Embracing Change and Authenticity: Insights from Ari Mason’s Fractional Leadership and Advocacy Journey

Ari Mason shared her insightful journey and perspectives during the podcast, providing valuable lessons on leadership, marketing, and the importance of authenticity and culture in the workplace. Her experiences as a seasoned fractional CMO, combined with her advocacy for mental health and support for women in the workplace, offer several key points worth highlighting in a blog post.

Firstly, Ari emphasizes the transformative power of innovation, branding, and marketing strategies in the startup landscape. Her passion for amplifying the impact of mission-driven companies underlines the significance of staying true to core values while striving for market success.

Ari’s journey to becoming a fractional CMO reveals the evolving landscape of work and how embracing change can lead to fulfilling opportunities. Her story illustrates the importance of self-awareness, entrepreneurship, and the benefits of community support, particularly in the vibrant business environment of Utah.

Her experiences also shed light on the challenges and realities of starting a business, highlighting the crucial need for mentorship, networking, and a supportive community. This resonates with the unique blend of hustle culture and community spirit found in different regions.

Ari’s advocacy for mental health, women in the workplace, and her role as a mentor underscore the importance of creating supportive and inclusive environments. Her efforts to initiate meaningful conversations and foster connections pave the way for positive change in both business and community settings.

Lastly, Ari’s insights into the significance of authentic branding and the symbiotic relationship between brand and culture in organizations offer valuable strategies for businesses looking to connect deeply with their audiences and employees.

In summary, Ari Mason’s experiences and insights from the “Scroll Sessions” podcast provide a rich source of inspiration and guidance for individuals and companies looking to navigate the complexities of modern work environments while maintaining authenticity and driving positive change.



0:09so uh Welcome to our podcast today everybody we’re excited to have Ari Mason here appreciate you being here

0:15today awesome I’m so glad well uh Ari Mason is a seasoned fractional CMO known

0:22for transforming the landscape of startups through Innovation branding and marketing strategies AR’s passion lies

0:27in amplifying the impact of mission driven companies ensuring they not only thrive in their markets but also stay

0:33true to their core values with a unique blend of disrupting branding Dynamic storytelling and content that connects

0:40she turns businesses into magnets for success and loyalty as a mentor mental health Advocate and a voice for women in

0:47the workplace AR is not just a marketing Guru but a catalyst for positive change

0:52in both business and community and I’m so excited to talk to you today I can’t wait to dig in so I I just pumped you up

0:58there in that uh in that there made me sound really good you are really good I love it so what like talk

1:05to us about becoming like a fractional CMO right it’s fractional work more or

1:11less is relatively new I mean it’s in terms of kind of what it’s been and what it’s kind of becoming it’s relatively

1:17new Consultants have necessarily more or less always been around but at least calling yourself like a true like

1:23fractional SE sea Suite level person that’s that’s relatively new so talk talk to me about your journey to get

1:29where you are yeah I had never even really thought about it and there’s always been

1:39this call toward entrepreneurship I tried in 2021 to start a business and I

1:47wasn’t really in a position at that point I was kind of overwhelmed by the whole thing I was like whoa like I got to keep my books and to file the LLC and

1:56this that and the other thing and I just didn’t have you know I was back in New England so I’m from New England yeah

2:04have been in Utah for about going on three years now and the support of the

2:09Utah business Community just the the closeness it’s pretty awesome it’s

2:15incredibly unique I’ve never seen anything like it especially coming from from the East Coast we de with a lot of

2:20people on the east coast and it is like it’s night and day it’s it’s

2:26very it’s very much a hustle culture yeah so that’s sort of in my blood yeah yeah

2:33and it was like starting from scratch every time I was looking for a new opportunity because there was no network

2:39yep right it’s pretty at least at least for me it’s cold it seems cold yeah it’s

2:46especially living in like Boston and New York you get different kinds of cold but

2:51people just like to keep to themselves wey of strangers not interested in in really getting to know new people

2:59totally like we got our crew we’re good yep business as usual exactly so I

3:05didn’t have a lot of support in that and I felt really alone really

3:11overwhelmed uh I am an ICF certified coach and that was really I’ve just

3:19always been called to make a difference like really make a positive impact on the

3:27world and I’ve looked for that and every opportunity every role that I’ve ever

3:32held is maybe it’s just this one person who I’m mentoring who’s Junior to me but

3:41not even on my team who I still talk to you know 2016 we work together and we

3:48still are in touch today that’s amazing sometimes it’s just little things I can contribute to the organization but I was

3:56always called to something bigger and so I had like my first

4:01forray into entrepreneurship in 2021 which was

4:07sort of my like postco not crisis but just

4:15re-evaluation was that what have been about the time you came to Utah then or is that what to Utah that was right

4:20before I moved out to Utah okay right before you moved here okay so I got the coaching certification

4:26I was just so burned out at the marketing agency where I was working it tough transition to remote work and felt

4:32really disconnected and I said I want to do something completely different got certified and just fell in over my head

4:39I was terrified about the whole thing and there were some things about the

4:48coaching space that just weren’t really resonating for me coaching done well is really really powerful and yes

4:55100% there is just a saturation of coaches who yeah anybody can call

5:01themselves a coach right yeah pretty much and there’s a little bit of this uh

5:07I don’t want to say the word scam but some people you know that that that’s a little bit of a connotation in it it’s

5:13there’s a little bit of like pyramid scheme too because you end up with a lot of coaches coaching coaches yes yes and

5:20I was like where are the people getting help yeah totally how are they getting help if the only way to scale your

5:26business is to become a business coach and you’re not coaching

5:31businesses you’re coaching people coaches yeah so I recognized for a

5:37number of reasons that that wasn’t going to be it for me and then was really missing the camaraderie of a team so I

5:44just started firing off applications and the door that opened

5:49was the opportunity to come out here to Salt Lake and lead the marketing

5:56department for I’m a rock climber for The Front Climbing club and so which is

6:01awesome I’ve been in there many times yeah and it was so just such a cool way to kind of bring my my passion

6:10into my work life totally and sort of instill more meaning into what I was

6:16doing professionally they needed me yesterday yeah and I was like okay well

6:23this is crazy the idea of in 3 weeks packing up and moving across the country how

6:29feasible is this had you ever been to Utah prior no oh look at you you were

6:35like I need an adventure basically my sister lives in Phoenix and and she was the first one to migrate yeah and so I

6:42knew I wanted to get out west because this is I mean Utah turns out to be the

6:47best place in the Country Continental us for rock climbing yeah and so I I was

6:53thinking like Colorado though right and so they said well just let just fly you

7:00out come meet us see Salt Lake worst case scenario you get a free trip to to

7:07Salt Lake on us it’s like okay can’t say no to that yeah no kidding walked out accepted the job and then a few weeks

7:14later my life was in a U-Haul and we were moving across the country for you and so that’s how it started and I have

7:22had a lot of movement in my career because to move up you often need to move on yep and there’s a whole

7:29conversation we can get into around that and part of what has driven me to go out

7:35on my own and while I was working at the front I got recruited by a seed round startup

7:43that was pre-launch looking for someone to come in and Lead marketing

7:49and I will always be the one to take the

7:54risk yeah totally so I couldn’t say no and

8:00it was just an incredible experience to build something from the ground up and a

8:06lot of lessons learned along the way a lot of I’d worked for companies of

8:12various sizes big small I was working for shark ninja which makes the Shark

8:17vacuum and the Ninja blender right so they’re like Enterprise level I worked for NBC yeah Enterprise level I worked

8:24for a small marketing agency this was pre-launch startup yeah which is all

8:30G so much about the startup landscape totally and unfortunately it did go the

8:37way of 90% of startups yeah and you know

8:42we can unpack that but we don’t need to yeah it gave me a front row seat to what works and what doesn’t work and

8:50why and then I moved on to my next role

8:55working with kisik yeah which is awesome which was so fun yeah we had Blake Brown

9:01on just a little bit we actually releas that episode next week but yeah Blake’s the best was so fun such a guy really

9:08really good people there and it was sort of an opportunistic role where it was like okay what’s the need how do we kind

9:14of bring all those things together and totally create something and what I ended up leaning

9:23into was PR which was natural from my background in journalism and Community

9:28impact cool so did you bump did you bump elbows with Levi Lindsay a little bit I don’t

9:34know if you cross pass while you were there Levi and I are ships passing in the night we are we’ve been in the same

9:41place the same time like twice I think Oh serious and had one moment where it

9:47was like oh my gosh we need to take a picture to prove this happened and then I turn around and he’s gone he’s gone

9:53yeah that’s just the way that it goes and and speaking of that so I always we always joke with Levi he was CMO for a

10:00day and um cuz he literally quite literally was and right before he got

10:06punched by Kik so he had multiple offers after vid Army of course he did we he

10:12came to work for us we he accepted our offer coming on as a CMO this was like

10:182021 and it was at the same time he had another offer from kizik and one other from another company and after about 2

10:25days the Kik like up their offer and we were like dude take it like you need to do what’s best

10:32for your family I know this sucks for us but it’s all right and like go take care of your family and go be with Kik and

10:38and uh but we’ve always joked with him ever since that he’s he was our CMO for a day so he’s a good guy we like Levi

10:45well hopefully I get to have a more extensive interaction with them at some

10:52point Levi if you’re watching this yeah oh he’ll come back on he was on one of our first guests and he’ll definitely be back on in the new studio for sure okay

10:59well invite me and I’ll just like stand in the hallway while you’re recording sounds and aost him after that sounds

11:06great sounds great so leaning into Community impact kic starting the kizic

11:12cares program that was the most meaningful thing that I felt I’ve done

11:19in my professional career at a fulltime you know W Ro

11:28and it just like that’s my passion is is

11:34connection totally and people and just doing something that means something

11:40leaving the world better than I found it and I had a front row seat to that because we’d host these events for you

11:47know the one that I think no one will ever forget which I know was really near and dear to Monty the the CEO’s heart

11:55was running is a right which provides uh recreational prosthetics for kids who

12:04have experienced limb loss or limb difference yep and maybe have never run

12:09on a running blade before and so we sponsored the event made goodie bags for

12:15them for sure and got to watch them go out and just be kids yeah totally and the

12:22parents were in tears and they all it’s so it’s so emotional for sure and I that

12:29that was the point where I really felt validated in my desire to make a real

12:37difference yeah so then

12:42I get a message from it’s just the the way that everything sort of

12:50organically unfolds has been so amazing yeah I get a message from the recruiter

12:55at one of the fractional CMO firms achieve CMO saying hey have you ever thought

13:02about going fractional yep and I was like no I I really don’t know much about

13:09it but yeah’s sounds interesting yeah yeah tell me more yeah and uh to your

13:15point fractional work has been around for a while and within the past year or

13:21so has become a lot more main something that people know about you know prior to

13:29it was interim CMO or what have you yeah um and so there are a couple

13:35firms that I think a couple that are dedicated specifically to CMOS in

13:42Utah um another one that incorporates

13:49CFOs and there a lot of independent see exos you know fill in the blank yeah

13:57yeah and so it really is a a

14:02budding sort of Industry if you will

14:08and when we had the conversation it just lit me up because

14:15I’ve done the agency thing yeah you have a very a very Broad and diverse

14:20background for sure which makes I think perfect option especially for somebody

14:25in fractional work exactly you’ve worked at the agency you’ve done the hustle you worked at the startup you worked for

14:31Mission driven companies and you worked in cpg I mean you know all the things yeah and there’s also you know sort of

14:38the rise of the generalist yeah is happening simultaneously where there’s

14:43been such a focus on especially in Mar in the marketing space you know hiring Specialists and in-house teams do need

14:50that yeah and there is a kind of superpower that a generalist

14:58has where you know enough to be dangerous yeah and that has been what’s

15:07made me successful and really effective in this role is I know a lot about a lot of different things yeah and can go in

15:16and like roll up my sleeves you know expertise in certain areas and I’m very

15:22transparent about the ones where I’m not as comfortable and I’m dangerous and I

15:27know who I need to bring in to support me in those and so that’s how it started

15:36and I really loved the opportunity to sort of have that Mutual selection

15:44process where the client uh you know fractional fit has to

15:51be right totally where it’s different in an agency capacity yes very much so you

15:58just get the client you get yep which is why I felt prepared for this because I was like I’m used to working with all

16:04different kinds of personality types yeah and ultimately as both a fractional

16:09and an agency you’re in service of the client yep and so there’s a line

16:17there where you’re recommending strategy and kind of proving out why this is the

16:23direction that you advise that you know we take together

16:29and if there’s push back and it’s like nope we got to do this then it’s like okay I’m here to help you so this is

16:34this is yours totally and I will support you in in doing this yeah so I felt like

16:40I was on one hand prepared for it and on the other hand you know the the moving on to move up thing

16:50that I was mentioning earlier if you go on my LinkedIn and you

16:56look at my it probably won’t be in the number two spot I’m doing a LinkedIn overhaul for long but right now it’s in

17:02the number two spot uh it is a post where I just got very real yeah

17:09about why my tenure has been Limited in many

17:15of these organizations yeah and there are a number of reasons for

17:23that and it’s all been you know I got to do what’s right for me for sure yeah and

17:30if it’s there’s a lack of alignment or if it’s just not quite working out for

17:35whatever reason or you know it’s not a culture fit culture is really really

17:41really important to me yeah like non-negotiable yeah yeah for sure if

17:47it’s not a culture fit then it’s just not it’s not out it’s not a mutually

17:54beneficial yeah Arrangement and so combine all those

17:59things with the opportunity to kind of choose my own adventure and

18:07make it what I wanted I had a really hard time niching down at first because I was worried about having having an

18:16enough of an appeal as a as a mutual generalist myself I feel that I it’s

18:23hard it’s very hard and you don’t especially with who you serve yeah yeah and and it’s so hard to take your own

18:29advice too yeah because I can guide a client through this

18:34stuff yeah in my sleep and practicing What You Preach when you’re building

18:39your own brand and your own business can be so challenging because you’re you get in your head thinking totally and so

18:48it’s one of the reasons why I’m doing this to be honest like this is always at least content creation has always been

18:54something I’ve wanted to do I’ve always preached it I did it hardcore as a photographer for many many many many

19:00years and you know grew up pretty decent social following on my own and did all these things and then got into stuff

19:06that was not organic social and just kind of just left it to go and I re I seriously regret that so much and I’m

19:13like I wish I would have continued to do it and that’s why I’m like now we’re getting into the podcast thing we’re

19:18getting into content creation we’re doing these things that are challenging and fun you know yeah yeah it’s got to

19:25be you have to love I

19:31mean it’s not life is not sunshine and rainbows all the time even when you’re

19:38in your purpose totally right in your zone of Genius doing what you love there’s going to be ups and downs

19:43especially in entrepreneurship which I have experienced firsthand yeah and continue

19:49to like there are there are good days there are bad days and K the difference

19:55between being successful and not is the choice to keep going 1,000% if you don’t

20:04give up whereas you know most people do that quit or fail and even if you even

20:10if you do fail you just keep going because eventually you’re going to be the last one around well you know

20:18failure failure there’s no shame in Failure yeah you know the startup that

20:24I that I worked at one of the values was fail fast and fail off yep and I loved that because that’s how

20:31you learn for sure there’s no better every experience I’ve had has just built

20:39upon all of the other experiences and that’s what’s gotten me to where I am today and made me qualified to do this

20:46work yeah so I had that opportunity with a cheve

20:52and I said let’s just take it let’s go for it and see what this is like yeah and I ended up really loving it and

21:00then started having just all of these people coming out of the woodwork

21:07reaching out to me saying hey can I work with you can I work with you

21:12and it was kind of wild in two months I surpassed my W2 income yeah it’s

21:20amazing and now I’ve got my own agency partners and an apprentice and vas and

21:29you know needing to hire help I was so not prepared for that so early on and if

21:37anybody if anyone is waiting on a pitch deck from me I promise it’s coming I

21:44just didn’t realize that I was going to need it so soon because I didn’t think I was going to scale so soon so I was

21:50taking my time on my own assets prioritizing client work and then this influx of Interest comes and of of

21:58course it makes total sense like you got to show your work yeah yeah for sure but what’s interesting is

22:05that you know connection people authenticity this that’s who I am the

22:10the person who is speaking right now looking at all of these cameras um is the person that you

22:18get in every single space every conversation every area of my life and

22:26it’s such a shift from the podcast recording I did about a year

22:32ago yeah where

22:37I got a lot it was just here’s what I need to say yeah I declare this yeah but

22:45it got vulnerable and it got deep and then I got way in my head about it yeah and I overanalyzed and I was like we

22:51need to hold this and then I went to the leadership team and I played the audio

22:57for them and I said is this okay is this all right and now I’m Shameless you can ask me anything and I will answer

23:03honestly yeah because like what’s the point like we

23:09all need to take off the mask yeah for sure and that has been the draw that’s where the con that’s when the connection

23:15happens anyway yeah exactly when I just decided that I was going to stop trying

23:21to control everything which has been a big lesson for me

23:27and allow just show up as who I

23:32am walk through every Open Door say yes to every opportunity to connect with

23:38somebody new and see where the path took me good

23:43things happen things just took off and and just it’s been

23:52such a fun ride because I never know what’s around the corner well that’s

23:57what that’s also makes it fun sure and it’s exciting and so there’s so

24:03much of a cyclical nature to what I’m doing now I look back at 2021 and

24:11recognize that I needed to have that experience this is the culmination of that and I just had a former colleague

24:19from NBC back when I was working out of New York as a journalist remind

24:25me that I had first talked aled about the idea of Entrepreneurship in 2016

24:31yeah which I don’t even remember but apparently it’s just been calling to me

24:37and now I can hold it because I’ve had the experiences I needed to have and

24:43I’ve got the community and the structure and I have learned and grown and done

24:49the work on myself that I needed to do in order to be able to really make this

24:55happen so that’s how I ended up being a fractional CML being a fractional CML

25:01it’s a great journey too like I think like uh something I heard recently I don’t remember where I heard it but it’s

25:06like the the hero story also has a monster the oh you know like more or

25:12less like hero’s journey well and hero’s journey in general is this is another plug for having Matt Brown on Matt you

25:18need to come on to this podcast but I I the yeah the hero’s journey in general like I I love story brand by Donald

25:24Miller I don’t know if you’ve read that book but yeah I mean but there’s always there always has to be an antithesis and

25:31where you are now is only due to everything that you’ve gone through right and the monsters that you’ve

25:38battled right ABS whether it’s personally or or professionally you know to get where you are today both yeah

25:45both and is there one that sticks out like

25:50more particular maybe a monster or or a story that like you felt like has been a

25:56catalyst to get you really where you are today and maybe it was that uh the one you spoke

26:03about earlier with the startup back back East but no the startup was oh the

26:08startup was here oh I was thinking it was back East but you know okay I mean really the crystallizing there have been

26:15a series of crystallizing moments for me and the

26:20first was during the Silicon slope Summit the the most recent one the most

26:27recent one September so this is when I was already on the roster with achieve and

26:36we were working to match me because they do this really careful matchmaking process to make sure the skill sets

26:43aligned with the client needs which is brilliant yep and so we were just waiting for the right client to come

26:50along for me and I was kind of getting in my head and I was staying open to everything and so

26:57day one I got and it was at that point I was terrified to go because I just

27:04didn’t really know who I was supposed to be in the world in

27:11that moment yeah and how to present myself and it was a fantastic experience

27:17I had a blast it a great summer and that first day I I introduced myself

27:23yeah you know I’m like kind of doing this but I’m open to whatever I didn’t

27:29have kind of ative like declare and I won’t say

27:34elevator pitch because an elevator pitches is scripted yeah it’s not as authentic

27:42for sure if it’s not authentic I don’t want anything to do with it yeah and this is all just something that

27:50has become more and more essential to me as I’ve gone through this journey and so

27:55I was meeting a lot of people and really not presenting myself in a way I felt

28:02good about and the end of the night I mentioned the fractional work to

28:09somebody and they said well I don’t see that on your LinkedIn profile and I was like

28:14oh I’m not owning it yeah I’m not declaring who I am I’ve just allowed

28:21this ambivalence to kind of spiral and spin around in my

28:27head and in that moment I went and immediately put fractional CMO on my

28:32LinkedIn that’s I saw you starting to pop off on LinkedIn the last couple of months huh Y and day two I show up in a

28:41suit I introduce myself as a fractional CMO I’ve got a digital business card set

28:46up yeah and the entire energy shifted because my energy shifted so the way

28:51people responded to me changed and the way that was just such an

28:58empowering moment where I said you know what I get to be

29:05exact like I’m tired of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole there’s a reason that these I I’ve been in these

29:13roles I’ve learned so much I’ve met incredible people I’ve taken a lot away from that and just something has not

29:22been quite aligned in every single one and not you know good bad or otherwise

29:29but just not quite the right thing and this is sort of the cycle

29:35that’s repeated for me and so I analyzed that and said why is this pattern playing out yeah and recognized that I

29:45was going back to the last podcast recording and

29:51doubting your abili not giving myself permission to be authentic yeah totally

29:58asking for other people’s permission to be authentic yeah that’s where I was and so

30:05as soon as I started saying no more yeah like I’m just going to release control

30:13I’m going to stop trying to over engineer my life because here’s what’s happened a lot of good has come out of

30:18it and there’s been a lot of turbulence and a lot of change

30:24and and you had the self-awareness in order to to do that is you know I’ve done a lot of work I mean

30:31the mental health thing is something I’m really passionate about I’ve struggled with mental health since I was 15 I was

30:37diagnosed with chronic anxiety 17 depression i i a which comes to the

30:46control that control piece for sure yeah very similar I mean I’ve had three three

30:51moments of suicidal ideation and one one when I was 17 landed me

30:58impatient like I have walked youed through the fire yeah and there’s this

31:06interesting kind of theory around I also was recently diagnosed with ADHD which

31:11is such a relief yeah especially as like an adult you’re like oh that makes sense my whole generation of women who are

31:20being diagnosed as adults of millennial women with high functioning autism and

31:26ADHD because prac practitioners have just looked for traditional symptoms as

31:32they present from the ADHD perspective at least as they present in boys and it

31:38looks very different in women and guess what direct correlation between depression anxiety neurode Divergence

31:44yep and just seeing getting back to Levi we

31:50are mind right yeah yeah yep I went to lunch with the we are mind team uh and

31:56at you know allies just other people who are really sharing the story and

32:06normalizing the reality of mental health

32:11100% And of course Levi wasn’t there

32:17yeah off something else but I mean I spoke at length with this about with Corey stev Ste who I’ve been a huge fan

32:22of for many many many years yeah I just commented on one of his posts yesterday about it yeah like and it it’s I you’ll

32:29you’ll find the conversation interesting when we publish it in like two weeks but he’s he’s

32:35uh he’s just a very interesting guy you know and I think he he himself doesn’t

32:41even understand or realize the impact he’s having I think at the very core of

32:47it and I think like he you know I was walking him through it all and we we

32:52both got emotional in the episode but like he’s just very he’s making a huge

32:58impact whether or not he know whether or not he recognizes it or not you know and

33:03everybody who comes out and gets

33:08vulnerable and shares those stories yeah

33:16that’s it’s helping literally save lives so much power in that and so going back

33:22to this LinkedIn post I was explaining and sure we’ll get a little controversial here okay but I was

33:30explaining there is coming from New England yep you know gender equality still something that

33:37isn’t really quite there anywhere in this

33:43country and just the the culture and the religious

33:50influence here that’s so embedded and forms the foundation yeah of

33:58who we are as a community was you know I I moved out

34:03here and everyone was like get ready for culture sh get ready for the Mormons and I get here and I’m like what culture

34:08shock are you talking about but it has shown up in subtle ways sure and a lot of it is just unconscious bias yep like

34:15yep not malicious it’s not overt or anything yeah so there I’m sure there are malicious people out there and I’ve

34:22had unfortunate yeah you know situations that’s and that’s in literally anything

34:27have anything to do with the culture around women in the workplace as it pertains to just

34:35cultural norms societal Norms it’s just bad people or or misguided or this I

34:42mean actually this individual in particular was struggling has struggled

34:49with mental health untreated

34:54and like really hurt me and I can now look back because there’s been enough

35:01time and distance and recognize he

35:06just is hurting yeah y it doesn’t justify no no you’re

35:13never 100% you are never justified in hurting another human being because you

35:19are hurting yeah and it can have a little bit of compassion still really mad about it yeah for sure but I can

35:25have a little bit of compassion because I can relate to what that feels like totally

35:31um so just talking about these authentic

35:37experiences and sharing these stories and I I kind of unpacked it in that post

35:42and said because I’d had a male colleague tell me in a a male colleague who had a great

35:49relationship with yeah you know great working relationship with um but tell me in a group Zoom

35:59meeting at work that if he had seen my resume and been responsible for hiring

36:04me it would have been an automatic no and this is someone who has written

36:10me a glowing review and said only the

36:16best things and we had a great experience working together so that’s

36:22difficult so I didn’t say anything in the moment because I didn’t really put

36:27it all together but reflecting on that as I was going through this process of self-reflection and sort of Leaning into

36:34my authenticity and deciding it is a conscious

36:40decision to just show up as who I

36:45am this was another crystallizing event like another catalytic moment I wrote

36:52this LinkedIn post and the the power

37:00I the superpower and it was really interesting I’ve always thought my superpower was was language speech

37:06communication especially coming from journalism yes and that that was

37:11reframed for me the other day where the power is my energy and my authenticity

37:17and this is just the vehicle that it comes out through and I really like that framing of it so I just dumped and I

37:25said okay well here’s the background here teed up you know conversation

37:32happened and I’ve been thinking about it and let me just shed a little bit of light onto why yeah this resume looks

37:41the way that it does and I gave some like highlevel examples of things

37:47that I’ve experienced multiple times in multiple places that have to change

37:53yeah and a lot of them were unfortunately

37:58specific to being a woman in leadership being told that my voice

38:05mattered being told I would have a seat at the table being told that I was going to own my space that my perspective was

38:14valuable and then being ignored not able to get a word in edgewise promised

38:21promotions that never came um there’s also this crazy thing

38:27that happens everywhere but especially here where so many women have experienced

38:34this kind of thing that they there’s like a female power struggle that tends

38:39to happen as well because it feels like there’s not enough space yeah for women

38:45and if we’re all vying for the same position then we got to climb on top of each other in order to get it to get it

38:52yeah which is not the case but which is not the not not the case and which is

39:00why I’m doing something about that yeah and so it started with that

39:06post and that was really what blew me up on LinkedIn yeah and people tell me all

39:13the time I don’t have a big following but I have a very engaged following yeah they’ll tell me all the time I see you

39:19all over LinkedIn like you are like even my mom who never goes on LinkedIn started going on LinkedIn to check my

39:26posts well Link’s about to blow up because AR’s mom has joined the table I mean my dog has 25,000 followers on

39:35Instagram and I don’t even post on that account and I have like 2500 on LinkedIn

39:42and Linkedin is what’s like just popping off yeah yeah it’s crazy it LinkedIn in

39:47general has been a huge Catalyst for many many people especially the last couple years absolutely and there’s this

39:54incredible synchronicity too with the direction that branding and

40:01marketing are moving and we’ll get back to the women stuff in a minute I I want to keep going

40:08on I want to go there but just in the spirit of authenticity and talking about LinkedIn I hate all the marketing jargon

40:16I can’t stand it I will the two that are most especially coming from the agency

40:21world like I I totally I totally get you there’s a LinkedIn Post in the making on this uh look out for it but I’ll give my

40:29two cents the two that I cannot stand that have been newly coined for 2024 are

40:35uh B2B influencer yep and personality Le marketing I haven’t actually heard that

40:41one but I mean I I I hear the phrase all the time last two years like dark social I don’t know if you’ve heard of

40:47dark social like the dark funnel yeah dark funnel dark social stuff well that’s which is very real and I actually

40:52think it’s a great more real it’s even more real now and I I actually have

40:58so fun fact not related to anything

41:03B2B buyers are 70% of the way through their buyer’s Journey this is recent

41:10data oh yeah yeah 70% of the way through the buyer Journey before they even a

41:15blip on your radar you don’t know they exist yeah so they’re pinging around from touch point to touch point you

41:22can’t there’s no attribution you can’t track it nope and they are almost 3/4 of

41:30the way through their decision-making process before you know they exist so

41:37all of your top of funnel content yeah that you’re putting out yep the way that you’re representing

41:43yourself your content marketing your brand marketing your personality Le

41:51marketing you’re P to be influencers oh yes but

41:56really they’re they’re taking all of that information they know what they want

42:02their requirements from the beginning to the end of the path to purchase tend not

42:07to change very much and they’re making decisions about you based on what they see before they’ve ever had a

42:13conversation with anybody on your team or had Direct Outreach or like even

42:19necessarily signed up for your newsletter yeah right

42:2583% of those buyers are making direct Outreach and the first point of contact

42:32the buyer is initiating 83% of the time yeah which is crazy and they’re just passing them off to like a SDR who’s

42:40only trying to you know just basically pum talk to the SDR they they want to

42:45talk to the VP of sales exactly which makes it really hard for sdrs and

42:50there’s I mean we that’s a separate conversation too is around what’s happening in the BISD SDR space it’s GNA

42:57look very different in the next couple years everything’s GNA look very different everything’s G to be everything’s look completely shaken up

43:03for sure y so anyway those just prove out that this that’s your dark funnel

43:11right and it just proves out that your brand is who you

43:19are and that your buyers are making decisions about you making judgments

43:26about you and B2B this has been so minimized it’s been product Le marketing forever but and outbound it’s yeah it’s

43:35literally just because they have been so vanity metric Le by metrics that don’t

43:41actually mean anything you know what I mean yeah and it’s so easy to forget too when you’re in the B2B space you’re

43:47selling to a human yes like I’ve I’ve had conversations with clients said

43:54you need like you work in visual media you need an Instagram account they’re

43:59like but LinkedIn I was like yeah yes that too and you need an Instagram

44:05account because guess what people if you’re selling like if your target is a VP a Blake Brown yeah

44:14right guess what he’s doing when he gets home he’s on Instagram we follow each other on Instagram yeah exactly yeah so

44:21they’re humans yes and they want the same thing as every other human does

44:26right now which is just less crap less clutter less promotion and just more

44:34authenticity more just getting real they want the curtain pulled back they want

44:39to see who’s behind the business yeah what yeah they want they want like

44:45authentic founder story you know yeah the executive team the founders and this is the intersection of culture and

44:52brand and kind of what’s carrying me for forward

44:58into the direction that I’m moving you know I told you at the beginning of the

45:03episode that culture is something I’ve been really passionate about yeah and

45:09has been a make or break for me everywhere I’ve been and also a driver

45:15toward working for myself because I I’m not adherent to anybody

45:21else’s culture right and if the client’s not a fit it’s not a fit and I know that within the first 30 seconds of being on

45:28a client intro call or a prospect intro call what what are your what what are your tells are you’re non-negotiables

45:34with your culture fit with my culture

45:40fit authenticity yeah I want someone who’s gonna if that this is what I’m pouring

45:46into my work I want to work with someone who is values based who is passionate

45:51who cares who is also wanting to be a Chang maker and do something that

46:00matters and is Meaningful and just shows up as a real human being

46:06and is engaged and wants to know me the posts that I put out on LinkedIn that

46:13have nothing to do with marketing or branding or business are the ones that

46:19draw in the most leads yep because it’s all about trust and so the people who

46:25come in through those posts posts it’s they’re they’re already aligned because they’re seeing me

46:32they’re understanding what I’m about and they’re like I want to work with that person and so most conversations I have

46:39it’s like yeah let’s this yeah a couple I have had were just very clearly

46:47like not not good fit when a prospect doesn’t know what they

46:52want you know sometimes they’ll just they’re looking for somebody to just tell them yeah no no no they don’t or

46:58maybe not that maybe it’s the opposite they don’t know what they want and they are so a conversation that I

47:07have two conversations I’ve had um not sure really what they’re looking

47:13for what they want and and they’ve got somebody on the team who is identifying okay we need support here

47:20here here and here well that’s not how I operate I’m not going into execute I’m

47:26going to be your partner and your marketing leader and to develop a

47:31strategy and partner with you on implementing that yeah and it’s very

47:38methodical and obviously adjusts based on the needs of each client and there is

47:44a process that has to happen because a lot of these clients either have not had

47:52especially in the B2B space haven’t had marketing support before they’ve been of founder L sales or you know have

47:59partnered with more or less CEO kind of beens the emo mhm exactly or they’re

48:05shifting in their startup team can’t be their growth team so you know there’s a

48:10gap to be filled in some redefining of brand and marketing strategy to be

48:16worked out and regardless of which scenario you’re

48:21in you got to build that you can’t build a house

48:26without a foundation yeah right and so you have to do that foundational work in order to build a strategy that can scale

48:36and be successful and actually drive results yeah Scott Scott Porter uh talks

48:41about well the heart he’s like you got the the brand and the values and everything are the heart of the

48:48businessand and culture are the same yeah exactly yeah it’s literally at the foundation of everything literally

48:56everything not only the product but everything that everything anyone ever touches you know

49:02comes from here yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Scott we’re gonna need to talk about this because I feel you man this is what

49:10I preach and this is also why where I think startups tend

49:19to there’s a lot of Education that needs to happen still and where startups May

49:26often be sort of have this Missing

49:33Link because brand and culture are the

49:40same here’s why brand is often perceived as

49:47something marketing develops as a way of speaking to the target audience getting

49:52buyin figuring out how to reach them where they at speak to where they’re at where they at where

49:59they at where they at you’re you’re from New England it’s not a New England thing

50:04but we’ll roll with it um and you know build loyalty get them

50:12to buy it’s all about conversion it’s nurturing it’s conversion and you know retention through things like uh email

50:20campaigns and upsells and cross cells can you tell I have a background

50:26in D Toc yeah exactly um and you put brand in a

50:33box you create a fragmented customer Journey or client

50:42Journey your sales if you’re B2B if your sales team isn’t bought in on your brand

50:48yeah good luck trying to scale that yeah what I see all the time is customer

50:57support customer service account Executives like whoever

51:02is going to deal with the post-p purchase experience that isn’t marketing yeah that’s where the breakage points

51:08happen yeah because brand is seen as a thing that marketing creates and uses to

51:14bring people in rather than it’s the whole thing your identity as an

51:19organization yeah and and then the Agents of that organization more or less communicating

51:27that process from start to finish it has to be seamless yeah it has to be

51:32seamless and the only way to do that is for the organization to embody it yes

51:39and for the organization to embody it it has to be the lifeblood of your

51:45organization which is culture yeah so if you’re familiar with the entrepreneurial operating system

51:52that which I love um the first component the first

51:59step when you’re building is to identify like who are you what are your drivers

52:05what are you passionate about what are you what are your missions so you look at the questions

52:10you ask when you’re building a brand the questions you ask when you’re building out your cultural values guess what

52:16they’re not all that different if at all yeah and so probably should be the same

52:21they and that’s what I am working on yeah um is is

52:27synthesizing those because they are the same yeah and or organizational culture

52:34the brand is just the the way that it is perceived externally but the culture is

52:42how it comes alive internally totally so those terms are interchangeable yeah and

52:49and then customers that interact with you are going to experience that too Scott um I keep bringing back Scott cuz

52:55I just talked to him like an hour ago but Scott Porter from San Diablo he he was he shared a story on on on the

53:02episode about um Trader Joe’s and the the culture that Trader Joe’s has built

53:08internally is so good that their own Checkers you know that check you out

53:15when you’re you know checking your groceries basically they’ll ask you how your day is and he told a story about

53:21how like he had talked about his uh I think he was his his dad who passed away

53:27just recently and he was asked about how his how his day was going and he was like he was honest it’s okay and he was honest about it he’s like it’s going all

53:34right you know my my dad passed away and the Checker you know said you know I’m so sorry and just kind of kept going on

53:41things um too but you know said said he was so sorry and then as Scott is getting in like getting stuff into his

53:48car the um the Checker comes running out with some flowers and like immediately

53:54like gives it to Scott and just says Hey like I didn’t share it too but like I lost my own you know parent more or less

54:00just recently too and here here are some flowers but then that was just one experience and then he shared like three others from other Trader Joe’s you know

54:07either people that have had similar experiences at Trader Joe’s and then he dived into the culture there and it’s

54:13like it’s very palpable right and and it’s consistent everywhere it’s not just the Trader Joe in Sal Lake it’s the

54:20Trader Joe I’ve lived in five states it is every Trader Joe’s I’ve ever been to to the point where when I decided not to

54:29launch my own business in 2021 and was kind of looking for okay what’s

54:34next I was very seriously considering taking a part-time job at Trader

54:40Joe’s because of the culture the culture is amazing and I I don’t there’s not one near here but every time I’ve gone I’ve

54:47had a amazing experience you know and there’s like people who go out of their way to shop at Trader Joe’s passing

54:54plenty of other grocery stores uh you know on the way to have the kind of experience that Trader Joe’s gives plus

55:01pay a premium price for their products and what is amazing about it is how

55:06they’ve been able to systematize that yeah so that it is pervasive in every

55:12single store I’ve had the same experience in California as I’ve had here and I’ve been that’s

55:19exactly what culture and brand can do yeah when they work cuz how many

55:24advertisements do you see for Trader how many paid ads zero none how many paid

55:30ads does Trader Joe’s need none it’s word of mouth and and they understand

55:35the power strongest Channel by the way yeah 100 yes 100% if you put that time

55:40and work and effort into it yeah they they it’s because they don’t need it you know they don’t need it and and word of

55:47mouth is just something that’s yes you can incentivize it and you can you know

55:53ask for it and request it and it’s also something that is just going to happen

56:01as you create the perfect experience create this culture that just is

56:08magnetic and an experience that really you know not only

56:14delivers from a professional perspective but an experience from just on a human

56:20to human level yeah right yeah totally and so that’s what I’m looking for to

56:26Circle back yeah uh to your original question when I’m vetting out clients is

56:32are they going to connect with me on a human level do they know what they want are

56:38they looking for strategic guidance and wanting a partner who’s going to support

56:43them in that or do they think that they’ve got it all figured out and uh

56:50want someone to come in and execute in which case there are plenty of Freelancers who are

56:57Specialists who are great at doing that and like that’s what they do and that’s what they want to do because they want

57:02to come in and write email copy like yeah that is a perfect opportunity for a freelancer right and that’s the great

57:10thing about having so much outsourced marketing and so many different kinds of

57:17outsourced marketers available in 2024 I mean

57:22you’re seeing Fortune 500 companies cut their CMO roles oh yeah crazy some are giving them to the COO

57:29which raises all kinds of red flags yeah uh because yes there’s also a general

57:35misunderstanding of what the COO actually does yeah and different well

57:41and that’s so interesting because I like I’ve been reading second in command because I’m the COO at scroll so I

57:46second in command is a book by yes and that’s what Co is second in command but he uh he breaks down more or less the

57:53seven different types of Coos and uh it’s really interesting because I’ve seen myself hit you know all those

58:00things I’m very much a generalist and I have a lot of expertise and a lot of different you know things I know that

58:05I’m very good at um but a COO serves a very distinct purpose and it’s different

58:11at every organization so and it’s often misunderstood yeah for sure no definitely um I do want to touch we’re

58:18like we’re probably approaching like the end of the episode but I I want to I want to go back to women in business

58:23because I think it’s very important it’s something that you’re you’re also very passionate about and talk about you know

58:29a lot on LinkedIn so I think in in Utah it’s a little bit

58:35it’s a little bit interesting here because of our kind of our our culture and our economy and there’s a lot more

58:41more or less stay-at-home mothers here than I think in other states um but talk talk to me about women in Tech here and

58:47maybe the compare and contrast what you’ve experienced you know back East

58:53versus here and maybe kind of you’re involved with the boards that you’re on and what you guys are trying to do to

59:00you know Empower women here especially yeah and know that’s a lot to unpack and

59:05oh I know exactly how to answer this because I could talk about this all day

59:11it’s apples and oranges you really can’t compare the experience here to anywhere

59:16else because there are just so many variables that are different so it’s not a controlled experiment right it’s like

59:22a multivariant test back and things are

59:29shifting the number of and actually what

59:34I can say with certainty is the the like conscious men who are leading the charge

59:44on Mental Health and Human connection and wanting to be allies and advocates

59:51for women I’ve seen more of that here than anywhere else else and it’s so

59:57special that’s amazing and like huge shout out to these men who are just out

1:00:04there doing beautiful things in the world bringing humanity and connection back into it because it’s so needed yeah

1:00:10we need you so thank you I love you and keep

1:00:16going what is challenging as woman and again part of what I have appreciated

1:00:23working for myself is I everything’s in bound I don’t do outbound at all yep people come to my

1:00:31space because they want to work with me so I’m not fighting yeah to be you’re out of that

1:00:37more or less Rat Race yeah and when I posted that women started

1:00:46coming out of the woodwork saying thank you I thought it was just me I thought I was alone like thank you for being brave

1:00:52I hope I can be as courageous as you are someday and I was like you are you just don’t know it yet yeah and and share

1:00:59your story you know it’s it’s easier said than none oh

1:01:04when I posted that I put down my phone and I didn’t look at LinkedIn all day yeah and then saw that I had 21

1:01:11notifications it was a lot more than that but those that was the number of in

1:01:17like connection requests that I had as a result of that post

1:01:22and it was like hundreds of likes and comments and like shares yeah men who

1:01:30were applauding me women who were thanking me and I just cried I just

1:01:36broke down in tears and said this was the scariest thing I’ve ever done yeah

1:01:42and look at the impact that it had and so that lit a fire under me and as I’ve

1:01:50just gone through my own journey and I’ve shown up in my own authenticity

1:01:57also this like by the way is how I dress every every day I am always wearing a

1:02:03Blazer you will not catch me without a Blazer I love it and

1:02:08uh that’s just what makes me feel empowered yeah totally and so I’ve had people say I

1:02:15like a good suit I I like a good suit yeah something about compliment to my blazer last night thank you and it was

1:02:22just very genuine yeah yeah just out of nowhere I really like that bler and I was like thank you yeah yeah then he

1:02:28looked at my gloves and he was like I really like your gloves thank you very much and just we would want our separate with just a

1:02:34really Pleasant interaction so but there but there is this this

1:02:40challenge that is still kind of happening this struggle and I’ve met a

1:02:46lot of women in Utah specifically who have had such negative experiences and

1:02:51sometimes it only takes one yeah right for sure where they feel marginalized or

1:02:57they feel unimportant or they feel like they’re what they’re doing doesn’t

1:03:03matter they’re pouring their heart and their soul into the work that they’re doing and at the end of the day it’s

1:03:12not making any difference because nobody’s listening right yeah yep um and

1:03:19that’s not the case Everywhere by any stretch of the imagination there are organizations who do it very differently

1:03:25so I’m not generalizing and saying that that is everyone’s experience it is a shared

1:03:31experience where women have feel that they are not treated as equals in the

1:03:36workplace especially as they rise into leadership roles and so I’ve gotten just

1:03:42all of this feedback and as I show up more boldly more authentically more

1:03:49myself you know I I keep getting told to start a podcast and I just don’t have the capacity right now but will be

1:03:56guests on all podcast and I’m stoked about that um they’re

1:04:01like asking for a space for support yeah so in addition

1:04:08to recently joining the Silicon slopes women in leadership board and uh I’m excited to head up

1:04:15marketing and Communications for them and working with a bolder Way

1:04:21Forward on the um executive leadership team there because wow I did not

1:04:29realize um I mean just the the trafficking the

1:04:36human trafficking that can happen here and I know it’s not exclusively an area

1:04:43of focus it is one area of focus not the exclusive area of focus but really like girls women like let’s bring everyone

1:04:49together so biggest thing I’m doing is actually creating an unaffiliated Community for women

1:04:56called talking truth Alex Mike podair I love it I have to thank for that

1:05:03name it is not my community it is a community for any woman who is employed

1:05:12or employable at any stage of their journey and it’s not a networking

1:05:18space it’s just a place it’s a neutral place for women to come

1:05:24together get real get vulnerable be authentic talk about these things that

1:05:32we feel like we’ve been carrying alone yeah to see and support each other and

1:05:38one it’s this just safe space this place of relief where we can come together and

1:05:45and just create a forum where you know you’re not alone like

1:05:51yeah totally and whether you’re sharing your

1:05:56story or you’re just kind of internalizing and sitting in the energy of it there’s there’s that whatever

1:06:03experience you need to have is the experience you’re going to get and I’ve been working with other you

1:06:11know Powerhouse women who are Advocates and you know asking everybody’s opinions

1:06:16and there are a few women in particular who have come forward and said let me help you with this yeah and so it will

1:06:22be the Kil Lehi has really generously offered to sponsor it that’s awesome and

1:06:28I’m having a conversation next week about like how do we make this real yeah and the future is going to be yep and

1:06:35love that and kicking it off and I think it’s totally needed it’s needed because

1:06:40we have so many great opportunities for women to learn to connect to get to know each other to network to

1:06:48grow and to have permission to give themselves permission to share the

1:06:54stories to just go deep yeah one that woman against

1:07:00woman thing gets to go away yeah because we’re leveling the playing field you’re all just there to just chat there

1:07:07there’s no there’s no climbing on top of each other or anything no there’s no climbing it’s a supportive environment

1:07:13and I’ve LED multiple women’s groups in different capacities before and I know that this

1:07:19works you create the framework to the flow yep which is what I was explaining

1:07:25to you ear where you give it enough structure that it’s not overwhelming and like everybody’s dear in the headlights

1:07:31what do we do yeah and I’m just creating this as what I told kisik when I was

1:07:37presenting the final uh structure for kiz cares to the full organization this

1:07:43is not mine this is this is ours yeah I just helped bring I just happen to help

1:07:50execute this but this is ours yeah for sure yeah and so

1:07:56the other component to that is solution

1:08:02finding what can we do what are we empowered to do how are we empowered to

1:08:07educate you know and and close this Gap because like I

1:08:15said a lot of the bias is unconscious it’s not there’s no Mal intent yeah most of

1:08:22the time it’s just even male Advocates who I know are Advocates and allies and

1:08:30are just like pumping women up when I tell them some of the stuff that I’ve

1:08:35experienced firsthand it is mind-blowing yeah and so and they want

1:08:42and then they start asking questions they want to know more and so there’s this opportunity to create safety among

1:08:47women and camaraderie and real connections and real relationships for sure not just hey I’ll see you at the

1:08:54next networking event right to go deep as deep as you want or

1:09:00or not at all just be there to listen just be present yeah yeah yeah and then there’s this opportunity to create

1:09:07moments where we can invite in male allies who want to support us and have a

1:09:15dialogue where the women get to say here’s what we need from you yeah here’s

1:09:20here’s what it’s been like here’s what we’ve experienced here’s what we need

1:09:26and the men get to say well what can I do or tell me more about that help me

1:09:33understand or oh this is what

1:09:39maybe maybe there’s just like a a disconnect and a miscommunication here CU from from what you know the way I

1:09:46would see their own experience and this was the intention of that communication

1:09:51that you received and I totally get how how that impacted you because

1:09:58that makes total sense yeah but what

1:10:04about if it wasn’t meant that way what

1:10:09you know and and just yeah totally just to be able to talk about and discourse everybody’s experience everybody’s voice

1:10:15is equally valid but just to have a conversation in a in a safe space where there’s trust there’s vulnerability

1:10:22there are going to be core tenants up on slides at the beginning of every single

1:10:27session that are the values and the commitments that people are making in that room and it’s trust vulnerability

1:10:34authenticity confidentiality safety support I love that yeah and you are

1:10:39bound to those Y when you walk into that room and if you’re not going to do that

1:10:45then then don’t come then don’t come yeah for sure right and so safety safety

1:10:51safety safety I’ve said it so many times but that’s what’s most important yes very much so and the ability to connect so the same

1:10:59way that through my my work I am connecting businesses with their

1:11:04audiences in an authentic way the work that I am doing in the

1:11:10community in multiple Avenues is to connect people on an

1:11:17individual and communal level women to women women to

1:11:24men and and just kind

1:11:30of debunk some of these like there are a lot of strong female

1:11:37Crusaders and and it just there’s there is a real

1:11:43Division and there’s div you know divisive some divisiveness there and

1:11:49doesn’t have to beut that doesn’t have to be and it’s not going to solve all of

1:11:54everything you can solve what’s in the community though you know and make an impact where

1:12:00you stand more or less it has the opport this is an opportunity to create more

1:12:07understanding more proactivity and more connection more

1:12:14safety yeah and more integration yeah I love that and I just want to be the

1:12:22one who I have the I have the ability to do it

1:12:28yeah I feel called to do it and you should do it and I

1:12:34and the need is there and so all I want to do like this is a this is your gift

1:12:40like I will go first I will go first I will create the safe Space by sharing my

1:12:46experience and I will tell you everything yeah I would tell you everything if we had more time when you wanted to go there yeah

1:12:54um but to just allow again it’s about permission and especially women feeling

1:13:00you know like they need permission yeah they need yeah and this and this is something that I’ve seen as well with

1:13:05younger women feeling like they don’t have permission to attend some of these

1:13:10you know women specific uh networking organizations which is and so that’s

1:13:16it’s all about perception for sure 100% And it’s so just like deeply ingrained

1:13:22and we have the opportunity to just shift all of that yeah totally and if you can make a difference for however

1:13:27many people end up in that room that’s enough that’s yeah 100% that’s enough

1:13:33yeah and what so what ways and maybe this is a good way to to end but what what ways can those that are one

1:13:41obviously wanting to create the safe spaces for women especially in the workplace two Empower women that maybe

1:13:48work in their organization or in leadership what are ways that you know either Founders or owners or those that

1:13:55you know work with alongside for under whatever women to help and be involved

1:14:03and change men women does yeah e e either right because I I

1:14:10think either or like in general like at least those that listen to our podcast are heavily more on like the founder

1:14:16side and a lot more local but yeah yeah yeah it’s I mean it really does start

1:14:23with culture so when you identify who you are who you want to be

1:14:30in this world forget for a second what it is that you’ve built what you’re selling

1:14:37what your product is what your service is forget that focus on The Human

1:14:46Side what difference what impact do you want to make like really yeah there’s a

1:14:54reason you created this what is that reason and so build your culture your

1:15:01values your mission around the impact that you want to

1:15:07make what was that inspiration that seat of an idea that made this into something

1:15:16real how can you change somebody’s life in a way that

1:15:23is big or small but in some capacity and so when you bake that into

1:15:29your culture and you think about it from the perspective of

1:15:35humanity and you identify your mission your vision your values what you stand for what you’re about and you start to

1:15:41show up that way that will

1:15:47then inform your hiring plan and by the

1:15:53way what whether you feel like you need marketing right away or not you do need

1:15:58a brand strategist up front yeah brand culture consultant to come in because

1:16:04they’re the same yep and if there’s one thing I want you to walk away from this with it’s that brand and culture are the

1:16:10same that needs to get defined UPF front because so many wrong and this is why

1:16:16you get you get done the wrong who are not actually acting as Coos because the

1:16:21role is misunderstood and the wrong people end up in it so when you are

1:16:27driven by a mission that you actually embody and that you look

1:16:33to find in the people who join your team and everybody is living the culture and

1:16:41living the brand then it is innately a human

1:16:49workplace so that in of itself solves the issue yeah what happens is that

1:16:57culture ends up being something that gets you know defined and maybe exists on

1:17:04paper I would say 95% of the organizations and remember

1:17:11I’ve got a lot of movement on my resume so I’ve been places um come at

1:17:18me 95% of the organizations I’ve seen do not live their culture it is lip

1:17:25service and that’s it yeah so that’s the opportunity right there and if you’re

1:17:31already down the road go back to it yeah it’s not too quite late to change

1:17:38unless you’re you know a Fortune 100 well and there’s and this is another this is another area of focus that we’re

1:17:46I’m just going to leave everybody in suspense for a little while but the the culture change Initiative for EST

1:17:51established organizations is something that I’m also diving into yeah um and

1:17:58not by myself yeah that’s awesome and so it really does start with just treating

1:18:04people like people and if there’s a situation

1:18:09where you know here’s the thing leaders need to lead and what what tends to happen is

1:18:18there’s one way to evolve and to grow in an organization and that’s to get

1:18:25promoted into management and the downfall is that one

1:18:31not everybody wants to be a people leader yeah not everybody’s cut out to be a people leader and most people have

1:18:39no training that comes along with that promotion to teach them how to Be an Effective People leader

1:18:46so those are the opportunities to just reflect you

1:18:53know you have the start and it starts at the top and just start talking about it just

1:18:59bring awareness to it that’s the first step just bring awareness to it remember

1:19:05like get honest with yourself get honest with yourself

1:19:12yeah that’s hard yeah it’s hard that’s hard and it’s taken me a a it’s been a

1:19:19journey and taken me a long time especially those that are in that founder role in that sea Suite it’s

1:19:25definitely it’s an ego check and it’s it’s difficult for a lot of people I’ve seen both I’ve seen the you know the the

1:19:33ego side of it and then I’ve seen you know seen your leadership that

1:19:40is just so kind yeah that there’s a reticence to make hard

1:19:48business decisions for fear disrupting things completely opposite way yeah yeah

1:19:54so both ends of the spectrum exist and that sweet spot is in the middle and that’s you know your brand and your

1:20:00culture are always evolving it’s not too late it’s not too late to change it’s not too late it’s not too late and it’s

1:20:06just starts with awareness and if anyone wants to go deeper learn more

1:20:13has questions come hit up Ari in L I’m all over LinkedIn apparently apparently

1:20:20so only reason why I asked you to be on here um and these are the conversations

1:20:25I want to have yeah for sure and I I don’t thank you for sharing your story yeah I I just want to bring that human

1:20:33connection and understanding and trust and and authenticity into the workplace

1:20:40and into society yeah because they it’s

1:20:45needed the taking the mask off piece yeah metaphorically and literally

1:20:51we are one human yep the human that goes to work is the same human that shows up

1:20:58on your podcast and the same human totally that goes home to their family yep and then people need to see and show

1:21:05more of it the the buyer is asking for it yeah

1:21:11yep exactly and the community needs it 100% so that’s my mission that’s my

1:21:17purpose that’s my why I love it well Ari thank you so much for the time today I think that’s a good place to end and I

1:21:23appreciate you being yeah just bringing your authentic self I love it and the the energy you radiate is uh very

1:21:30palpable so appreciate you and thank you so much yeah it’s been just an honor and

1:21:35a pleasure I am so grateful for the opportunity yeah you bet not a problem

1:21:41excited so happy to be meeting you in person through it because this I love

1:21:46building connections yeah for sure we’re going people find you where is is LinkedIn the best place linkedin’s a

1:21:51LinkedIn is the best place to find me so it’s I mean if you search Ari Mason you’ll find yeah and I got the little

1:21:58bubble like the mental health bubble cool I didn’t even know if I could put that on there and then I asked Nick

1:22:04staggy and I was like Nick would we like Nick too Nick’s oh I’m gonna be on

1:22:10Nick’s podcast tomorrow cool oh that’ll be fun that’ll be a lot more fun made I know I finally made it when I get inv to

1:22:16n podcast but yeah good people he’s a quille guy too he’s a what

1:22:22he’s a casville guy he’s from like here oh no yeah they live here so it’s small I thought it was small Lake City because

1:22:28I live in Salt Lake it is just small state Utah but yeah all these good people doing really good things so

1:22:33LinkedIn is the best place to find me search my name Ari a r i don’t put any

1:22:40weird letters in there um and then there’s a little bubble and send me a

1:22:45message I read them all yeah it might take some time to dig out uh because I’m

1:22:52also creating a a group for job Seekers yeah to be able to connect them with

1:22:59opportunities and resources in each other um I got a ton of Outreach about

1:23:05that and I have just felt so guilty that I haven’t been able to respond individually it’s you’re only one person

1:23:10so hopefully people understand this is how you scale yep 100% so anyway LinkedIn come find me sounds good I

1:23:16would love to be friends thank you again AR appreciate it thank [Music]


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