Key Insights from the Frontlines of Entrepreneurship: Growing a 7-Figure Agency

In this insightful episode of “Scroll Sessions,” hosts Shane Hickenlooper and Dan Page delve into the world of entrepreneurship and the rise of startups in Utah. This part two of the first episode of season two is a treasure trove of advice for budding entrepreneurs and a look at some exciting startups in the region.

The Utah Startup Scene: A Hotbed of Innovation

Shane and Dan kick off the episode discussing their favorite Utah startups, highlighting the diversity and creativity in the state’s business landscape. They cover a range of companies, from Pressed Floral, which offers innovative ways to preserve wedding flowers, to Opt Connect, which provides cellular connectivity solutions. Other mentions include Clean Simple Eats, Gab Wireless, Kizik, and Bloom. Each company showcases a unique approach to solving problems and serving niches, demonstrating the vibrancy of Utah’s startup ecosystem.

Valuable Lessons for Aspiring Business Owners

The conversation shifts to valuable lessons learned from running a successful agency. Both hosts share their experiences and insights, emphasizing the importance of integrity, organization, and focusing on growth. They stress the necessity of not getting bogged down in the day-to-day operations and instead concentrating on high-level strategies that drive business growth.

The Importance of Community and Culture in Business

A significant portion of the discussion revolves around the sense of community and the culture of business in Utah. Despite some criticisms about the lack of inclusivity, Shane and Dan advocate for the strong sense of community and the importance of ethical business practices. They encourage entrepreneurs to get involved, find their niche, and contribute positively to the business ecosystem.

Five Do’s and Don’ts for Business Owners

The episode concludes with both hosts sharing their top five things they would never do again as business owners and five actions they would repeat. Their advice ranges from never underinvesting in oneself to the importance of treating team members with respect and appreciation. They highlight the value of saving money, making ethical decisions, and always doing what’s best for the business.


This episode of “Scroll Sessions” offers a deep dive into the mindset and strategies that have helped Shane Hickenlooper and Dan Page build a successful agency. Their insights into the Utah startup scene, combined with practical advice for business owners, make this a must-listen for anyone interested in entrepreneurship or looking to grow their business.

Podcast Transcript


[Music] welcome back to scroll sessions this is


going to be a part two of episode one where Dan and I have some very important


questions we need to ask each other uh these are a little bit more tailored


towards Utah tailored towards entrepreneurship yeah and uh we’re g to


Dive Right In like Michael Phelps yeah well should we start with things we never do things we do or do we want to


talk about Utah Utah startups first let’s talk about Utah startups okay um


so a question that I had posed this morning while writing notes on my phone


is Dan who are your favorite Utah startups yeah and I I picked like I I I


did think about this this morning and why and I I picked some that are kind of like maybe not as well known but they’re


still like they’re killing it okay um so one is pressed floral oh yeah she just


won Utah 20 and their 20s so she’s in 20 and their 20s Sarah eert um or Ebert I don’t know actually how to pronounce her


new married name because I know her as Sarah frell so she’s Jacob frell uh was


a guy that I went to a good friend of mine that I went to high school with and it’s his sister no it’s his sister yeah


they’re not married married sorry it’s his it’s his little sister um but I’ve followed like just her rise of press


floral and they’re like absolutely killing it so they are killing it yeah


they’re they’re I mean she has I don’t she has a very large staff I think she


has like over 50 people that work for her yeah millions and millions in Revenue yeah they they do awesome things so press floral just to explain it um


press floral is u a way to do like floral preservation post wedding so


again like I’m a wedding photographer um so like this was already kind of in my sphere and in my space but basically you


can send in your wedding bouquet post wedding and they can press it and


preserve it in frames they can do like dried blooms they can also do like all


sorts of things like other Bridal accessories they can do like turn it into candles they can turn it into like


earrings and rings and all sorts of stuff um I know that that like preserves it for forever necessarily and so and


it’s and there’s art to it like you go look at their website it’s gorgeous what they’re able to do yeah they’re amazing


designers I mean they’ve been featured like I’m just on their website looking right now featured in like Rocky Mountain bride Brides magazine the Knot


wedding wire Utah Valley bride the knot um like wedding chicks like some of the


biggest more or less wedding Publications in the world um and you


know they do like seven figures worth of Revenue probably more I don’t know the revenue figures but it’s definitely


they’ve got to be in the Millions yeah definitely seven figures multi multi really cool product really cool idea to


give you an average like it’s starting anywhere from like $300 to all the way


to like six6 $700 probably um and so it


I mean a big investment for people but what they do is gorgeous and it it’s something that if you want to preserve


that stuff it’s really cool so that’s one so we got to get Sarah on the Pod we do got to get Sarah on the Pod I


actually reached out to her I didn’t hear back on LinkedIn I don’t think she’s really active on LinkedIn I need to hit up jaob person um but uh but


anyways press floor was one another one was opt opt connect so opt connect is


actually local here in casville they’re yeah very close to Catalyst and they’re close to our office and the CEO is Chris


beard and Chris is a friend of mine also a neighbor former neighbor of mine and


he Ah that’s why they’re your favorite yeah one of my favorite but this just like not a lot of people I think that


are not in that space probably know about them um but they do eight figures in Revenue they’re like going out and


acquiring a company not a lot of people have heard of just local here in casville crazy is doing well into the


eight figures yeah oh yeah and they do cellular cellular connectivity Solutions so they still like know what that is


they like connect like let’s say uh like one of their things I think is like vending machines and connecting them


wirelessly to like a place to be able to monitor stuff oh like 247 monitoring


yeah so like that’s like one of their one of their things but cellular connectivity as a as a solution right so


they like they work in retail they work in energy they do industrial and then Financial like ATM Wireless connectivity


cash automation point of sale industrial things and you know irrigation and agriculture Commercial Refrigeration


stuff like that but they um they it’s it’s pretty pretty cool what they what they do and they’re out acquire like


Chris was telling me um they’re out and acquiring companies the last couple of years they’ve been acquiring other


companies here in the United States and do the same thing or a little bit different yeah yeah same thing and a little bit different and getting into


new markets like specific s similar companies that are just in different markets they want to get into okay so


they’re killing it um and that’s been really cool to kind of like watch him and watch what they’re all I think it’s


it’s cool how press floral has this massive following they’re doing really well and then op connect


not as many people know about him it sounds it’s very Niche yeah very Niche sounds a little bit boring when it comes


to like what they do yeah press floral has all this excitement behind it but they do a similar amount in Revenue I’m


sure so you look at those and it’s cool to see that you don’t have to do something super sexy in order to make a


lot of money you just have to solve a problem you just need to find yep exactly 100% um and then one of my other ones


that I put down so those two others clean simple eats was one um just because they they’re Utah based Erica


Peterson started it um and I think it’s definitely in the in in that family um


with her and her husband and um my cousin works there yeah and they just have a cool they have a cool brand


really cool product very much driven by you know influencers um and uh they built it a


really unique way through influencers different than a lot of people do yeah no 100% And the way they’ve gone to


Market in Utah like getting just it like I feel like I can’t go anywhere without


seeing them harmans has a massive wholesale agreement with them it’s just a massive Utah brand yeah we were down


in where where were was Ken Kenzie and I were in this like random yeah it was St George random Boutique and they were


like they had like oh we were at tuon we were at tuon and it was in the


gift shop and they had this massive clean clean simple eats display in the


tuon gift shop and I’m just like I can’t go anywhere without seeing you guys I need a protein bar wall in and the type


of products they’ve gotten into the ingredient books like they’ve just done such a good job of diversifying I’ve


actually I’ve said this to you before that I feel like uh a decade ago it was all about the


tech startups in Utah and this decade is all about Ecom the health Ecom product


companies in Utah right we get into more of them but like you look at clean SI bites you look at just ingredients you


look at Kik you look at all these massive thread yeah you look at thread all of these are the Billboards at the


point of the mountain now sure you still see some of the like homie Billboards and stuff like that but product


companies are in their Heyday yeah oh yeah big time yeah and for those that don’t understand or know what clean


simple eats does they do like uh like really the bread and butter like proteins greens collagens energy and


they have some new products that they’re coming out with like Butters like for running and stuff like they do mostly


clean simple eats yep exactly I love it um so clean simple is


just cool that I mean they’re just absolutely blowing up and then the last one that I have on here was uh gab


Wireless and I think you know one as I’m a father of two daughters um not old


enough to have anywhere near any kind of Technology on them at all times but when


I do like if I ever get a phone or when my daughter Olivia she four um when she you know maybe five or


six or maybe a little later 100% will be getting a gap Gap watch for her just to


communicate cuz she she just likes to just roam around you know get out of the house and roam around her walk up and


down the street and on her bike or whatever and it’s nice to know that she can have access and we know where she is


and vice versa oh yeah my my little nephew that is 10 years old now and is


constantly out out about has a gab watch and yeah very limited in what it can do


very limited in who they can speak to on purpose such a game Cher for kids and


parents and being able to know where your kids are and security and safety um


and that company is just doing so well and Nate the owner of that company hases such great initiatives and missions


trying to help people like single mothers get employed he’s really like he’s taken a I wouldn’t maybe maybe


personal it’s not personal Vendetta but made a he’s made it his personal mission


yeah it’s personal personal mission 100% to serve and find not only jobs for


single mothers but like find and help single mothers that need help whether it be financially whether it be you know


whatever it is right making yep another product coming out of Utah uh I think those are my those are


my four another one that’s not on my list is owlet more for babies and knowing their


health data which I already love tracking my health data I have a watch on that tells me my heart rate and tells


me how I do when I sleep how much sleep I get my variable whatevers you know all


that crap and it kind of makes me a hypochondriac so the reason I didn’t put Outlet on my list is because I think it


just will make hypoc parents worse yeah maybe get stress it’s very beneficial


and killing it another product/ software company like Gab that is maybe tailored


more towards Health Data as a it’s a sock that you can put on your baby’s foot while they sleep but yeah um okay


so those are your four then you got press floral clean Suites op connect and


gab Wireless great companies um all right a few of mine gab Wireless was on


my list as well just because I’m so impressed with what they’ve done I’m so impressed with their CEO yeah and I just


think they’re doing great things uh hopefully we have Nate on the podcast maybe this is the this is plug get on uh


kizik is on my list because I’m so fascinated with hands-free Labs they’ve you know wearing kixs today you’re


wearing kxs boom y um kxs not only are cool for a younger generation like uh


people in their 20s or 30s travel a lot but also fantastic for old people that


can’t bend down and tie their shoes what kisik is is it’s a shoe where they’ve patented a technology that has it looks


like a normal shoe but you can just slip right into it cuz the back heel will pop down and up yep um the thing that I love


about what they’re doing is one they’ve crushed their marketing they’re selling


millions of shoes a month oh yeah uh to both young and old audiences both men


and women yeah like I I don’t have trouble putting on my shoes but somehow it’s the shoe that I put on every


morning before I leave right and they’re very comfortable I wore them in Disneyland yeah uh and I wore them in


Europe and they felt great yeah and they looked good and then they’re coming out


with a lot of cool new like new styles that I feel like are a little more like trendy yeah and they’re partnering with


the biggest brands in the world and I don’t know if that’s public information but from what it looks like I’m seeing


Nike release something like that I’m seeing Sketchers release something like that I would assume they’re using the


hands-free Labs AKA KX patent so pretty amazed


that they’ve been able to do all of this and uh just very inspired by them as a


product company they just they just did a a collaboration with jet puffed like the marshmallows and they did like a


marshmallow shoe um and it was kind of it’s I mean it’s a cool looking shoe I’m sure it’s like super comfy um but it’s


very marshmallowy looking such a cool company and again A Product Company just


crushing it in Utah yeah um and one of the Billboards you’re going to see at the point of the mountain which I love


to see product companies killing it the reason Bloom is amazing is cuz they’re helping staff through Latin America yeah


where it’s helping people scale much quicker at a much more cost effective


rate yeah and I think that not only is it benefit benefiting the companies here it’s giving great living wages to the


people uh in Latin America that want jobs that help them learn English and help them learn some of these technical


skills so companies like that I think are just going keep growing because yeah


that is becoming more and more popular especially as like inflation here continues to rise and people are looking


to cut costs like it’s the number one thing that they’re going to do is so any customer support roles things like that


so my advice is get learn a skill that makes you extremely valuable don’t just


get stuck in customer support because those roles can be Outsource very quickly and I think Bloom is killing it


they were sponsor at silicon slopes they’re young the only two staff members they have in the United States are here


and everyone else is overseas they you you know they practice what they preach so it’s pretty amazing yeah pretty cool


um uh another one would be Coto paxi weirdly enough I don’t love Coto paxi


stuff like I don’t love serve yeah they serve a very unique niche in terms of


like the I think designs that they come up with but but I love the concept yes


and love the collaboration 100% um I think that they’ve done a great job


making sure again that the people that make the products are earning a living wage and they are getting people in I


think Peru to make the product yeah and well and um Davis Smith like found the


the founder he is just an amazing man he’s now the founder and chairman he stepped down as


a CEO to serve as a mission president for the LDS church um Church of Jesus


Christ of latterday saints um but he uh he’s just an amazing man very Mission


driven person um and he’s passed that throughout their you know their whole company yeah and again another Product


Company strong why behind what they do they’re giving living wages to the people making their clothing and bags


which is not common in the world right like yeah Nike is not paying a living wage to the people making their shoes


overseas So to that we have a ethion the is really INSP and I hope


to see more companies do that so even kisik please kisik follow in Coto pax’s yeah path


um so last two real quick one would be parlay we had Pete Lin on and I just


loved the concept of his business because annual software contracts where


you have to pay everything up front are freaking stupid yes and you should be a to pay monthly so parlay helps annual


software contracts you know you go pay for Salesforce and at 60 grand for the year that’s a big chunk of change for a


business so one time them to be able to say okay parlay will pay that in full and then you pay parlay monthly cool


concept I think they’re going to grow a lot yep um so shout out to Pete last one’s auan kitchen they because I love


their initiative of Health yes they only cook with olive oil they don’t cook with seed oils uh all the food that they cook


is organic they actually make kale taste good yeah they do like if anyone’s been if you haven’t been to aue in Utah you


have to go check it out they’re definitely like they’re up and coming and it’s kind of cool he worked with uh


you know Matt and Devin um who helped really shape taking them from their you


know more or less their little retail space that they had in food truck into what it is today and it’s been it’s been


cool I mean it’s really cool offering good food clean food I love the food it’s clean


even their drinks they don’t offer any drinks with sugar um they don’t offer any soda so I just think it’s amazing


what they’re doing they’re making clean healthy eating accessible instead of seeing you know more Pope eyes and more


uh what’s that freaking hey don’t HTE on popey’s cuz Popeyes is the best but you know auin it’s filling a space right


it’s filling a space in a need it’s a little it’s Brazilian based it has got some Brazilian Roots um and it’s


Brazilian kind of based food but the weird thing is the food is not Brazilian yeah yeah but I a lot yeah a lot of the


ingredients I think they use are traditionally Brazilian from what I understand but it’s like the best way to


describe it is american bulls with but they’re kind of Brazilian I the one


thing they’re doing poorly is the fact that they Nam thems auan which is like Brazilian for eggplant I don’t even


think they serve eggplant and uh I don’t know if they have any traditional Brazilian dishes


other than the cheese bread yeah but I just love that it’s clean they’re not cooking with seed oils they’re not


cooking with sugar they’re not offering sugar and it still tastes good and a kid


can actually get mac and cheese there and it’s a vegan mac and cheese that tastes amazing so yeah um but they have


options for everyone it’s really good really clean and I’m just I think that that is an area that will continue to


grow just like clean speds for sure um because people are going to get more concerned with health and how health is


a currency that you know the more we have of it the longer we’re going to live and yep totally that is becoming


more and more popular and Utah businesses are killing it doing that so um those are mine sorry I kind of had a


few extra no oh no I think it’s awesome like I feel like we hit the gamut of like product and Tech and like all sorts


of stuff and it honestly the the cool thing about Utah is it’s really startup friendly right like uh we call for those


that aren’t based in Utah we like colloquial call it the Silicon slopes as


like more or less a competitor to uh silicon you know Silicon Valley um and


um it you know Utah is the number one economy right now in the United States we’re like definitely in the top I


believe top three or top five for places to start a business especially in the


tech space we’ve we have probably I’m probably overestimating but dozens


of like billion doll exits here in Utah and IPOs um and in especially in recent


years and and then on top of that a ton of really cool product companies like


you know like I mean you mentioned a a whole bunch in your list so it’s a cool place to start a business you know what


I got destroyed on Tik Tok recently for talking about why Utah is such a great


place to start a business um most everybody’s maybe tell maybe tell people


what people were getting pissed about yeah yeah so uh I had posted one of I had posted a bit from one of our Tik


toks posted a bit from one of our podcasts about how uh Utah is a great


place to start a business because of the sense of community there’s a lot of people here who are members of the LDS church there’s a lot of people here who


are not members of that church but overall the community in Utah strong


because that most neighbors know each other right when you go to other states


neighbors don’t know each other as well as they do here regardless of your faith and if you have neighbors here that are


like culty and get together and are like oh we’re not going to talk to you because you don’t go to the LDS church


like those neighbors suck yeah and you shouldn’t like those neighbors I get it


a lot of people were tearing down that they’re like I don’t feel a sense of community in Utah because I don’t go to church and if they feel that like


totally valid and they should get involved in community I even brought up tacos together like yeah get on LinkedIn


there is a huge sense of community for startups here in Utah and has nothing to do the church with the church at all


yeah half the people there are Mormon half the people there are not uh you mentioned that Utah has the number one


economy that’s according to US News and you could probably find something that says different but we go with us news


because we live in Utah um it has the best economy for a reason


it’s not just a random state in the middle of the country like there is a huge sense of community here there’s a


huge sense of purpose and values here and there’s also I like what they mentioned in silk and slopes like we have huge school like School in a


student base here we’ve got some major universities with a huge student population that help that one like


Foster Innovation but also are able to like employ you know for these more or


less startups right yeah our our education system here is phenomenal like we’re recording this podcast in uh K


through 12 education program where they’re learning how to record podcasts like this is an amazing Place yeah they


just needs to be more investment teachers need to be paid more like it’s I think Utah’s on the bottom end of that


list in terms of investment in education which is really interesting like in terms of like teacher pay and everything


so all of that needs to catch up and become a lot better but in terms of like


in I guess we have probably a really good Roi on our on the education


investment that is really small but the um you know the uh I think Utah is lowest spending yeah like the just the


amount or the caliber I guess of students here and the caliber of the education here is really high yeah


because I think there’s a really strong uh sense of important there’s a really


there’s a really big emphasis on the importance of education and making sure that we do that here but um yeah so to


all the haters that came at me Utah is the number one economy in the country and it’s for a reason it’s not just some


random state with a bunch of oil right like we actually have strong business Minds here in Utah and it’s due to the


fact that uh we have a strong sense of Comm Community here we have a great education system here and uh there’s a


lot of inspiration because there are so many startups here y uh I think the founder of Netflix was at look slopes


Reed Hastings yeah Reed Hastings said if I were to start NetFlix again I would start it in Utah yeah


and CU he said it yeah he said it and I I believe he is like a full-time resident now he lives he owns Powder


Mountain yep I think he lives in Eden but um yeah super super cool I think we’ve got a really unique a unique place


and I would implore you if you are in Utah and you don’t feel like you’re a part of a Community Reach Out we’ll help


you yeah reach out to us or start your own like there is so much support and


there’s so much room here for continuing to to grow whatever your Niche is you


know totally um well let’s wrap this up with a few things um two two questions


five things that you would never do as a business owner and five things you do a


million times again as a business owner so five things I’d never do as a business owner again I think


underinvested oneself um I think for a long time I had and this is pro I feel


like before scroll like I’ve really had my mind set on one thing and I didn’t really grow like my skill set I wasn’t


growing like outside of what I was doing right even personally um and I now will


never not do that again like I am constantly learning you know me like constantly consuming or constantly


learning things and also trying to work on myself from my family right um that’s one thing I’d never do like would never


do as a business owner that I’m now really focused on um second thing worry


about the things that don’t matter so and I put like sun rises in the morning so I think there’s a lot of things that


you can worry about running a business um but there’s always an like I mean


some people may not say this but there’s always another day like the sun always Rises unless you get hit by a truck


there’s like way more important things to worry about to worry about the important things and I think a good


metaphor for that is I remember I booked a trip to Hawaii and I checked the weather constantly before I went I was


like what’s the weather going to be like and it was going to rain two or three days and I kept getting upset I’m like oh no it’s going to rain oh no oh no oh


no except you’re sitting on a beach in Hawaii and I can’t control the weather yep right like control what you can


control it don’t worry about things you can’t control if I’m sitting there trying to worry about that like it’s


literally something I can’t control why would I worry about yeah 100% attitude is gratitude and attitude is everything


like like yeah you can really the only thing we can control is how we think and our attitude so like control that and


things will work out you know it’s not the end of the world an example would be do your best design on a website build


and send it to the customer and you can’t control their reaction right yeah and then um uh my my third thing um is


like just being disorganized like not using a CRM or a project management software we did that for a while and it


was a little chaotic so like I think one thing to learn is like just get really organized use a CRM


use a project management software like um that’s what we use now and


it’s change completely changed our business um and then the last thing I’d never do again well I guess would never


do as a business owner we’re now trying to do it but um trying to do everything yourself I think that’s one thing that


at least at the beginning it’s you probably need to try and do as much as you can by yourself and really


understand a lot of things but overall long term it will harm you know growth


um your business can only grow uh what your business can only grow as far as


what you know I guess is what I’m trying to say so you need to bring in other people and get advisers or bring in you


know people that can work for you and help you grow and expand out of what you know yeah hire people smarter than you


that know more than you right yep totally and then do you want you want do yours yeah so uh for me I would say


things that I would never do as a business owner um I would


never get upset at someone for trying to get gigs on the side or trying to build


a business on the side uh I know someone directly that has a boss that gets mad


anytime they do something on the side and I think that that is the worst form of leadership on the face of the Earth


especially these days when like inflation is so high and the cost of living is just out the Wazoo um it shows


that you care 0% about the person yeah 100% and all you care about is your business yeah like most people need


multiple income streams right now or they need their spouse working to literally be able to like afford to just


live yeah so I would never try and hold someone captive to only working for me I


would want them to be able to expand their Horizons learn more grow do anything that they can uh that’s


something that I guess I would never do uh I’d never lie to a customer to get paid or land a job I think that uh if


I’m being 100% honest with myself I’ve probably done that in the past I’ve


probably fibbed a little bit about my expertise or I’ve fibbed about uh my


capabilities uh just to land the gig and figured f it out later luckily and made


it work but that’s one thing that I would never do I would never lie to a


customer to get paid or try and land a job I think that’s the quickest path to


failure and uh shame as a business owner yeah 100% Integrity is everything man I


think I there I remember yeah you want me to redo


it yeah sure yeah you bet okay


um another thing that I would never do is I would never lie to a customer to get paid or land a job I think that we


if I’m being 100% honest with myself I’ve probably fibbed at times on my


expertise or my abilities to just land the job or I’ve made small white lies


that spiraled and got worse and I had to refund a customer something if I I can’t


think of a specific example of that but I’m sure that that I did it early on yeah because I think my attitude has


changed a lot and I think being ethical and honest are the two things that will


get you so far ahead in business because it’s crazy how many people out there will lie just to land a job or a


customer so I would never ever lie to a customer just to land a job or get paid yeah in know Integrity is everything I


think um remember hearing a story about uh it’s like basically a golf metaphor


like golf is like you always take your you know your business people golfing and if you see more or less if you see


them cheating you don’t do business with them basically I can’t remember where I heard that but like I think you know it


it rings true like Integrity 100% is is everything like honesty transparency you


you will never regret it it may not get you as far as people who do lie cheat


still um to be like perfectly Frank in this world but it will eventually yeah bite you in the butt either legally


morally you know or or ethically right all of those things it will eventually come back to you in some way totally um


I would never take all the profits in the first few years if I’m trying to build an Empire uh if I’m building a


solopreneur business then I would take profits but I would never again take and


we didn’t but I would never take all the profits in the first few years I’d use them to grow the business um I would


never make anyone work on a Saturday or Sunday I’d let that be their choice but I would never make them work on a


Saturday or Sunday um and yeah those are some of mine I think those are awesome man it’s


it’s when we talk about it’s it’s been I guess interesting in my head just to


look back just like the last couple of years and what what we would have done differently now and yeah what we’re


starting to do better um the next question was five things we we would do


again as a business owner or what we would suggest to do as a business owner so my like my my four Outsource faster


so and my first is higher more overseas yeah like Outsource faster and then this


kind of ties into it but learn 80% of what needs to be known or even maybe


even 50% of what needs to be known for that particular task or skill like if you know the majority of what needs to


be done you can hire somebody that may be really knows what they’re doing and at least you know what they’re doing we


had the conversation yesterday where I brought up to you that I really it’s a part of our business I don’t know a lot


about and I was like you got to describe this to me like I’m a little kid yeah and we had to slow we we just slowed the


way down we went through it just to make sure everybody understood and like I think just you should know 80% of what


needs to be done so that when you do Outsource it you at least know it’s going well right if you have no idea


what’s going you can’t Outsource if you don’t know what needs to be done yeah exactly if you don’t know what’s yeah what’s going on then you can get taken


advantage of and we’ve seen that time and time again totally um two other things one investing content earlier on


so this is something that like is a honestly a huge regret like personal regret of mine that I didn’t push harder


for us to do it sooner and I know we had a lot of conversations about doing it


but we always just got caught up in day-to-day and you know more or less running the business not necessarily


building content and focusing on higher level stuff I think that I I really


regret that I’m so glad we’re doing it now but if you’re starting a business today invest in content invest in your


story like invest in sharing that story in a really meaningful way because that


is how you build businesses now that’s how you build businesses in the Tik Tock world of today is documenting your story


it’s a really you know great exercise not only for yourself but for for the


business last thing is like focus on growth and high level activities for


like earlier on and as long as you can like don’t get sucked into dayto day and I’m I’m the worst of that because I I


I’m very much uh like um I love you but you are the worst yeah yeah like just


get like I’m a good executioner like like somebody needs something done it’s going to get done if we need something


done you can do it yeah for sure um and that’s just my I think that’s my attitude that’s my hard work like


personality um so that’s something that I’ve really needed to you know work on and I’m still working on so no me too me


too um okay to quickly uh recap mine I think I would say I’d High overseas


faster so that we could have more bandwidth at a more affordable rate um


I’d do that again a million times I would treat my team like gold here in


the states I think that’s one one thing that I failed at at times is making sure that I show our team how valued they are


and how much I feel like we need them um so that’s always worth investing your


time into making sure that they feel appreciated cared for and valued for the job they’re doing because they are


saving you time um and if they’re not saving you time and if they’re causing


more headaches then I would let them go yeah and yeah work on it with them to


move them on yeah uh the other thing I would say is uh you’ll


never regret saving money uh I think saving money is


critical and uh other than that I’m reading readed Hastings book right now no rules rules and I love the concept of


always do what’s in the best interest of your business um so cons no matter what


no matter what uh always do what’s in the best interest of your business and always be ethical and your business will


do well well uh those two things in tandem will you you’re not going to fail


yeah um it’s been fun list I’m listening to it with you and it’s been fun it’s such a good book I’m I’m really intrigued by it but


uh and you’ll also never regret not working I I guess the other


thing I do is I would get out of the dayto day as fast as possible and into


working on the business the the reasons we have seen struggles to grow at times is because we get so sucked into working


in the business and not on the business this is us working on the business yeah um us building websites or building ad


campaigns is us working in the business and we have great people on our team that can do that so uh you’ll never


regret working on the business instead of in it if you can afford and have people to do that for you so 100% those


are mine I love it and I think hopefully these are good good pieces of advice I


feel like they are and I feel like they’re you know something that if you if you do put these to practice that


they will help they may not help immediately or overnight but like as we’ve seen like compounding right like


just over time compounding interest 100% And you know one of the books that you and I both have enjoyed was Atomic


habits and it’s like just putting these little small habits into place one at a


time trying to become the person either you want to becomer trying to become the


business you want to become one day at a time just take it one day at a time start implementing things every single


day to like get you to where you are and then eventually in a year you’ll see all the compounding effects of what you’ve


you know put all the work in every single day for a whole you know whole year and then take that and compound it


by five years right yeah and that’s what’s happened to us if we could show you a photo of us from the day we


started this business to now it’s much different um I think that that’s it is there anything else we want to go over I


don’t think so man I think this is a good part part two episode one of season two we’re excited but we may do a couple


other additional like single episodes with you and I this season but we’ll have to get questions from people yeah


what they want to hear yeah for sure but we’re excited for all the guests that are going to be on and every episode


from here on out we’ll you know we’ll definitely probably have a guest on so yeah so let us know who you want to hear from next sounds good and that’s a wrap


that’s a wrap episode one part two season two scroll sessions love





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