Levi Lindsey on Mental Health, Entrepreneurship, and the Future of Marketing – Scroll Sessions

Once upon a time, I found immense satisfaction in the simple act of fixing windshields. It was a period marked by freedom and the absence of heavy responsibilities, such as providing for a family. This simplicity brought me happiness I hadn’t known before. The joy derived from such straightforward, hands-on work may seem puzzling to some, but it underscored a fundamental truth about happiness and fulfillment: sometimes, they’re found in the most unexpected places.

However, as life unfolded, the pressure to provide and the allure of entrepreneurship led me down a new path. Transitioning from the clear-cut tasks of windshield repair to navigating the complex waters of starting and running a business was a dramatic shift. My journey into entrepreneurship began with “Vid Army,” a venture born from a partnership formed in church and the necessity to carve out a livelihood post-college.

The early days of Vid Army were challenging. Living in my parents’ basement and grappling with the uncertainties of a new business, I relied heavily on my wife’s income as a nurse. This period was marked by hard work, minimal financial takeaways, and a steep learning curve. It was an endeavor that tested my resolve, taught me invaluable lessons about business, and forced me to confront my limitations and strengths.

One of the most crucial lessons learned was the importance of clear agreements and understanding among business partners. The absence of an operating agreement led to conflicts and misunderstandings, ultimately contributing to my exit from Vid Army. This experience highlighted the vital need for transparent communication, proper planning, and the setting of mutual expectations right from the start.

In retrospect, my entrepreneurial journey, with all its ups and downs, was a transformative experience. It wasn’t just about the business itself but also about personal growth, understanding the value of resilience, and learning to detach my self-worth from the success or failure of my ventures. This chapter of my life taught me to appreciate the journey, regardless of the outcome, and to understand that every experience, no matter how challenging, contributes to our growth and development.

As I move forward, the lessons learned from fixing windshields to starting a business remain a guiding light. They remind me of the importance of finding joy in simplicity, the necessity of clear agreements in partnerships, and the value of resilience in the face of adversity. In entrepreneurship, as in life, it’s not just about reaching the destination but also about the growth, insights, and relationships we build along the way.



Podcast Transcript

welcome Levi we’re excited to have you on the podcast welcome Levi Lindsay the


Utah LinkedIn influencer extraordinaire oh


I will say uh welcome to scroll sessions my name is still Shane I’m Dan uh and


today we have Levi Lindsey Levi tell us who you are real quick


just a just a kid trying to navigate my way through this life well


Levi’s got a pretty impressive resume um I think it all starts with


you’re an entrepreneur yep you ran a seven a failure preneur no failed


tripping a failure I don’t know about that you got out before it failed it was


definitely like Indiana Jones fighting under the stone wall and then he just


grabs his hat right before he reaches out tell me how Indiana Jones ends


we’ll find out there’s another one coming that’s true but uh so you started


out as an entrepreneur before you were an entrepreneur though I actually don’t know this oh what were you doing before


that Army dude I fixed windshields for 10 years you did tell us about this yeah you ran


this little bit well not little business but you ran another business yeah you ran a small to medium-sized but you made


one thousand dollars profit a month that’s what you’re doing when you start a vid Army yeah really


yeah were you going to school did you finish school I did I went to Weber I got the


professional sales degree We’re not gonna make fun of that degree we’re just gonna kind of make fun of


that degree just slightly just a little bit it’s it’s yeah you don’t need it just


Weaver it was just a piece of paper yeah just go sell just go sell yeah yeah sure


go do Dojo with uh Jaren Erickson yeah she was also one of our clients actually oh is he really yeah yeah so Shameless


plug are you guys running his ads on Tick Tock right now yes I got targeted and then I ran into his dad that night


and I was like dude I saw Jaren on Tick Tock oh that’s epic that means that it’s working yeah I didn’t I didn’t convert


yeah but you’re also not ideal audience we’re still working on middle of funnel you’ll be there soon so you guys are good at targeting the wrong audience


hey hey they just wanted to hit people in Utah so you know no you got them yeah


good it had good engagement though it did yeah I had a great engagement no I know he’s about due for new creative


though um cool so you were running a windshield repair business on your own billing


people’s insurances or I had a partner uh I started out as his employee it’s


like one of my first viral post ever is my story about when I had hair down on my shoulders all right and then he uh


laughed me out of the of the building when I asked him for a job and then I cut my hair came back the next day so


anyway crap I guess I have to hire you and then I worked with them for 10 years from like 16 to


even after my admission it was yeah all the way till like 25. are you doing were


you replacing wind chills or just doing like rock chip repair just like we’d post up at Nate Wade Subaru or like uh


Larry H Miller Dodge or like a couple car washes we had I think like 10 guys


at our Peak uh and uh I shouldn’t say guys because


we had gals too but uh yeah we’d go in to the lobby and be like hey you have a


rock chip uh your insurance would cover it for free call the insurance and then like would I’d be on the phone with the


insurance fixing the Rock Chip and then I’d go hand the phone to the customer have them sign it run back uh put the uh


injection in and then go run back I don’t know I could do that for 10 years I think about it and like that was


I was like my happiest I’ve ever been was just fixing windshields why do you think that is I think just because I


didn’t have the pressure of providing for a family so I just didn’t that’s definitely a pressure for sure if I made money you’re


just having fun it says drilling holes in windshields yeah filling them up to


be honest I’ve never drilled a hole in a windshield and that sounds kind of like it would be euphoric it’s the same drill


bit they use for your cavities really that don’t like we get them from dental offices to cut glass and stuff so


sometimes I’d like picture I was drilling into a tooth and it’d give me the ick yeah yeah I couldn’t do a


specialized glass not just like normal glass so well that’s awesome um so you did windshields yeah and then


you started vid Army um give us a little bit of insight into how that happened because obviously you


weren’t a videographer necessarily no Johnny was we met through church uh I


was living we were living in my parents basement uh when we graduated college you and your wife my wife and I yeah so


you were starting to provide and yeah kind of yeah not really giving it your best shot because then we Johnny’s


already kind of doing it he had a couple clients under the like 500 a month model


uh and then my wife was pregnant we just graduated to living in my parents basement met Johnny


uh and I can’t say it provided because my wife went and worked at Primary Children’s


full-time as a nurse like she she worked all the way up till the day before she


gave birth to her first oh my god wow so I wouldn’t have been able to do vid Army because Johnny was doing uh real estate


videos full-time and I did uh I was full-time in vid Army for the first year


not making anything or yeah I didn’t you weren’t really taking much out I think it took like 1200 bucks out that


December or something wow or and then maybe a couple other times but so you were just building the business to start


with your professional sales degree and your experience in the windshield space and I I hate sales yeah but it


just had the least amount of math because I I hate math more than I hate sales yeah I you know what I get the


same way before I dropped out math was what helped me back I I thought I’m


gonna go into marketing or I’m gonna go into sales because I suck at math and I


know all I have to do is math 10 50 or whatever yeah just so funny because I’m like like with how and what without


analytical I think you are it’s funny to me that like you feel like Math’s a hard thing for you yeah I love it do you have


ADHD yes so you just don’t diagnosed I’m not just making that up you don’t like things you’re not interested in that’s


true and so you probably just you like things you’re not interested in no no I have ADHD not diagnosed self-proclaimed


ADHD self-diagnosed I think people could watch this


conversation back and diagnose me I’m sure be like yeah they just went from windshields back to school yeah but you


don’t like things you’re interested you’re not interested in and so I that’s why I always struggled in schools because if I wasn’t interested in it


then I just could not do this on it yeah because if if I’m into something I will


I will give it my undivided attention and I will like crush it okay so talking


about vet Army and getting it going then you I think a good lesson to learn is the fact


that a lot of people and we talked about this recently on another episode but entrepreneurship have you read the book


The e-myth or are you familiar with the myth so that book changed my life when I was in school and was actually a big


reason why I dropped out because it talks about the entrepreneurial myth of


how it seems like people just dive in seems it seems like it’s easy yeah I


have this idea I’m gonna dive in put my whole life savings in it risk everything when really the best entrepreneurs are


risk averse and I guess speak to that a little bit because with bit Army it sounds like uh you had started this


business you weren’t getting paid but your wife was making money so how long did you have did you and your wife have


a conversation where you said hey I’m gonna go this long trying to build this uh what was that like uh We’ve thought


about it a ton because my wife is uh very risk adverse uh that’s how she grew


up uh I I don’t necessarily know if it was her upbringing as much as it is her personality is just very


she’s more safe and steady um and she just hated that I wouldn’t


just go get a regular job and I’d just be like babe I just feel it in my guts like I want to be an entrepreneur so bad


yeah and she it really caused a lot of arguments the first of our marriage how


did how do you navigate that because I think most entrepreneurs for them for the most


part deal with that at some point with their spouse so like how do you feel like it’s better now or you feel like


you still have stuff Have You gone through that I mean it’s all better


now since my check clears every two weeks yeah I was gonna say you’re back into kind of the steady job right now


and and in hindsight like I think she can see that vid are I would not be where I’m at I wouldn’t be able to have


a healthy income for our family right now if it wasn’t for good army yeah like


I tell people that was my Master’s Degree yeah like I I wouldn’t I would


have had to get a Masters or do a business probably to get where I’m at right yeah yeah I I totally agree


because to speak on bit Army I will say you guys blew up this model and explain what the


model was at bit Army and what you guys were doing we would we’d film for an hour


um we’d send a a crew of two with a couple of Lights two cameras


um a couple tripods and some microphones and so uh we did mostly like talking


head videos or like hype videos um or like a combination of the two


where you’d you’d be talking head and then we’d show b-roll they call it during the video


um so that like if you’re talking about your candle company you’d show a shot of your candle while you’re talking like


that was really our bread and butter uh so we’d shoot for an hour and we’d get like all the talking head stuff done in


the first like 40 minutes and then get all the b-roll done in the last 20 minutes and then we could chop that up


into usually like three or four videos and you’re 500 bucks I was gonna say you’re doing it for 500 bucks and that


was the that was kind of the kicker with your guys’s software yeah and uh you had


a Gorilla Marketing approach I feel like to it I I mean you are the reason


in my eyes you are the reason that that army was so well known and got this


opportunity and gave you so many opportunities posted that Army because everyone saw what you were doing on


LinkedIn and thought everyone’s working with that Army they’re huge yeah they you guys you made


it look so much bigger yeah you guys made it look like pretty put together yeah you popped that it was like the


hood it looked like a Ferrari and then you pop open the hood and it’s a 1992 uh Honda Accord engine yeah or a Model T or


a Model T however you’re good at not letting people pop the hood open yeah but and I to go back I it was not I was


not the primary reason people knew about us like we all grinded as owners and and


like Nick staggy coming on board really helped add Fire To The Flame yeah and I mean I I guess I just had only really


seen you because I guess I had followed no it was all me yeah this is all Levi


but then so YouTube submar I mean it was all mean yeah okay yeah yeah now that’ll look back


just kidding and to be like totally Frank infamously imploded in Utah and


like I guess what do you feel like was the main cause of that and what caused you


to then leave and kind of take a different path so uh


I don’t I’ve never like candidly talked about it so we’ll see how this goes You


Don’t Have To You Don’t Have To no I think it’s I think people are curious I um Johnny


Johnny wanted to spend more time with his family um I


didn’t agree with that because um I had spent a lot of time away from


my family um and put a lot into the business and


we kind of kept fighting over who contributed more and I was really immature in my response to Johnny like


wanting to spend more time with the family because I was so stressed like and not making much money because all


the money was always going back into the business um so I just it it really stressed me


out and I didn’t know what to do and I was a young entrepreneur right young in the corporate world in general and so my


responses were just very immature um and a really good learning experience


like I was not able to take emotion out of it and so Johnny and I just really started butting heads and disagreeing


over like how much time I think he wanted me to say and I don’t want to speak for him


but I feel like he wanted me to say like yeah go spend all the time you need with your family we’ll take care of things


like don’t worry we’ll make sure you guys have the money you need but the money just wasn’t there to do that and I


wasn’t in a good headspace to like write a message back to him and say like go spend the time that you need with your family


um and so I think things just started getting misconstrued and then pretty soon we started talking through lawyers like pretty quick after that yeah yeah


trying to make it work which makes things super hard and and then we didn’t have an operating agreement and so then


it was just like then it was us fighting over emotion and not like what the business was just at


the end of the day worth yeah and then we wanted to buy him out he wanted to buy us out and then at the end of the


day he ended up with the company well I think that after a year of struggling that’s way more common in business Than


People realize right uh We’ve bought out a partner in the past and and moved on


and he’s a great person I just went to lunch for them recently uh and


people have differences people will disagree and there is no right or wrong unless you’re being unethical but there


is no right or wrong it’s just a matter of we see things differently it’s time for us to move on but an operating


agreement in business is so important because it sets that standard up front of here’s what you’re


going to do here’s what I’m going to do here’s what we’re dedicating ourselves to um and protects everybody both in the long


run agreements prevent disagreements I think you told me that yeah I think I did you probably did I love you know I


think it was like Adam Legion by the way quoted that on our last episode but I took full credit no I love that and


someone else told me you can because it wasn’t mine uh


someone else told me that like once you get things in writing then you can trust


people completely yeah um but it’s so common in business to be


like this person would never like we’ll never disagree or this person will never screw me over or like this will never


blow back on me like uh you never know until it happens yeah so what was the


biggest I guess what was the biggest lesson for you after exiting vid Army what do you


feel like you’ve learned the most from that exit and from moving forward


um I I think no matter what anyone thinks or says or feels get it in writing get an operating agreement right


from the get-go try to think of worst case scenarios and get them in the agreement


um I also think the biggest thing I learned is don’t get so attached to


outcomes um that’s why I really struggled when vid Army shut down as I was so attached


to the outcome of success of vid Army for so long and I felt like


if vid Army wasn’t successful then all that time was a waste I can look back now and see that it really wasn’t


because I built a LinkedIn Network and you learned and you learned more than you ever could of doing just a normal


job yeah I learned a crap ton about what I’m good at what I’m not good at but at the time I thought like oh that was all


for nothing and I burned myself out and so that’s when shortly after I started


having suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide is because I was just like even if I could wrap my mind around the


fact that it was over and it was going to be fine uh I I think I had just trained my body


and my mind so hard to focus on that outcome that when it


didn’t happen my body just did not know like where to put Focus just like gave up yeah so you feel like you’re tying


your mental health to the outcome of the things that the business you were building yeah for sure do you feel like


all of your mental health was wrapped up in that at the time like that was just everything to you oh yeah yeah for sure


that’s why like I don’t know I think about this about this even now like uh you talk to ad buyers and um


they they’ll tell you that it’s probably hard to when when you don’t have a good day


uh or a good sales day or you don’t close enough or you don’t convert enough that it’s hard to not tie your mental


health to to that outcome it comes I think it’s just hard in general like you guys probably have had it in certain


points in scroll where uh certain certain Milestones aren’t hit or or things don’t go as planned and


it’s hard to not tie your mental health to it and how did you get how did you get yourself through that do you rely on


other people did you feel like you pulled yourself out of it how did you get yourself out of that situation


that’s pretty much rock bottom um yeah it did just take time to recover


from burnout and kizzic was very was a really great place for me to heal yeah


um because it’s just a very trusting environment like kizzic was


really cool because it’s like I don’t care if you’re at the office or or you’re not


um I mean there’s certainly times where we were all out the office but like most days no one was like hey where are you


going it’s two o’clock and that was a really good place for me to heal mentally from from burnout how was how


is vid Army different than that do you feel like you had built a different culture than that no I I think the


culture was similar but when you when you’re in the thick of it of a business fighting with with your business


partners and and things are all going to crap like you’re thinking about that at three in the morning and you can’t not


think about it when it’s your business yeah yeah totally you can’t shut it off it’s a lot harder too for sure yeah I’m


not gonna lie literally last night I woke up because my dog was like gonna throw up


or something this is kind of a side tangent but he I wake up at 4am and


to go and figure out whatever’s going on with my dog nothing happens


and then I started thinking about work what I had to do for the day and I just grabbed my laptop went on out


on the couch and thought I’m not gonna fall back asleep and I worked on my own stuff I worked on scroll I worked on you


know vision boards whatever for the future because when you get so addicted


it’s addicting and you tie your personal worth and well-being to it sometimes it’s hard to


it’s hard to not like entangle the confusion of your uh your work and and a hobby yeah like I


really struggle with con like I think I confuse my body by making it think that work is a hobby


and I enjoy my work and so I think it’s easy to confuse myself sometimes


but like you do have to force yourself to have hobby hobbies and enjoy your work and to turn it off yeah and to like


actually like step back it’s I remember when we you and I had a conversation I think it


was like the first year or two that we were in business about like it was along


these lines of like doing work during certain hours it’s like man I have to


sit back like I have to set boundaries for myself or else I I just know myself like I will just work myself out like


this whole weekend I put in all new floors in my house and I just just kept going I worked 10 hours basically days


every single day to get it done I helped him for one hour Shane did come and help but like I totally get that and I feel


that because I I think and I think a lot of entrepreneurs at least are somewhat


similar in that regard with like this incessant drive to do it and then when


you mix poor mental health with that it’s like a recipe for faster eventually


because eventually it’ll catch up with you yeah yeah so how do you get out obviously kizzic was a good spot for you


to heal because you felt like you had balance I guess would you describe it as balance yeah and if I think I was


detached enough especially in the beginning um I mean I got more and more involved


in kizik but certainly in the beginning when I was new um if kizik didn’t do well that day I


wasn’t like it wasn’t like oh man I’ve poured my whole heart and soul into because it was like I just got here yeah


it was like and as far as I can tell like it seems like they’re doing fine financially and and there is growth but


um it was nice to be in an environment where my mental health wasn’t super tied to outcomes I didn’t have a lot of skin


in the game yet um and so it was a really good environment to to heal how have you uh


dealt with pressure since um because pressure


and tying your Worth to that pressure seems to have been like kind of


triggering for you yeah is that how have you dealt with pressure as you’ve moved on from because you your careers


exploded the last couple of years and obviously your mental health seems to be in like a great spot


yeah but uh yeah it’s a good question it’s the irony is uh


I I am kind of addicted to the struggle and so like very quickly into kizik I wanted more I wanted I wanted a tidal


bump like pretty quick I like I wanted uh like I asked for a lot of things and


and more responsibility and more pressure very quickly and then I went to neighbor and like got what I wanted I


want I got more pressure uh and The Grass Is Always Greener yes it always


has and then uh which and it’s uh at shift I’m I’m in uh much more stressful


position than I was in that in that time post vid Army but uh just trying to keep


on that balance that flow Zone um like I talked about


um on Traverse podcast just barely oh yeah what do you mean by slow Zone you should


pull up the flow Zone yeah in this podcast uh in post but okay um I love the flow zone chart


where it’s it you know if you’re stretching yourself too much you’re in anxiety if you’re not stretching


yourself enough you’re in boredom but then there’s that flow Zone where you’re stretching yourself just enough


um but you’re not like uh wasting potential at the same time it’s


kind of uh I do a podcast with my friends not a Shameless plug don’t worry


it’s called the conference room um and we talked about which is this I


honestly still don’t understand it but uh the principle is similar to a river


right like if a river is Flowing too quickly it’s very dangerous but if it’s


not flowing fast enough then you get stagnant water and you know things don’t


make it to the Great Salt Lake like they’re supposed to um and then it dries up and then the toxins release yeah and then everybody


dies and that’s why we’re asking you to sign a petition today no um but


uh a river needs like a needs a good flow in order to be efficient and


that flow state is really important in our lives and I can feel in my life when


that’s disrupted like I felt it this morning obviously working for to 6 a.m even if I wasn’t working or


doing something that wasn’t productive for me that wasn’t worth my time um so how do you continually stay in a


flow State then or how do you stay in flow do you have certain tactics uh I


love what um Kurt the Kickstart guy it’s Kurt


right Kickstart guy like the like as I’m like sure Jamie pull that up I think it’s


like just kidding I think it’s like Kurt Robert said this let me just like like Kickstart fund like in Utah


yeah yeah okay yeah and we have yeah it’s Cur okay Kurt Roberts said this one


time uh out of breakfast that I went to uh which is know thyself and I think that’s a that’s a big part of it because


I look at shift and like what Alex Burge our CEO does uh and the stuff that he


he’s just really good at taking emotion out of every situation taking a step back looking at it very objectively


really good at relationships and outcomes uh there’s things that he can do that I just I know I could not do


them and so I’m not trying to be a CEO because I just I know I I don’t want to


be and I yeah I would immediately get into that anxiety Zone


um I I I’m not great with employees I do need to manage employees but I don’t think I can manage a whole company of


employees because I such a people pleaser uh and Eric we fired to be less


agreeable yeah yeah you need to be less agreeable I love where I’ve landed though at shift because I get to


be on podcasts go to lunches do networking events at Disney like we’re doing next week and I really appreciate


the invite to Disney by the way oh yeah yeah come on come on I was waiting for the invite for the podcast well now that


that’s happened I guess we can go to Disney now yeah we should pay our own way we’re like hey guys what’s up what


you’re here


Shane you don’t own an e-commerce brand hey your wife does yeah


Shameless plug man we’re plugging me today um but uh yeah I I love where I’m at


because I’m I’m stretching myself and my abilities with getting Kano and


launching that off the ground we’ll probably do another joint venture or archive another business this year


um and so starting multiple businesses and then being able to use my networking skills and Linkedin and awareness skills


um content talk about a little I guess for people that are listening what shift Global is


what you what you guys are about what’s your mission what do you do so shift Global uh everything from designing a


product and making it uh ready to manufacture and then


manufacturing it and then getting it here in the US like supply chain product design all of that is what shift does


okay and then your role give an example of what your role is through like K note


what you just did so we just acquired Kano kanodog.com uh and so we’re


building out a product roadmap right now




uh so we just acquired Kano uh so right now we’re getting that off the ground uh


we want to own our own Brands um and uh so we’re we’re looking at


starting at least one other acquiring one another so I get to do all the marketing for Brands we acquire or start


then I’m also doing marketing for other clients that we have oh so do you guys


do marketing yeah for customers yeah so like we’ll do rebrands or or uh content


um and that’s not something that we like advertise much because we’re not like trying to grow it yeah a ton but if


clients need help with marketing um we can offer those services and so we’ve done some video production some


photo shoots stuff like that um but then also using those


capabilities for our own brands that we’ll start so you’re you’re tied to the success of these products now it’s a big


part of what your role is for them right yeah yeah actually I kind of it it’s


like being an entrepreneur without the pressure of having to not take a paycheck or uh it it’s definitely a pretty


unique situation that I don’t think people many people get the opportunity which is to


have a full-time job of starting companies and getting paid to do it yeah and getting paid to do it yeah and not


quite in the VC world yeah because ew because what’s


cool about shift shift is shift is all bootstrapped yeah Alex Burge and Mark


Burge started it six years ago and it they haven’t taken a penny from from investors uh and they did 21 million


last year crazy wow that’s awesome they’re they’re in a cool position where they can they can start to diversify


their their uh income streams and revenue streams and so yeah uh I


certainly have to answer to them but it’s nice to not have to answer like big investment groups for now I’m sure we’ll take some on at some point but yeah well


I think that you are in this awesome spot of being an entrepreneur after being an entrepreneur yeah no kidding


maybe weigh the pros and cons of Entrepreneurship versus entrepreneurship because I I’m in a position and Dan’s in


a position where we’re entrepreneurs and we were able to grow our company to the


point where now we don’t really have to worry about getting a paycheck like we know it’s going to clear every two weeks


hopefully and uh and we’ve been able to set aside a little bit of money


um and I will say that that point I mean it took four years to get


to that point and we went through hell and back over four years to get there but now I almost feel like I’m an


entrepreneur again and it feels good so uh


that’s kind of a weird weird way to say it but for you I know


why this thing that I built is awesome no no but I mean so for me the path of


Entrepreneurship worked out luckily yeah and I didn’t really have another option because I


don’t have a degree I it wasn’t overnight it took four years and we worked freaking hard to do it yeah we


had but um if if this didn’t work I I see the pressure I feel the pressure and


I know that I only eat what I kill so um to people listening that are


considering entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship I want to say entrepreneurship can be really Bountiful


like you can really reap the rewards of it but it’s not for everyone and it


takes it can have extremes yeah a lot of extreme moments so entrepreneurship why


has that been so beneficial to you uh what I love about it um and to be clear when you’re the


entrepreneur you’re the investor or you’re the one like the more risk you take on in business the more reward you


get if it works out yeah yeah the more failure you get it with the bills exactly and so uh


entrepreneurship is awesome because I get to I get to Fringe a lot of the risk


on myself which I think I definitely am a lot I’m trigger shy from my experience


of Entrepreneurship of like things can fall apart I’m still like I still have to pay off some stuff from vid Army even


though it really doesn’t make years ago off of that business yeah it’s crazy but that was four years ago at this point


three years ago yeah three or four years ago so uh yeah I think uh it fringes a


lot of the risk to me um but then I also have to be okay with the fact that I’m not gonna get as big


of a paycheck as the people that risked more yeah I think your job is more I mean I


think being an entrepreneur your job is a little more on the line as not when an entrepreneur your life is kind of on the


line I guess it so pick your poison you know yeah again pros and cons I would


say entrepreneur you’re deciding who is sticking around right entrepreneur you may be deciding a


lot of people that are sticking around but you don’t always decide your fate um but the problem with entrepreneurship


is if someone like Levi you had to get let go from shift odds are they would be


really really suffering at that point and they’d probably have to let themselves go too you know what I mean


uh oh shift would be fine that’s what’s yeah that’s what’s nice uh is


jumping jumping onto a moving ship is really good too um


but once again you don’t get those rewards of being early stage yeah but


you’re you’re lucky enough to be at shift at a really good time where you get to probably see some of that reward


then you could have more fun for sure it’s we we’re definitely at that inflection point which is that’s another


thing I’ve really found is where that’s where I like to join companies like kizzic


Now does not look anything like it did two years ago because it’s crazy and


it’s about to just get like even even easier and then neighbor.com wasn’t where they


were when I started but they had it I love that stage of a company where


it’s like okay we’ve grinded through the first few years and we’ve gone through a lot of the bull crap and we’re


sustainable enough where we are in growth mode uh We’ve proven the concept we’re not going to fold tomorrow


um and we’re right at that inflection point where some people know about us but not everyone knows about us


um that’s where I really like to join a company and that’s why you left squirrel that’s why I left scroll yeah let’s talk


let’s talk about for that for just a little bit we almost hired you


hired me yeah we did hire you for one day I was the CMO of scroll for a day oh


we don’t have it up anymore where’s my cool phrase yeah I know so yeah


sorry it was so short that I I didn’t even consider it


sorry Levi well I like to say that that one day


that I was CMOS girl is like you can tie all your success back to that one day yeah we are Levi’s number one case study


it was a fun day it was a really fun day it was fun in our weird Warehouse office


it was a cool office I love the Utah Jazz colors remember on the Windows oh yeah yeah yeah well let’s talk about


this for a second so you had left vid Army at the time this was it wasn’t soon after I mean it was a couple months was


it two weeks oh it was like two three okay so you posted on LinkedIn when you were exiting mid Army and what did you


say on LinkedIn uh I think I was just like I probably painted it really pretty like oh I decided to exit my company and


yeah for sure and I’m on to the next adventure and how many companies hit you up uh


quite a few for sure some real doozies like one guy offered to pay me in all uh


his his own cryptocurrency I was like bro I gotta make a like I need American dollars like I’m


yeah and I got I got uh I got a bunch of like co-founder stuff of like companies


that hadn’t been started yet and yeah uh yeah it was I’m really blessed that I


was able to actually like land an actual job that paid mean money after that because I my life could have gone


differently probably but yeah then we had lunch uh where I mean I’d lunch with


you guys I had lunch with kizzic um and and a few others we had Caputo’s


yeah we just delicious it’s always good it’s not first date food though I got the yeah I got the pastrami Burger the


pastrami sandwich yeah pastrami burger and it’s probably just like all over me yeah all those foods that you have to


take a shower after yeah it’s very delicious super good food um yeah we went to lunch and we were


like hey we like you you like Levi we were getting into content at the time that’s right yeah yeah we did want to


start like our content inside of things it was I think it was just the three of us and then we got Mason involved later


yeah later at dinner that we had I think like the next week or whatever that’s right it’s a good Pho yeah and that’s


how I convince you dudes to hire me as Chief marketing officer dude we were doing like 60 70 000 a month so when we


brought you on I mean I remember we talked we talked about it at length it was it was would have been


at that point I think the single second probably biggest decision we made other than uh uh bringing Mason on us yeah I


just ripped it up I I feel so bad because like when I was working at


scroll for my first day kiswick was calling me and like


I knew something was up well I just wasn’t I I once again some last little immaturity


and that’s okay get out of my system I remember I was talking to I was like walking the parking lot talking to kizik


and they were like we were like finalizing numbers on my offer and and I didn’t tell them I just started a


CMO yeah did they did they eventually know I


don’t know no


honestly I think my life would have been just as great if not better like I I way


better no that’s okay it was meant it was meant to be I believe sometimes


that’s what makes decisions hard is when it’s like I’ve got two good choices in front of me and there’s I had a couple good choices


yeah yeah no I think and that’s life all the time we’re lucky enough to be in a


place where I think very often we have multiple good choices in front of us right yeah there’s a lot of bad choices


we can make in this world but for the most part at least what I’ve noticed is


that I’m usually picking between good things and that is a really good spot to


be in yeah so you are put into this awesome situation because here’s what I think I think that you


you’re LinkedIn presence proved your value and everyone knew whatever levite


touches is gonna turn to Gold because even what you did with vid Army even


though under the hood there were issues going on financially your job wasn’t to manage all that your job was to set


this brand up for success and you did that with bit Army and you did it


successfully so regardless of the finances you successfully set up that brand to look amazing and everybody knew


it everybody was like what the heck is fit army what are they doing like everybody knew who you were and you did


your job it just sucked that everything internally just just absolutely is the worst you know


and I think that’s what I think that’s what I found that I’m good at is uh just bringing awareness to Brands and


that’s what marketing is yeah yeah so that’s where I get to live in my


I don’t I don’t like calling it genius space but I get to live I get to thrive in where I’m


talented where I’m at comfortable totally making goofy videos in an alien costume or yeah


yeah you’ve had a couple stuff with kizzic with neighbor and now a shift


with things you’re involved in now what are some what are some of your favorite things that you’ve been able to do with


each of these companies really I think what we want to get into is that Gorilla Marketing approach that you’ve taken


because it you’re not a paid guy right you don’t dabble a lot in paid marketing like what is your marketing expertise


what are you good at Levi I certainly I certainly have learned out of necessity to talk the language of paid and talk


about cacks and row as LTV and all that what’s that


we’d have a problem this is the scroll CEO uh LTV what is that is that uh learning


technician white television what but that’s like LCD televisions right


no but yeah I’m not I’m a creative I’m definitely not a performance guy but I do really geek out over creative that


performs like I I love in marketing the constraints that you have a lot of


creatives and you probably get the stand where it’s like a lot of creatives love to just create


um and they have their artistic vision uh but when you’re doing marketing creative uh it has to serve a purpose


yeah it has a fit in a box some sort of box that’s your angle you know but the but the most beautiful marketers that we


all celebrate know the overlap between education and entertainment yeah or in


Industry speak brand and direct response yeah so I really love the intersection


between the two response and brand or education entertainment see I think that that is a big issue that even we run


into with our biggest customers where they are begging for some direct


response uh results and they’re getting them at a good cost but then they see


this brand awareness cost and they think we don’t want to spend money to that we’re just going to remove that yeah


let’s remove that and just put it all towards direct response and we have to kind of Coach them and guide them and


say well if you put it all to direct response then direct response stops existing yeah because this top of funnel


brand awareness needs to exist so you uh at neighbor after you left kizzic your


role at neighbor was creative director of directory yeah um tell us about what the main goal was


when you got hired on and some of the accomplishments you had because there are a few that are really cool uh I think one thing that was really


attractive was my desire to really grow a tick tock Channel yeah um and and grow organic in general


um and so the team and I were able to to grow Tick-Tock I mean we grinded for a


few months and had and really just banging our heads against the wall but we finally had some good success


um with the alien campaign yeah um yeah what super fun what in your brain said hey I’m gonna dress up as an


alien I saw this is what I don’t understand about creative directors


it’s so crazy I saw a girl at a computer on Tick Tock wearing


um Thanos like a full Thanos prosthetic makeup but she just looked normal from


the neck down but had a Thanos head um and I just the juxtaposition I just it


dawned on me I was like i i a lot of people in like The Squatty


Potty days and the harm Brothers days the juxtaposition there was like it was


interesting to have humor that kind of humor and ads and the Funky products and


to have a funky product but what I was thinking and my theory that I put to the


test a neighbor was will people like the juxtaposition of a character that


they’ll see in ads that’s in prosthetic makeup because there wasn’t anything crazy revolutionary about an alien and


prosthetic makeup selling you a product direct to camera that was a little weird to me but but it’s been done like yeah


Satan’s sold products like ice cream and oh right yeah right yeah okay it’s been


done like Kids characters like manly bands did aliens like there’s plenty of


aliens but I was like what about the juxtaposition of putting that prosthetic makeup


character out in the real world ugc Tick Tock style uh and so I I think


that’s where we kind of hit some stride yeah then you didn’t interview a start interrupt you did like interviews like


out in Provo mall and yeah really trending yeah but we still even had a


unique Twist on that which was we have an alien out interviewing yep um and and one thing I found is in my


creative careers created we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to build things from the ground up I think in Creative


when it’s usually just taking something and and putting it your own twist on it


or putting two things that already exist and mashing them together yeah so you


started neighbors Tick Tock from zero and then how much did it grow while you


were there doing some of these techniques like by the time I left it was 280 000 followers and how your


biggest videos had done how many millions uh all together we had like 80 plus million organic views it’s pretty


awesome and that would be I mean several probably several hundred thousand dollars worth of paid if you’re gonna


you know put paid behind it yeah what if you do a let’s say you do a 30 CPM


what’s that um I don’t know the math off the top of my head on the screen but but yeah it’s


a lot of money it would cost you know several hundred thousand dollars worth of paid marketing to get that kind of


view for sure and granted it’s not direct response in the way that it’s brand awareness but but yeah it


certainly got people’s attention and and people don’t realize the halo effect and that was one thing I learned about at


neighbor was we are trying to accomplish that halo effect where it’s at the top


of funnel all the way down to the bottom funnel on the landing page uh granted neighbors should have ran out longer but


we had Billboards in Denver and la and we had uh tv ads running YouTube ads


running and uh top of funnel middle funnel bottom funnel static ads that


were direct response at the bottom of the funnel and then a landing page everything matched the alien we had the


alien over everything same color scheme yeah photography all that stuff uh so


the Hope was is that like you would see a viral Tick Tock and then you’d see a billboard and then you’d see a TV


commercial and then then you’d get targeted with the ad and you’d convert uh it does take some time and


um we ended up pivoting and doing what most clients do which is let’s go back to direct response yeah


which could backtrack a little bit uh the way I kept putting it to neighbor is uh you guys have been


going out and asking everybody to get married but you haven’t been dating anybody and that funnel is is dates yeah


it’s like you can always go out and find people that are willing to get married right now I mean for hexake this is Utah


you’re gonna have a lot more success if you go on dates yeah and better success success that will


last longer yeah like in in all reality like it you’ve worked somebody down that whole


funnel at the point that they eventually fall in love with you and stay with you forever yeah as we I’m sorry I’m just


going on a tangent again but I think like you look at all the brands that we love like that we wear forever right


like right now like I’m obsessed with how our howler Brothers but I think I had my uncle tell me about him I saw an


ad I saw like six or seven things before I ever bought anything then what convinced me is was my uncle because he


I saw his stuff and then now I have like 12 shirts from them and I love their stuff and I will have their stuff


forever yeah and think things are uh it’s really fascinating to hear people talk about the the dark funnel where


it’s not even so much a funnel anymore it’s it’s more flat than it’s ever been and and there’s so many different


channels to approach conversion from and they’re all not really talking to each other anymore and so you really just


have to do do it all be everywhere and be pushing it hard everywhere and just because you


convert through Facebook doesn’t mean they didn’t want your YouTube ad and just because just because they credit


YouTube doesn’t mean that their Uncle didn’t tell them about it yeah and so it’s it’s not even really a funnel


anymore as much as it is just like being places that people that wear the eyeballs are being where the eyeballs


being everywhere all the time and that’s why content is so freaking important and


yeah and it will be more in the future now I mean I mean Google’s kind of pushed back the whole cookie thing again


and again and again because it’s the how they make money but eventually cookies and tracking will become almost obsolete


because of this privacy because of Regulation so literally the only thing that we’re going to have in probably


three years is content yeah it’s gonna be the only thing and it’ll be it’ll be more speculative like traditional uh


advertising video channels are like billboard and TV yep well I know the guys at bestie you know the guys at


bestie are making an awesome tour right now that I believe firmly is a big


solution to what is a massive problem and that is CFOs arguing with CMOS and


creative directors on hey we need to spend money on Direct response and them saying hey we need a full funnel without


a full funnel all of this is gonna dry up like the Great Salt Lake and uh


that argument just keeps happening back and forth where uh bestie is this


post-purchase survey software that helps attribute where people actually came


from and use code chain no but um but I’m just such a huge fan


of what they’re building because I live in this space every day just like you do yeah and it’s uh it’s a massive problem


and it’s gonna get bigger because the dark funnel is so real so to be able not even a simple


survey but what they do that’s so cool is they’ll send out that survey and it’ll


say how’d you hear about us an ad and it’ll pop up six different ads which one


you know or was it this billboard and it’ll be a picture of the billboard was it this was it your grandma was your


friend and it makes it so easy for people to tell where they heard about the brand so I think that it will never


be perfect yeah right it was like somebody won’t remember exactly but it gets you a pretty good data set to know


where to put where to put more money where to put more eyeballs stuff like that so yeah yeah so um building Brands is what


you’re going to be doing for the next how many years when are you retiring yeah I don’t know I really want to do


what’s the future for Levi one of the part one of the things we’re going to shift and really having a desire to


start Brands is uh kizzic was going to be a success without me neighbor was going to be a


success without me uh I wanted to see if I could be one of the main players of a brand and take it to that 100 million


and yeah cool very cool uh so my goal in the next five years is to take shifts


Brands and a brand that in five years we’ll be


talking on a podcast and I’ll say Kano and you’ll be like everyone on the podcast no yeah yeah we we want to start


on the brand side that is our goal is to start the next household name brand so what’s your approach in marketing for


Kano for example for the next year um it’s a heavy mix of product and


marketing working together um that’s what’s really cool about shift is I’ve been able to as the marketing


person sit in on product meetings and being like man it’d be really cool to have this feature to sell the product


with or like it’d be really cool to have this just because it would be really funny


and it would like I could make some noise with that and make some content around it um so the the uh Synergy between


marketing and product at shift I think is where a lot of magic is going to happen


um and uh yeah well I we had Jay Davis who


found a pillow Cube on the podcast and I think that’s a great example of freaking love Jay dude he is it was a fun episode


so smart it was a great conversation next week oh oh thank you again well


thank you for the no invite next time we’ll go to Disney and not invite Levi maybe yeah no never


yay in Jay’s defense he has built a massive e-commerce brand yeah yes yeah


Jay’s awesome that’s only fair totally mess with you guys um I’m gonna look like the biggest diss on this podcast


not at all it’s only because we’re friends Levi yeah um no but Jay has created this awesome product


where product and marketing can work together because you see this Cube and you’re immediately like wait is that


comfortable I don’t know it catches you off guard so are those some of the Concepts that you have for Kano for


example making it this unique product so it’s more so easy easily sellable oh for


sure yeah and I don’t I don’t think people I don’t think people totally get that when they’re starting a product company is like


like kizik for example you see someone step into the shoe and you see that he’ll pop back and it’s burned in your


mind and like basically all their marketing is done for them right then then everything else is basically


supportive marketing but yeah pillow Cube does that unique product and marketing approach that’s


kind of your goal with Kano yeah yeah we’re hoping to to launch some


pretty unique products that will have potential that the content will be exciting because of the product yeah


that makes sense yeah and then your marketing approach is really what kind of AD spender you give in up


front not you know we’re starting slow and and I was I I think


even big companies will start will start companies and joint ventures


and stuff like that hoping that it will just take off yeah and I think sometimes you can get lucky but I think no matter


what your budget is or who you are um you have to grind when you’re starting a


brand yeah and it’s it’s because you have to date people before they want to get married so yep you like if you’re


just going in um with no ad history or or brand equity


and you’re trying to start a product like you just you have to be prepared to spend some money and not get the row as


you want for at least a month or two um and you you have to be willing to go


to a couple farmers markets and send out to influencers and just like hit the keyboard and and message A


bunch of people and try to get into a news article and and that’s what marketing really is anyway just the more


you scale the more people own certain categories but at the end of the day it’s being everywhere as much as you can


and putting as much as you can out there as as you possibly can yeah because you never know what’s gonna work


um and so you have to do that testing and you’ve got to be where the eyeballs are and in this world right now that


changes all the time yeah something that I have kind of been talking about


recently is uh top of funnel can go two ways and it


should go both these ways all the time but you really have two options one is you get really good at organic


and gorilla unique marketing approaches which I think you can be really


successful at and probably a big reason why Schiff believes in you because you’ve done that over and over yeah


um but then you have paid top a funnel where you’re getting brand awareness through paid advertising over and over


and over again uh when you’re paying for your top funnel your customer acquisition cost


also known as CAC is going to always increase because advertising platforms


are just going to get more expensive when you have this solid organic marketing approach uh that you can do in


tandem you can lower your customer acquisition cost over time because you’re generating all of this for free


right or whatever your internal marketing team is doing for you yeah so


that to me is such a huge piece of what needs to be happening for Brands to


succeed in the long term because if you’re relying only on paid you’re screwed and that’s why Jan and I this


year literally are trying to practice what we preach we set up this podcast we’re trying to devote 20 of all of our


time to creating content whether that’s posting on LinkedIn or our personal Instagrams or doing podcasts just


more awareness for who we are and what we’re doing so with Kano can you share


some of the unique organic marketing approaches that you’re planning on doing uh right now uh our ad buyer Connor


um he’s having a litter of puppies golden retrievers so you’re gonna have


some fun yeah of course like yeah we’re gonna have a


big litter of puppies like yeah I’m gonna go out I’m gonna put them in a box I’m gonna go out on the street and like just make people’s day I don’t know yeah


something like that I’m gonna have one I’m gonna have like five six puppies I don’t know how many


puppies is this dog’s about to have but they can have a lot they can have a lot


of the time they can have more than that like I was trying to make storage go viral like I’m gonna have freaking


puppies like come on yeah dunks I mean but there’s a lot it’s a Well explain


why kano’s different because there are a lot of dog Brands right so I have no


idea well my voice is cracked hardcore yeah so like what makes Kano different than all the other


like literally probably thousands of dog Brands out there you even had one at one point on Amazon


dog leashes on Amazon oh well we’re about to we just got approved our brand


registry just got approved today let me know if you need help only a hundred thousand dollars an hour




so right now it’s not super unique uh we do have a really killer


um collar harness and Leash your designs are really cool the designs are cool um it’s not a Pet Smart design yeah


definitely not a Pet Smart design and it’s actually really high quality and we do a lifetime warranty and free shipping


and all that stuff uh we donate 10 of our profits to dog rescue but it’s gonna


get more unique like we really want to take it more in that Mischief uh hypebeast


um like we really want to be like the I want to call out some red boots for doggies I mean we want to make some


noise in in the way that those uh streetwear brands have in the dog space some people have started dabbling in


that um but it’s really that’s where we see kind of the white space we’ll still have


a lot of really cool features um that that I’m excited to to come out


with it’s probably 2 early to talk about a lot of them but yeah but uh we want to be more like kith or amelion Dior


um and liver dog Brands we want to be heavily feature based still um but we we also really want to lean on


a more updated approach to the lifestyle of a dog because a lot of people just kind of


throw out garbage yeah there’s a lot of dog bands out there and a lot of them cater to that Petco crowd yeah or their


you know kids in their 20s putting Amazon leashes on Amazon which is what I


was doing and I didn’t care about the product right like I didn’t care how cool it was or what features it had


um and the lifetime warranty thing is actually really cool because my dog has torn up multiple colors so and then I


just go buy a new one and I try to find the coolest one at Petco and they’re so ugly yeah so I think they’re gonna send


you one yeah dude that’d be awesome text me your address after this and I’ll send you one okay and he’s cute so he could


go viral I don’t know send me a photo yeah and then I’ll post you’re gonna have like and he has an Instagram called


pepper grams this is perfect we just did what yes this is how business is done people yeah


just right now right here I’m gonna send in some product he’s gonna post about I also have two dogs not my my personal


but my family does yeah so I may as well get some stuff Levi come on stop trying to get this is just no


um you text me too I’ll get both of you guys some gear cool sweet well I just think uh there is a ton of room for dogs


to kind of go lifestyle yeah I mean they kind of are a life weirdly they are they’re part of the family why not take


why not take better care of them well and like we’re thinking like what if we do Nike drops with leash drops and


collar drops like what if we correspond them like hey look at these new Nikes that came out here’s a set of leashes


and collars to correspond with that Nike drop that’s that’s pretty cool see I make them limited edition


yeah yeah oh for sure yeah this is that organic Gorilla Marketing approach that I think you’re super cool to that so


that’s gonna be really good well we have a killer our Ryan young our chief design officers really good at product and


coming up with those ideas and that’s I’ve really love that like I said that Synergy between marketing and product


and and that’s like what Mischief has done they’ve used the product as marketing yeah and that’s what Nike does


Nike doesn’t make money off of their exciting shoes they make most of their money off of their boring stuff but they


use that exciting stuff as the marketing yeah yeah that’s really cool


um so in the next few years you’re going to be building these Brands you’re going to be


working on doing a bunch of I guess what is your official title at shift CMO oh


yeah so we got a sea level executive on the


show I should have worn a tie um so


what advice do you have for people that graduated in professional sales to get


give up now to get to CMO like you graduated from Weber in professional cells you were making a thousand bucks a


month and now your CMO of a company that did 21 million last year and you’re gonna grow these brands with a goal of


100 million dollar brands like good how do you get there um


first of all I wouldn’t be there without LinkedIn because I you guys wouldn’t have hit me up from uh if I wasn’t on


LinkedIn yeah Arthur wouldn’t have hit me up if I wasn’t on LinkedIn yeah where would you start right I wouldn’t have


been on neighbor if it wasn’t for LinkedIn um and then none of your jobs none of my


jobs I would have without being active on LinkedIn yeah I 100 confidently I can


say I would not have that job without LinkedIn I’m not the best but I certainly would be the loudest candidate


yeah uh and and that I’ve never had to go seeking for those jobs like they they’ve come to you yeah you guys hit me


up not I it sounds braggy but it’s like you guys are like oh you’re available and we know you we’ve seen you like come


have lunch and then it evolves obviously LinkedIn can get you a seat at the table but uh it won’t cook the dinner yeah so


you got to know what you’re doing so that’s the first thing then yes you do have to actually perform and be good at what you do or else it’s going to become


blatantly obvious that that you’re just LinkedIn fluff well and I think it’s hard to be LinkedIn fluff honestly


because there’s so many experts out there that if you were just talking crap on LinkedIn it would be sniffed out


pretty quick yeah well and then well I think unfortunately some people do fall for it but it’s I don’t think it’s going


to land you the jobs you want because the people that fall for it probably aren’t hiring right yeah they’re probably not the people that yeah


they’re just listening exactly so there’s there’s some people that I think Pander to the crowd but uh I the second


thing I would say is asking for things that I want


um ask for Equity if you weren’t offered Equity ask for a title change if you


want a title change like when I first started at kizzic I was like I want to be a creative director I’ve


seen I’ve seen what creative directors do now that I’ve entered this world and I really like that and I think that’s a


career path I’d like to try yeah and uh that just wasn’t there was already someone doing that there and so neighbor


offered it to me and so putting it out there like this is what I’d like to do


like if you want to be a CMO do what Tick Tock influencers do like


put me in a movie and then they just try to grow their Tick Tock audience like just put on their like future CMO or uh


if you want to be a CMO start looking for CMO jobs or people that would want to hire one or


shift wasn’t hiring a CMO but I got to know them and they said what would you like and I think I’d be good in this as


I told them I’d be good in a CMO role and and then we started narrowing that down and what the day-to-day would look


like and it just became clear that I could provide the value in exchange for the salary and there I was yeah


uh don’t be afraid to ask for it to take a lunch to put yourself out there it’s


uh what Michael Scott and Wayne Gretzky said Miss 100 of the shots you don’t


take Michael Wayne Gretzky Michael Scott well


I think that that is I think that’s really good advice and you seriously are that example of using LinkedIn as the


ultimate resume and using it to Showcase everything that you did like everything you did at neighbor


you’d showcase everything you’re doing at shift you’re showcasing on LinkedIn yeah so if there’s a horn I’ll toot it


it’s gonna get tooted it’s gonna get tooted by Levi don’t put me in the same room as a horn and expect me not to toot


it you will do the horn if I all day long if I lock eyes with a horn boom you


best believe it’s gonna get tooted I love it it’s gonna get taught okay


um you best believe that horn gonna be


tooted oh I’m gonna toot that horn oh that Horn’s gonna get two two dude


as far as your mental health goes which has also been a


huge part of your journey that you’ve shared on LinkedIn yeah what advice do you have for people


going through school graduating getting jobs being entrepreneurs starting


families trying to balance it all and keeping their mental health in good shape what advice do you have for me


dude I I don’t know if I’m a a prime example of good mental health but uh


one thing that’s helped me keep my sanity medication uh I think


I I love what Jim Carrey said uh he said I believe depression anxiety are


legitimate but I also believe that if you don’t eat healthy exercise and have meaningful connections that you’re not


giving yourself a Fighting Chance um granted sometimes it’s easier said


than done the Mind F of depression is that it’s yourself telling you that you can’t


do the things necessary to improve but wallowing in self-pity that you can’t do them and just kind of legislative Circle


doing in that cycle um I I’m I think what you can do is you


can scale back find find balls that can drop and let them drop I think we live in a society


that tells you you can’t drop any of the balls and uh that’s just not true like


you you don’t have to be where everyone else is all the time like take a deep


breath and allow yourself allow yourself to scale back a little bit Yeah I think they know but I think it’s our


generation too I think like we uh at the same time we’ve kind of seen like our


our parents grind for a long time in jobs that they hate it and we don’t really want that


and we want to create our own path but what that comes with is a lot of hats to wear and we don’t want to drop the ball


because everything’s tied to our personal self-worth and all this stuff so I think I I think uh you’ve found a


good spot though you found a good spot you found your lane and I think our generation needs to learn that this is


not a rat race anymore this isn’t the rat race of our parents generation this is It’s Our Own Lane and we need to we


need to find it and stick in it well and I think one of the biggest contributors to mental health problems is comparison


and we can compare in a way that nobody’s ever able to be able to compare


before our parents would have to find out they’d have to find out about their


promotions with their friends water cooler talk dinners with their friends they had to figure they’d have to go to a high school reunion to find out like


how successful so-and-so was yeah social media screwed up but like I can look


right now and see 12 like I am so over the moon to announce my new position as


such and such yeah and and not and not only like find it out but in seconds and


then also scroll and see something else that was horrible that’s happened then scroll again


we’re just not meant to consume in the way that we’re consuming now no but


everyone please keep using social media because we need it because we’d be out of a job we’d be out of a job if you did


it I know isn’t that weird that we’re so marketing and marketing and mental


health are juxtaposition marketing and mental


health kind of uh conflict with it with each other yeah because uh and this is


something I’ve struggled with because I try and run a marketing company while at the same time manage my mental health


when really a lot of the problems with my mental health are from


maybe marketers so I try and find ways to balance that


uh but I think it’s just it’s boundaries man like gotta set boundaries yeah yeah


which I don’t that’s why my uh screen time goes up every week well dude what’s really hard I don’t know if you guys


have struggled with this but like I can I can be talking to a team member at


nine o’clock at night really easily and it’s just like you get that red dot


above a an app and you just get that itch like I I gotta see what this message is and then pretty soon you’re


working at four in the morning yep yeah it’s a it’s a very easy and then it’s a


very easy Loop to get caught in and then to continue to do it because you did it last week or you did it yesterday it’s


it’s a it is an addiction well there’s there’s a hit of dopamine from getting a work notification but then you open that


dopamine hit and it’s something you have to solve and then it’s stress yep and it’s good stress that you should deal


with in working hours but it’s not stress you should be dealing with at 10 o’clock at night yeah yeah and so you’re


we’re just so addicted to dopamine and then but but we don’t know where like we


don’t care where that dopamine it leads yeah yeah we’ll suffer the consequences of whatever it is right yeah well I


think to kind of wrap it up uh on the topic of Mental Health


obviously none of us what we do doesn’t Define our Worth right like it doesn’t


matter if we own a company if we work for a company if we’re on a podcast if we’re not on a podcast what we were


today what we’re gonna wear tomorrow if we’re going to be at Disney next if we’re going to be at Disney next week or


not um none of that that doesn’t Define your worth yeah thank you thank you appreciate it um but none of it defines


our worth we our worth is was given to us when we were born and uh nothing can


take that away and we hit the lottery we’re super happy to have Levi around and we think that that’s uh


and we hope that you’re really happy to be around them we love the value that


you bring as a person outside of work just fun to talk to you as the listeners


aren’t going to hear a lot of the stuff that we talk about outside of the podcast so


um Levi we love having you around thank you so much thanks for sharing your story thanks for being our CML for a day


I think that’s something though that’s a cool podcast exactly CMO for a day I’m


just saying oh where are we like talking about everybody here’s the thing


all of it and just like I get the name credit that’s all I’m saying okay you get name credit for sure but I just came


up with the idea make their entire content strategy yeah


and paid strategy guys and we don’t have it we don’t have a moment because we don’t want their input no no we don’t


know we just find different brands when we come up with a strategy on on the spot even though we could get like the


executives of Pepsi we won’t have them on we won’t because we this is our podcast I’ve given the idea like you


should release a Pepsi that also has peeps is pretty much just the same


[Laughter] um I don’t know like we wrap it up Levi how about you outro us a little bit on


uh where people can find you where people can find shift and maybe a little monologue you can find me at the local


bar oh really it’s gone that way now uh I don’t know just connect with me on


LinkedIn you guys are good dudes I’m grateful sorry that I quit after a day uh one day you’ll always be rcmo for a


day the fact that we can hang out still uh and talk like this it means a lot about


you guys character I appreciate it of course yeah no well we just love having


you around yes we do we love chatting any more lunches more Disney trips you know in the future or whatever you just


gotta convince me to actually come to Lehigh I know that’s too far of a drive man oh


goodness I mean I wasn’t I guess we were enjoying yeah but yeah behind Draper it’s the point of the


mountain you go over point of the mountain it’s too too far I don’t know talking to people it’s scary it’s scary


I’m an extrovert but man I’m an introvert you know what I mean all right all right on that note thanks


again Levi for coming ADHD we have it diagnose me right now boom everyone uh let us know let us know


in the comments if I have ADHD and if we don’t get any comments we’re just gonna pretend oh my gosh



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