us to have a fresh pair of eyes I really

14:51think that so what I’ve been doing for my own brand is I brought on somebody who knows me very well because they’ve

14:57followed me for a long time um his name’s Austin Brady shout out my guy but he he comes in and he’s like

15:04because to me I’m so used to my story my story feels like old news the things I’m doing every day don’t feel interesting

15:11anymore I’ve just become a little disillusioned with it because it’s the same stuff you do every day and so when

15:16he comes in and he’s like bro like look at your gear this is so you have a red monstro and you have these Cinema lenses

15:23and you have this and think about your story with selling route or you know this or that he’s now putting to new

15:29into new light the experiences that I’m having and and making me realize okay what we’re doing is cool it is

15:35interesting yeah and it is valuable to other people so step one I think you guys are just so used to what you’re

15:41doing every day that you probably need somebody with a fresh perspective like me bro I could talk your ear off about

15:48how cool what you guys are doing is you know you’re tired showing your team members done that’s what I wanted okay

15:54we’ll send a contract yeah but it’s like having a fresh set of eyes to say what is truly interesting

16:00what’s exciting about what you’re doing and helping capture that and identify that is I think a really key and

16:05important step the other thing is having some vulnerability right yeah because some of the best

16:13things I have done for my brand is when I have gotten on

16:18Instagram and I’ve said our business almost went under last

16:23December because we had no money to meet payroll and I had to take out a 25 000 loan to

16:29meet payroll and we had no we had no idea if this was gonna work out and so

16:34we threw everything at the wall I created we created our Show reel we started

16:40um you know doing a newsletter we started doing all the things that we knew we were supposed to and then you know it worked out but the story and

16:46being vulnerable and the times where I’ve opened up whether it’s a mental health thing whether it’s me letting go of my health physically whether it’s our

16:53company almost going over whether it’s bad Management on my part or just bad economic circumstances when I’ve shared

17:00that the people get invested they’re cheering for you and when the success is not and

17:06things come they’re they’re just that much more invested that much more excited and so your guy’s story right

17:12with you making you know cutting yourselves checks for 700 bucks a month to cover your rent at the beginning like

17:19that is inspiring especially when you contrast it with what you’re

17:24accomplishing now you have multiple team members you have a beautiful space you’re servicing hundreds of other businesses right like

17:31that is something so cool and so I think context is really important um

17:38how would you where would you post how would you format like now that say

17:44there’s this story that we put together yes sir then where would you take it so I think it depends on your goals like

17:51for you guys right you’re you’re utilizing working with businesses you you give your services to other

17:57businesses so I think for example LinkedIn you guys focusing there totally makes sense and I think a lot of people

18:02get content overwhelm with like I have to post on you long form YouTube YouTube

18:09shorts Tick Tock Instagram I probably should be doing some sort of a newsletter or blog I’ve got LinkedIn all

18:15that stuff and there are obviously strategies and ways you can cut things down and you can format things to be

18:21able to you know properly distribute but I think more than just trying to hit

18:27every single platform do one right and once you do that right

18:33and it’s becoming more of a muscle memory and you have a process then you can start moving on to others so for example LinkedIn that’s where you guys

18:39are leaning into that’s where I know both of you have gotten a lot of reach but Shane you’ve really popped off a few

18:45times which is really really cool um but I think leaning into that and making sure okay how are we telling our

18:51story how are we giving value and how are we trying to hook and bring these people in to convert them into clients

18:57or whatever it is and again it depends on your goals then I think LinkedIn is a great place

19:03to start but then from there if you want to start going outside like I know Shane you’re looking at starting a product

19:09company well if you want to start a product company you want to probably move to a different platform I think

19:14because your consumers or the people who are going to be buying it are probably on Tick Tock probably on Instagram it’s

19:22going to be the people who are health conscious you know whatever I won’t get into your product but you know it’s like

19:27that is going to be really important so depending on what your goals are is going to determine your platform and

19:33also what’s going to be easy for you to pull off in your in your process what’s the first

19:39thing you do to like work or iterate your idea to then turn that into a video

19:46yeah I mean I think it comes in a variety of ways right whether it’s just

19:52I’m looking I I’m currently experiencing something I’m building a deck I’m like oh this is interesting you know because

19:58for me my goal is to build a community of creatives for a number of reasons one

20:04we’re going to be starting to sell digital assets and products to them because we have authority you guys are

20:09gonna Crush that thank you we like to utilize a network of creatives to fulfill on other projects with clients

20:16people that we’re working with and also if if people perceive me as an authority on the subject other brands are gonna be

20:22like okay well we want to work with him because he obviously knows what he’s doing and look at their work so you know that’s that’s kind of how we go about it

20:29but inspiration for me comes in a lot of different directions whether it’s like yeah okay I’m working on this this DAC this could be very valuable

20:36information or a great tool for another creative to use and this could help them win more business or or you know maybe

20:44we’re cutting up a cool video that we’re doing and you know I’m like okay we could cut this down and showcase how we

20:49actually pulled this off and what we did so you know I think the inspiration kind of comes from everywhere I think it’s

20:55more about understanding who your audience is and wanting to serve them and wanting to bring them value and when

21:02I have that in the back of my brain as I’m doing the things I’m already doing every day than the ideas and the inspiration come

21:10so for you guys you are also entrepreneurs you’re not just marketers you’re entrepreneurs and so you

21:15understand the pain points of other entrepreneurs and so as you’re going about and experiencing pain points and

21:21difficult things or or positive things or whatever in your story as entrepreneurs

21:26you know you’re gonna all of a sudden have content ideas and thoughts and things that will be very relatable or very valuable or helpful to other people

21:32and so I think when you kind of have identified them and have that in your mind the ideas just flow naturally and then

21:39from there it’s just okay how do I make this somewhat of a script or have some sort of format how do I film this in a

21:45way that’s creative how do I make sure it’s going to be short Snappy but still bring value and then also how am I

21:52tailoring this to the platform I’m actually trying to share it and again I’m just I’m speaking I’m preaching to

21:59the choir here you guys know this no no you’re not preaching the choir at all this is all like oh yeah this is all

22:04exactly what we need I appreciate that um on that note then let’s let’s talk a

22:10little bit about your story because I’d hate to get like too into the weeds of everything about how you’re helping us I

22:16mean send us an invoice because that is everything that we need to be doing I I I’m pretty sure I owe you guys a lot so

22:24yeah um but when it comes to like your story

22:30I I do think it would be awesome to get some of that uh for sure like how did

22:36like so how one when did you decide to become a Creator when was that shift

22:41from like I like doing this and now I maybe I can make money doing this wait and I literally have no idea what you

22:46did before you got into it I did everything I went to school at a had a

22:53scholarship to BYU great school but eventually I wasn’t going to class and they asked me to

22:58leave because so they’re like yeah yeah basically they’re like hey you should leave so I left

23:06um BYU much to my parents dismay um but they’re they’re still supportive yeah I know I can imagine that

23:13conversation with you but can you tell me how BYU asked you to leave uh basically they called me into their

23:18office and they said hey so it looks like you’re on average you know just attending not attending at all and uh

23:26you know the classes and the tests that you actually are taking or assignments you are fulfilling your grades are trash

23:31man so they’re like your GPA is plummeting and before we have to like actually kick you out we’re gonna put

23:38you on a one-year probation so you have to leave for a year and then if you want to come back like we’ll give you a

23:43second shot to be able to get it back but at that point I was like okay do I want to go to class or do I want to go

23:49to California and film a music video for you know 1500 bucks or whatever right it

23:54was like I knew where I wanted to go and I kind of had this transformative moment where I was going to the advertising

24:00program I had this whole plan set out like I like people I like selling things like that yeah that program is pretty

24:07rigorous yeah and their ad program is great and I’m talking to the this guy at some sort of convention and I was like

24:13hey yeah I’m taking all the prerequisites like I’m going to apply to the program um next semester and he was like

24:19he was like so yeah dude that’s so great we have all these connections you go through the program you’ll meet all

24:24these people and eventually you know we’ll place you inside of a great agency it’s gonna be awesome and I was like well hold up man I’m only going to

24:32school so I can learn the skills meet the people and then I’m gonna go be an entrepreneur like I’m gonna go create my own thing I don’t want to do that and

24:38he’s like no dude we’re all about job placement I’m like well okay if that’s what you want then like I’m not

24:44interested I’m not out and so it was kind of like them asking me to leave and me realizing even if I went back it

24:51wouldn’t yeah it wouldn’t help me do what I want to so I left but so then you started to do freelance work yeah I

24:57started doing freelance work I dabble I try to start a non-profit with my friends and about you know getting out

25:03of addiction and anti-drugs and stuff like that uh we did pretty well we spoke with some schools it was cool but um you

25:09know from there failure after failure I won’t even get into how badly that ended I’ve got a

25:15bunch of those yeah I get it so a lot of different experiences where I really struggled and I was kind of just like this creative guy I was just kind of

25:21filming things you know for the k for for kicks not really like being very intentional about it I was probably

25:26pulling in between two or three grand a month

25:32okay I’ll wrap it up we’re give us like five minutes yeah

25:38I was probably pulling in like two or three grand a month wasn’t really taking it seriously but at that point I met my

25:44wife and there’s nothing like a wonderful girl that’s gonna make you be like okay I gotta rethink my life and see if I’m gonna like actually take this

25:50seriously so from there I started production company Avenue filmco we obviously use you guys to help us with

25:57you know ads and things like that marketing social stuff which was so great by the way

26:02um then with covid we ended up being in kind of like a precarious stressful spot

26:08we got an offer to be acquired by route and I went into route we sold our company went into route full time where

26:15I was kind of the director of media and content which was really cool it was a great experience to go from like bootstrapping your own business having a

26:22handful of employees to being part of like a billion dollar tech company you know hundreds of employees and having

26:28your own small part to play and learning how important specialization is and you

26:34know cross-departmental communication what these processes exactly what these brands you’ll actually need probably

26:39some structure that you didn’t really have before and there there’s a lot to learn he’s still there you know yeah it

26:46was it was embarrassing to be revealed like how how like little we actually

26:51knew we were just good at filming cameras and uh good at making people feel like we’d do a good job and Route

26:58was cool because it gave you it definitely gave you a lot of access I felt like and gave you access to all of

27:04their customers and their customer base was massive and it was all econ yeah it was all econ based so it really it was a

27:12good Catalyst for you guys it was huge and obviously having people like Believe in Us enough to want to acquire a

27:18company offer us really solid salaries when we were gonna leave they offered us an absurdive amount of money to stay it

27:26was very validating and like helped us feel like okay we’re actually onto something here we’ve got some value to

27:32bring and so from there I was only there 13 months because again that entrepreneurial poll right once

27:39you’ve worked for yourself once you’ve been able to kind of steer the ship even if it means you’re going to be broke and

27:44stressed all the time you still for some reason crave it right yeah you guys know the feeling but also I feel like someone

27:50like you who is an entrepreneur is going to learn so quickly like when you go

27:57work for a legit massive company you want to go in house you go you build Avenue film CO as this media company and

28:05then you go in-house and you just absorb everything so quickly you probably learn 10 times faster than someone who’s there

28:12to just press buttons for 20 years that’s true so like you absorb over 13 months and then boom you start film lab

28:18and how much do you feel like how much more confident were you in film lab compared to Avenue film code because of

28:25those 13 months yeah I mean we were extremely confident when we left because it’s like all right yeah if somebody

28:31thought we were cool enough to like bring in house and I’ve now worked with massive creatives other brand like

28:38really cool Brands and then you you actually realize nobody knows what they’re doing like you know we literally

28:44had this conversation the other day it is it is mind-boggling especially I feel like in probably the agency world when

28:50you work with a lot of different brands in different Industries and if you’re not specialized and it is mind-blowing to me how much

28:58it’s like every week I talk to somebody I’m like you you really don’t know what you’re doing too and it like and I’m

29:04like how does the world continue to operate how do all of these people still have jobs how are their businesses

29:11running dude even the government’s just like throwing it together it’s true especially the government dude they’re a

29:17master class on not knowing what they’re doing it’s crazy but it’s also it’s also good to realize and it is like it’s a

29:23little bit of like hey like we’re probably doing something right because it seems like things are going right

29:28when maybe other people aren’t doing so well so it’s a good confidence boost

29:33sometimes yeah it’s realization like it’s okay that you don’t know like yeah that you don’t know things there are

29:39other people you’re gonna rub shoulders with who know things that you don’t know and you’re gonna be able to learn and scratch each other’s backs and work

29:45together but at the end of the day yeah nobody knows really what they’re doing

29:50and that’s okay and it’s in the process of actually doing and taking action that you are going to figure it out and you

29:57can’t over analyze and theorize and just plan and try to process how things could

30:02work out at the end of the day you just have to you just have to send it you just have to go out there commit to the

30:08process commit to the path and and work and you’re going to have a lot of problems along the way but that’s where

30:14you learn and that’s like probably very similar to your guy’s story I think my

30:20success has however small it may be has really come from being tenacious I’m a

30:25bulldog I bit into something I locked my jaw and I’m hanging on for dear life and

30:30there’s a lot of other people that I have that I think are better than me that I think are more talented than me

30:36that had better connections than me whatever who got tired who got worn out

30:41who eventually bowed out or left the industry or you know copped out in some

30:46other way and all up to them maybe they just had another path and that’s fine but I’ve just outlasted everybody else

30:53and so what happens when you had been doing it for a long time you failed a lot and you’ve outlasted everybody else

30:59eventually you’re going to find yourself closer to the top than you could have thought so where are you at now with film lab now that you’ve had this

31:06experience with route and this experience with Avenue film Co obviously that is enough data to understand that

31:14you’ve been a bulldog right like you are working constantly to try and build this this business yeah well I mean I think

31:21it wasn’t all smooth sailing because you know how it is when you can get a little big for your britches you’re like hey I

31:27just learned all this cool stuff I see how it’s done right you can actually start overthinking things right back in

31:34the day when I had like no ego I really didn’t know how to build anything I mean

31:40when we started Avenue we literally like made a Squarespace website and we remember that our site yeah we took our

31:46best Clips put it together still on that website are you like you still pay for it I think I still have access for it

31:52probably you should sign them back up yeah let’s bring it back you know but anyway like we made this little website

31:58we were so proud of it and we literally texted a little clip of our reel to all of our friends said will you post this

32:04on your story that’s how we launched right we didn’t really overthink it I literally had a logo that Chelsea

32:11Anderson a design for me um and you know from there we just

32:18started but this time with film lab we overthought everything right because

32:23like oh well okay we did that last time but now we’re going to be even more premium now we’re going to be even better than we were and we got a little

32:30big for our britches so the way we wanted to approach it was okay we’re going to spend a ton of money on our

32:35brand so we spent like 8K on our brand on our website which 100 worth it invest

32:40in branding beyond anything else it is so big it’s got and your products got to be good too but having good branding

32:46made a huge difference for us but we spent all this time doing this and then we had all these grandiose ideas for how

32:52are we going to actually approach this on socials how are we going to start letting people know what we’re doing and so we put we posted our first little

32:58post and it just said film lab loading and it sat there for nine months without

33:04a follow-up post at all because we were just I remember this yeah we were like oh we gotta come out there and it’s

33:10Gotta just shake the Earth right we gotta one-up what we did it was all about launch yeah it was all about the

33:15launch and it was all about the perception and all that stuff and what we did is it stopped us from actually

33:20just executing just actually putting it out there and you know what happened yes we were able to because I was still

33:26posting on my socials um I had a business partner at the time Jackson who was also posting on his right but so we

33:32are still getting jobs but it got to the point where we had no work coming in really at all and we started getting

33:37really stressed I was like bro we haven’t even launched our brand yet like we haven’t even like really pushed out

33:42and promoted our website we haven’t been showing our work and uh it’s done is better than perfect we’ve

33:48got 80 of the way there yes it’s maybe not exactly how we want it but let’s just put it out there and we put it out

33:54there and immediately opportunity started coming in I started leaning into my own personal brand and really

34:00executing on creating content every day showcasing and telling our story showing our work how we’re pulling off what

34:07we’re doing showcasing what we’re doing for other clients and as it’s crazy when

34:12we started actually posting We actually started sharing what we were doing we dramatically increased in our Revenue

34:18the inquiries that were coming in were just getting better and better and better where before we were just

34:24hoping it would work out and just believing that maybe the Stars will align and we’ll be able to figure it out

34:30to launch how we want to but we just had to put our ego aside and once we did that start taking off I remember you and

34:35I having a conversation like you you were like I’ve just been grinding on Tick Tock you’re just like I’m just

34:42posting every single day some things are getting views some things aren’t getting

34:48views but like I’m gonna dedicate like my time to like actually posting

34:54creative content every single day yep and you stuck with it on Instagram and and Tech talk and it’s taken off for you

35:01yeah I mean I went from 60 000 followers on Instagram now I’m at a 120 you know wait really dude I’m honored to be in

35:09your presence I I can I can point you to like 5 000

35:14other people have more than me but I appreciate that you know on Tick Tock I got like 27k which is which is cool but

35:22you know what really the only monetization I really wanted to have was more inquiry some more options which it

35:28worked and you guys have built a really I think a really cool um I mean you’ve all even before film

35:34lab when it was Mitchell Thane like you had a big more or less creative following yeah uh of amazing creators

35:41and that you’ve only continued to grow that and well yourself included that’s how we met yeah

35:47um like how how do you see that evolving as you get older I know that’s kind of a

35:54weird question because we’re all pretty young right but I think like um like influencers you get to a point

36:00where you’re like maybe I should be maybe I should do something else or maybe I need to do something else with

36:06my content or whatever how do you see that evolving in the next you know I don’t know 10 15 years I mean right now

36:12it’s a lot of Education it’s a lot of like showcasing flashy things

36:17um but I think really I love education I love mentorship literally probably the area I get the most fulfillment is

36:24finding somebody who has the drive who has the passion who wants to take it to

36:29the next step and I’ve made all the mistakes I mean we haven’t even covered one percent of the mistakes and failures

36:37I have experienced I’ve made so many I’ve been able to learn so much so if I can come in and say hey you got the

36:43passion you’ve got a couple of the pieces let me fill in some of the gaps for you and like lay out a path that you

36:50could pursue and you could follow and watch what it does for you and so I love that and I whether that be in creativity

36:58whether that be in business I would love to get and do more more mentorship and

37:03then I mean professionally I want to film a movie someday so yeah that’s that’s true yeah that’s the dream yeah

37:09yeah 100 as a DP you know oh that’d be epic well and I know we talked about Rich Roll earlier and look

37:15at someone like him who’s in his mid 50s and he didn’t Peak until he was in his

37:2140s when it came to being a content creator right so there’s all this opportunity as long as you’re

37:27approaching it from the angle you are approaching it which is I I’m someone that can be trusted as a voice of

37:35Education right instead of like oh I’m young and funny and making funny videos like you’re doing something of real

37:41value for your community and that stands the test of time no matter what you know

37:46I appreciate that and I think too things change I have no idea in five ten years what I’m going to be wanting to do you

37:53know I started out as like a kind of portrait photographer guy and that was like a travel guy and then my Instagram

37:58was basically dominated by me being in love with my wife you know and and whatever so it’s like continue to

38:04develop and change and so five years ten years I don’t really have a plan and I think that’s okay because people are

38:10we’re constantly evolving we’re multi-faceted individuals yes people might look at my Instagram be like oh

38:16he’s a film boy but you know there’s gonna be there’s more and more elements that I’m introducing whether it’s things

38:21my family things with my like philosophy or things that I believe or that are important to me

38:27um entrepreneurship maybe my health Journey that I’m I’m sharing so really wherever it’s going is going to be

38:33whatever I’m actually doing with my life and I think people if they are tied into you and care about you it doesn’t matter

38:38if I start a product company in a month they’ll be interested on a phone yeah and that’s that’s the beauty of community and we see that with like

38:45influencers uh that have built you know massive Brands Logan Paul and KSI and

38:51Prime Mr Beast and his like half dozen other like product companies he started

38:57and grown and that’s the new the influencer product economy now you know

39:02so like I mean what’s on your radar then next because I know you’ve got stuff what’s on your radar then of like what

39:10you’re gonna do next I mean I think the next step is digital assets because I mean I’ve made you know brand templates

39:17like for pitch decks things like that Luts coloring presets things like that um that we’ve talked about online

39:23education or workshops is really interesting because again I’ve never sold anything other than my services in

39:29my time so figuring out how to actually monetize and productize something is I

39:34think a really important next step for me and digital assets you make them once you sell them forever so I’m really

39:40interested in that from there I would love to get into like making something physical like being a digital guy I want

39:48to make something like analogical real and tangible yeah right so like just having a film lab shirt like I’m so

39:53proud of it and it’s just something that’s real and So eventually whatever it is I’d love to get into something

39:58physical but yeah that’s awesome not sure yet yeah yeah well so speaking of

40:04film lab and how it’s all been roses and butterflies and there hasn’t been a single issue right so easy bro

40:09um no issues I think that uh so many people look at a business for example Amazon or Tesla these brands

40:18that you look at them now and you’re like wow this person just built this amazing product and they’re just so

40:23successful and they killed it but they don’t see the come up right so film lab

40:29you came into this thinking we’re gonna be much better about it this time we’re gonna invest in brand we’re going to do

40:34all these things we’re gonna do it right but what really happened along the way like

40:40what was the Journey of film lab yeah as far as uh getting to where you are now which is still growing right like we’re

40:47all still growing our businesses that we’re not at the end we’re not chilling on Yachts or anything no sir so what is

40:52the uh I mean I did for a couple days in the Bahamas which is great project I thought you were making a call after

40:58that oh my gosh I forgot about that thank you but no like yeah to your point it is not been an easy Road you know I

41:06started film lab leaving route with a business partner Jackson my guy who I’d done everything with for years yep after

41:12a year he was so burnt out so tired I mean you guys know agency and service

41:18based business is very difficult right and especially what we do art is extremely subjective right and so yes

41:25there are things where it is about conversion and the ads and stuff like that and like the numbers don’t lie but

41:30there’s so much room for interpretation in so many other aspects of what we do and how we approach things that you know

41:37some sometimes we can make the best videos not happy about it or you know sometimes we’ll make something that

41:43we’re not stoked on but apparently it works really well you know so it’s it’s a really tiring and exhausting process

41:49and so he got tired and he got burnt out and we were sitting in this exact room I was in Dan’s chair Jackson was sitting

41:55right here and it got to the point where after talking and I could just feel there’s some disconnect and he wasn’t as

42:02involved I felt like I was kind of pulling him along and again all of Jackson most awesome business partner he

42:09was great but he got to the point where I was like okay and I I said it was like Jackson do you want to be here like

42:16is this something that you really want to do because I’m in this for the Long Haul yeah like I’m in this for the next

42:21half decade at least you know so if you’re ready to move forward with me for the next five ten years whatever let’s

42:28go make something amazing but right now I’m not feeling that energy back from you and he is like

42:35honestly he’s like I’m just super loyal to you and I love you and so that’s why I’ve stuck around but I’m done I’m tired

42:41I don’t know what I want to do but I need to do something else and so he left and you know since then he’s built and been building really cool

42:48sauna business it’s very premium very cool but it is so cool yeah new primitive new primitive go follow it’s

42:55great but with that with him leaving he had to take some clients he had to

43:00take gear because he had to keep the lights on for himself right but with that I was left with all the overhead of

43:07the employees uh A reduced clientele list um less gear

43:14um right when that happened um we had Black Friday which was great um it took us like eight months to get

43:20paid by a couple of people from Black Friday it was terrible the tech economy started falling apart so they laid off

43:27the world you know and e-commerce and Tech were kind of our two main things and so once Black Friday was over

43:32e-commerce was snoozing for the next couple months um Tech you know wasn’t doing if they

43:38were firing everybody laying them off they definitely weren’t like you know using us to make videos yeah and so it

43:44became like a very Financial stress financially stressful situation and what was good about it though and

43:52what was great is now it was just me steering the ship you know Jackson had left and I had Mike on as a minority

44:00partner he wasn’t full-time he’s just part-time at this point and we had a great team but we started we ran out of

44:05things to do we had no money we had no projects coming in and it was kind of like a here’s our last shot to see if we

44:12can make this work but if we don’t start getting money in first of all I’m gonna have to call everybody and say sorry I

44:18can pay you one more time and then I’m out of money but when it got to that point I had to literally take a loan out

44:25as I referenced earlier I had to take a 25 000 loan out to pay payroll and just make it for that week but we planned

44:31everything out and we threw everything we could at the wall and we told our story and I was very open

44:38about what was going on and what was happening and it’s not like people saw

44:43that and they’re like oh I feel bad for Mitch and film up let’s give him a ten thousand dollar contract or work but it

44:50did create awareness and it created loyalty which impacted a lot of people which was really cool well it’s like

44:56Nike when they were The Underdogs right it’s the same situation like we didn’t all start buying Nikes because we felt

45:03bad for them like we wanted the underdog to succeed that was the Michael Jordan legacy right yeah totally exactly and

45:10sometimes you need to hit you need to hit rock bottom to be motivated some people aren’t motivated by that and

45:16would just give up and I would say that’s probably the majority of people at that point said you know this is not

45:22for me and I’m done but you stuck with it you persisted and I think that it

45:28says a lot about you says a lot about moving forward right and keeping I appreciate that and you guys were

45:34therapy for me I mean we around that time and you know you guys being able to say hey look we’ve been there there’s

45:40this this is business this is struggle whatever but that’s okay and luckily I’ve got a great business partner Mike

45:45incredible team and when that pressure came we all performed so what was it

45:51then like I mean if our business got to that point where it’s like hey we got one more payroll

45:57before we got to shut things down I don’t know what I do but I I figure I

46:03would try and scramble to get new customers and bring stuff on but like how did you guys get customers

46:09I mean customers came down to we spent basically the entire month of December creating our Show reel which was is it

46:16is essentially a compilation of all of our best shots and best work all in a

46:21you know two minute video we put that together we put it out on January 3rd I literally I made payroll uh I think it

46:28was like December 29th or whatever and we were and at Christmas yep we’re out

46:34of money oh so January 3rd we posted it and I was posting like an insane amount

46:43like talking about what we’re doing showing our work building a pipe for the real launching The Reel a bunch of

46:49awesome supportive people shared it and that’s why you tell your story is that when you put out a great piece of work you have hundreds of people

46:56share it you know it’s gonna attract new clients and opportunities right after that we had a connection

47:02with Utah Jazz we lined up something for the Utah Jazz which was going to help us get to the end of January and then we found out

47:09about a couple of other opportunities that would barely get us through February and then Sephora and Source

47:15came which was a job that would help us get through halfway through March and then and it really was just a couple

47:21weeks out at a time okay we got I mean it was the it was the daily bread is the daily Mana dude like yeah yeah I mean I

47:28was throwing up prayers left and right I’m a religious Christian you know like I was I was praying I was posting I was

47:36working my tail off everything we could and it was just a couple weeks out that

47:41was our Runway and then all of a sudden the couple weeks turned into a month Runway and then it went and then it was

47:46like a month and a half of Runway and then you know and again it wasn’t all easy in April

47:52we had no money we had to shut things down we had to freaking lay you guys off as our agency right I mean because we we

47:58were low on cash we had to lay off um a great guy named Skye you know there was there have been hard things since then

48:05and there will be hard things continuing out and now we’re so busy we have a new set of problems we don’t have enough

48:11help or bandwidth and it’s and it’s difficult but that’s what business is yeah it’s interesting to be able to

48:16adapt be able to adapt and be able to stick with it and so that’s kind of like our Legacy at the end of the day is like

48:22we love what we do we work extremely hard we stick with it and uh if it doesn’t work out that’s okay but

48:30so far it has and we’re going to keep hanging on yeah and the consistency and hard work like I at least my mindset has

48:36always been like I’d always I would rather fail and say that I didn’t do

48:42everything I possibly could to make it work than just flat out quit and just

48:47give up you know that’s always been my mentality that’s how I was raised that’s

48:52how like it’s always been my belief like you’re just gonna work hard and you’re gonna be consistent and it will pay off

48:59you know you know what Seth Rogen was on a podcast recently and I love Seth Rogen

49:05so much I love every movie he’s in but uh who’s on a podcast and there I can’t

49:10remember who it was but they asked him advice for people that uh want to get into filmmaking or trying and he said

49:18well you kind of have two options like one is you try and probably fail or one

49:23is you don’t try and you definitely fail yeah because if you don’t try then there’s no opportunity if you try at

49:30least there’s that sliver of Hope and I think it is that month after month of finding that next dollar to or that next

49:38project uh to get you by that is what keeps motivating you and keeping you

49:43going right discipline over motivation if you just keep chugging along eventually uh it’s gonna you’re gonna

49:50land that deal you’re gonna get a little bit lucky and things are gonna last a long time yeah I think sometimes it

49:57helps not to look or think too far ahead sometimes you just need to focus on what

50:02do I need to do today I need to make that post I need to follow up with these three people I need

50:08to help fine-tune this edit so our current client is happy just focus on

50:14what’s right in front of you and what is the thing that you actually need to do because when you’re looking too far ahead you’re thinking too far ahead

50:19that’s where anxiety lives and I I dealt with a lot of that anxiety but once I dialed it back and said all right Mitch

50:25it’s time to take off the Visionary hat and put on the execution hat and just focus on what I can control which is

50:33what’s right in front of me and you do that for enough days in a row enough months in a row and you have a whole

50:38incredible team who’s doing that alongside you all of a sudden the future starts looking a lot more bright and the

50:44road is paved a lot further ahead than you could have imagined which is extremely helpful yeah wow that was

50:49that’s awesome that was amazing I feel like that is literally the concept of running a marathon right yeah like if

50:57you focus on Mile 26 and a half or not mile one yeah if you focus on that at

51:04mile one or two then it’s going to be a long day and it’s going to be a miserable day yep but if you’re just

51:10focusing on the next step or the next aid station then things are going to go a lot better and I think that you saying

51:17I have to take off that Visionary hat and put on that executioner hat it’s something that like once you said that

51:23it made me look back and realize that’s kind of what has happened with scroll all of a sudden we’re four years in and

51:28I’m like we’re not really talking big picture very often we’re just trying to finish what we have to do that day and

51:34you don’t realize how far you’ve come until you look back at your revenue and look back at your team size and where

51:41you’re at and you’re like oh my gosh like look back I’ve ran 25 miles you had

51:47no idea yeah it didn’t finish lines right there yeah it didn’t even hit you even though weirdly in business there’s

51:54no food there is no finish you sell or die yeah it’s very few options oh it’s

51:59insane and I think I think a problem that I had faced early on in my career is I did

52:04Associated rub shoulders with other people who are going through what I was going through right you guys have a

52:10different business um similar model but different business than I do but I I was kind of isolating

52:17and I was alone and it was it was dark and the mental health you know attacks

52:22were very prevalent and I had never experienced mental health issues until I

52:27was an entrepreneur I remember a specific day it was October of 2019 I

52:33was working and I was 13 hours into my day Jackson was right next to me and I was feeling so overwhelmed and so

52:40anxious that I felt almost a physical snap in my brain yeah I I don’t know

52:46what it was but I could feel this thing where I used to be able to handle the pressure and it wouldn’t get to me I

52:51could continue to perform but after that second of realization that thing that happened to me I felt anxiety I felt

52:59every bit of that weight and that pressure from clients who are needing demanding things money that wasn’t there

53:05whatever it was I felt that and that was a very difficult time and it really wasn’t until probably this year

53:12where first of all I started leading out the business the way that I wanted to but also it was rubbing shoulders and

53:20talking with other people who have also dealt with it and been there my dad is a prime example incredible entrepreneur

53:26he’s been through a lot he told me stories of buildings burning down when they had a construction company

53:31buildings burning down that they were building in Salt Lake City huge problems

53:37big stress and how he’s able to get through it honestly talking to you guys we we got food Sushi you know being able

53:43to hear about the struggles that you guys have experienced all that stuff and normalizes a little bit and and again

53:49focusing on what’s right in front of me during the day getting through it was huge but I think robbing shoulders and

53:55Rising now you are not the only person who has undergone depression or felt

54:00this crushing weight of Entrepreneurship there are other people who you can talk to who can relate to you who can give

54:07you advice or if nothing else a pat on the back and say dude just stake it out it’s gonna work out yeah

54:12entrepreneurship can be very lonely it can be very lonely and soul-crushing to

54:17people that you know don’t reach out ask for help and I think at the same time

54:23it’s also very for like masculine thing to not reach

54:28out and ask for help you know and you’ve got to learn to rely on other people you’ve got to learn to network you’ve

54:35got to learn to have mentors and how to find them how to work with them and and

54:41and help yourself right because otherwise yeah it can be completely

54:47soul-crushing you know and you will probably end up quitting at some point yeah you know there’s only so far you

54:53can go on your own and I do feel like uh that can happen in any

54:58phase of life right whether you’re an entrepreneur you’re working for someone or no matter what your job is like

55:05allowing the pressures of life to take over is when you’ll crumble so you gotta find

55:11a way somehow to be like and you know what my my dad’s a good example of this where it’s like there’s all these

55:18pressures everything is pounding down on him but he’ll still go outside and garden for 30 minutes

55:24because it’s like oh well just got a garden for a minute where me dude I’m that way like I get a

55:31message from a customer I see a bill that declined for one of our customers

55:37and all of a sudden it’s all I can think about it’s all I can focus on doesn’t matter if I am on a vacation with my

55:45wife or what like that’s the only thing going through my mind or a cus or even

55:51an employee saying something or having realizing I have to have a hard conversation with an employee and that

55:58kind of stuff it just will eat your soul yep I I mean it does to me all the time so yeah

56:03um you’re not alone in that but also employees go through that and everyone does the pressures of the world and not

56:10single to entrepreneurs you know so how like how have you been able to pull yourself through it and

56:17transformed your you know your way through everything the last you know couple years yeah because everything’s

56:23perfect now right it’s perfect now well I know it’s not perfect but and that’s not what I meant but like how are you

56:29able to handle it at this point yeah I mean you guys have probably heard or read about man search for meeting by

56:36Victor Frankel right school book I have heard of that yeah so man search for meeting it’s about Victor Frankel who

56:43was a uh Holocaust he was in the Holocaust and uh I think anyway he was

56:49he was one of the survivors there and he tells his story of the abuse of the

56:55torment of the horrible conditions that you witnessed and went through yeah just

57:00just awful things that we can’t even comprehend and his basically his conclusion and and the the lesson that I

57:08drew from it is you can’t control anything in life the

57:14only thing that you have control over is how you react to a situation and like

57:20how you’re acting your attitude and your attitude towards it right and for me kind of realizing that I can’t control

57:28if a client isn’t going to pay me or if there’s you know a ridiculous request

57:34that comes in I can’t control if an employee is not going to do their job well or whatever and and I really can’t control almost

57:41anything other than how am I going to react to it how what is my attitude about it and at

57:48the end of the day I just have to count my blessings I’m not in a holocaust camp you know in the 1940s I have I live in

57:57the United States of America I have a wonderful business Incredible family a great team that I work with I am so

58:02blessed to make art and get paid to do it and yes of course

58:08there’s going to be difficult things that come from that but I think perspective and gratitude and realizing the only thing I can control is if I’m

58:15grateful and my attitude and how I’m going to respond to this situation and I I can’t control it and me worrying about

58:21it isn’t going to do anything and so just checking myself and realizing No Mitch you don’t have control in checking

58:28that ego has really I think helped me and again just making it more bite size

58:33eat the elephant one bite at a time yeah and it’s it’s such a huge lesson and some people have to learn the hard way

58:39and you have to hit rock bottom that’s me to like realize that and so if you if you can avoid that hard lesson do it

58:45like be grateful today start changing your mindset today because yeah like attitude is gratitude that’s right like

58:53it’s it really is everything and it it can completely change your situation and

58:59and where you’re at like um speaking of all of this and attitude and gratitude like it’s uh we had an

59:07employee of ours his name’s Taylor who had a really horrible accident a couple weeks ago almost a month ago now brain

59:13injury almost died like pretty significant uh impact to him as himself

59:19his family um could have had could have been a much more difficult situation across the

59:25board and it’s an absolute Miracle where he is today just talking to him last night and it’s

59:30like his whole attitude has completely shifted and he’s had many spiritual experiences the last couple of weeks and

59:37and just his whole and Shane knows like Taylor’s pretty uh

59:44he’s a very funny guy extraordinarily outgoing and joking yes jokesters of all

59:51Jokers but incredibly positive and my experience with him the last couple weeks as he’s been recovering it’s like

59:56Taylor 2.0 you know and he obviously I don’t I hate that he had to have this

1:00:02accident happen but it’s completely shifted his mindset on his life where he wants to be how hard he wants to work

1:00:08and um and I’m excited for his life post accident yeah

1:00:15um I’m I’m bummed that that had to happen but he’s now got a whole new outlook on his

1:00:21life you know um and I’ve had similar experiences myself like with things that I’ve been

1:00:27through um and sometimes you have to hit rock bottom you know to have that attitude

1:00:34adjustment or sometimes that attitude adjustment or that mindset shift is the only thing that can take you through

1:00:40those hard things but you determine if it’s good for you for your good or not

1:00:45yeah to your detriment right the hard things that happen everybody’s gonna have them happen and we all know the

1:00:50people who are victims I’ve been that guy you know but then you also know the people who say this hard thing happened

1:00:57to me but I’m not going to use it as crutch in my life and I’m gonna use it as a stepping stone which is so cool I

1:01:02like to say we should all be asking why me and then I like to emphasize on both

1:01:08sides if you’re gonna ask why me like why am I in a negative way like oh why

1:01:13me why did that customer not pay me why am I struggling with this then you also have to say why me like why am I so

1:01:19lucky that I get to wear a pair of shoes why am I so lucky that I have eyes that

1:01:24work like why am I so lucky that I actually get to live a life where I can

1:01:30breathe normally right right so I I think that it’s important to have perspective in life and ground ourselves

1:01:37a little bit even uh when we’re struggling with things that we think are the biggest deal in the world but and

1:01:43even that like taking that back only personally but to the clients we get to work with right and like growing your

1:01:49business like being grateful for the clients like obviously treating them with the absolute utmost respect and you

1:01:56know helping them beyond what maybe is normal or included or whatever like

1:02:01it’ll it’ll take you so much further right like we both know like our best

1:02:07clients are ones that we obviously take really good care of but they then in

1:02:12turn because of the relationship because their experienced they refer other people you know yeah and a really good

1:02:18one of ours is film lab yeah yeah referral partner you know somebody asked

1:02:26me the other day they they because I I told them like oh yeah we sell scroll up the Wazoo because we believe in you guys

1:02:33and when we we’ve seen results personally we’ve seen it for people that we’ve worked with and they say well why

1:02:39don’t you like do you have like a commission thing set up or whatever I’m like they’ve actually offered that before but honestly I just love them so

1:02:47much and they’re so good at what they do and I believe that you know I’m wanting

1:02:53to try to support and give without any expectation and they’ve always treated us the exact same way and if they ever

1:02:59need to call in a favor I will be there to deliver and I know the exact same thing and you know that that is what

1:03:06business is like can you bring value are you gonna put the relationship first and that’s where you’re gonna have your most

1:03:12valuable like clients and relationships and opportunities yeah totally totally agree man all right Mitch this has been

1:03:18awesome enlightening today it’s always fun it’s always fun to talk to you Mitch

1:03:23yeah um this is this was therapy guys it was it was it was the therapy yeah the

1:03:28tone changed right um all right let’s see where can people find you first of all I mean hit me up

1:03:35on Instagram at Mitchell Thane if you’re somebody who’s struggling as an entrepreneur or is crushing as an

1:03:41entrepreneur please give me your advice but there too I want I want to support hit me up in the DMS or you can always

1:03:47follow film lab f-i-l-m-l-a-a-b

1:03:54that’s right well it’s because you guys are like double a batteries and you never die yeah okay boom little film lab

1:04:01you know whatever so German exactly

1:04:07um okay great yeah well this has been awesome I think we learned a lot about one mental health and Entrepreneurship

1:04:13and just as individuals and thank you for sharing your your journey man like I know you’ve in your story you’ve been

1:04:19through a lot and appreciate you opening up and being vulnerable and I think a lot of people will learn more about you

1:04:26I appreciate that man so well it’s been a safe space and you guys have had your fair share of hard times too but again

1:04:34it has only led to good things and I’m very very grateful is pretty uh windy right it’s a straight

1:04:41path thanks Mitch appreciate it [Music]

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