Creating Videos That Fit Your Brand

Video marketing is taking off in a huge way which is we at FilmLaab are committed to elevating your video content to the next level. Creating videos that align with your brand’s core values is key to making a lasting impression. Whether you’re introducing your new company and the idea behind it to the world, or showing the specifics of a new (or improved!) product to the world, here are some tips and tricks to help create videos and run video marketing campaigns that fit your brand.

Focus on a niche audience or subject. Moving away from the generic subjects that everyone else is covering makes it easier for people to relate to you and truly see the passion behind what you’re doing. The more personal you can make it (without making it unrelatable!), the more your video will resonate with your audience.

Once you’ve decided which topic you want to cover, developing a script that flows and tells your story well is the most important part. You want the video to be short enough that your audience doesn’t get bored, but it also needs to be efficient at telling the story you’re trying to tell. When you’re working on that script, come up with a single message or concept you want to convey–and then dive in!

You’ll want a simple message that can be easily conveyed in the first 30-45 seconds (the shorter the better, plus it shares better on social media). Think of a defined, concise, call to action. What do you want your viewers to do after the video? Are you trying to get them to check out your company or purchase your product? Find a way to make that clear. Finally, nail down the conclusion. When the video ends, how should your audience be feeling? What should they be doing next?

Finally, take note of the tone or voice you’re going to be using. What kind of humor are you going to insert into the delivery? Is it a general brand introduction, or are we going into the nitty-gritty of a specific aspect of your business? Make sure the tone matches what you’re marketing, as well as what you’re trying to achieve!

We know that writing scripts and creating videos can be daunting, and doesn’t always fit in with your role! We’d love to help capture the video you’re looking for and create the content you need to market your brand effectively. Reach out to us here. We’re as passionate about our work as you are about yours, and we want to show the world what you’re doing!

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