Killer Beginning Social Tips for Small Businesses

3 Tips to Find Success on Social

Social media has completely changed the way we communicate with each other. It is something that has become a part of everyday life and has made its mark in the marketing world. Social media is a fantastic way to market your business because the return on investment can be so big, but it takes time. It is all to do with the little or no overhead that it takes to start a social strategy. Just like anything else though, success does not happen overnight. These tips will help you to make sure you can stay relevant in the ever-changing world of social media marketing and help you to understand some basics to get going!

Here are three simple but killer tips that will help you when trying to use and leverage social media to your favor.

1. Know Your Audience

2. Quality over Quantity with Content

3. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

First, knowing your audience is vital when using social media to market your business. As Rhoten (2016) says from Wendy’s International, “You need to define your audience beyond age, the right person, right message and the right time and place are critical”. You need to know what platform your customers are on and then start to research what will work for them. You need to know what people will buy your product and produce content tailored to them.

Figuring out what converts your audience is the lifelong pursuit of any marketer, social media is no different. You need to create what your audience wants, and the content for those people will be different for each platform. Do not just cross-share your content. Cross sharing the same media to multiple platforms does your audience no favors. Figure out what content does best on each platform and utilize it.

Second, content is king. Once you have your audience defined you need to create content that will engage that audience and hopefully and eventually convert them to buy your product, come into your store, go online, or do whatever you need them to do. It is so important that your content matches your target audience and is GOOD. Baeckler (2016) from eBay says “You need to start with the end in mind, you need to understand where you want to go and create content to take you there.” You all know the term “quality over quantity” – it holds true with social content too. You might NOT need to post multiple times a day or even daily. There are so many different answers out there as to how many times to post a week for each platform; every business is different. You need to figure out what works for your company and you can only do that by actually posting!

As the saying goes in the industry “Content is King.” These days it only takes seconds for your audience to either engage with your content or leave and possibly never come back. So it is essential that first, your content is relevant and engaging and two, it will eventually get them to convert. A good reminder is to always include some “call to action” in your post. A great way to start is just by posting, run small targeted focus groups, and see what works best with your target audience. Then begin to apply it in your business.

Third, if the content is king, then consistency is its queen. Consistency goes right alongside content. If you are producing content, you need to make sure you are reaching your audience when they can see it and when they will engage with it. You do not want to post GOOD content and have no one notice it! It is so important to make sure that you reach your audience on a consistent basis and that you are staying on top of your target audiences’ minds. You will then be able to eventually convert them into customers if you can stay on top of their mind a.ka. conversions and money in the bank.

Consistency does not just apply to when or how you post but the actual voice, emotional connection, and the message you convey. The copy (text) and imagery better match and be cohesive with your brand and also to the rest of the content that you will produce in the future. If you can keep the same aesthetic within your content, it can help you establish your brand voice and maintain make sure that people who interact with your content know who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.

These three tips, Knowing Your Audience, Quality over Quantity, and Consistency, will help you establish the foundation of the social media marketing plan for any small business. These three tips will ensure you can connect with your audience on a regular basis and eventually get those conversions. Reach out today to get expert social media help at

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