Mitch Whiting’s Secrets to a Powerful State of Being & Living Life Fully

In a recent enlightening episode of the podcast, Mitch Whiting, joined by hosts Dan Page and Shane Hickenlooper, delved into the depths of living life fully and overcoming personal challenges. Mitch, with his candid nature, shared his journey and insights, leaving listeners with profound thoughts to ponder.

The Shackles of ‘Should’

Mitch initiated the conversation by addressing a common trap many fall into – the ‘shoulds’ in life. This concept refers to the pressure and guilt we place on ourselves, stemming from our internal dialogue. Mitch pointed out how phrases like “I should go for a run” or “I should post today on LinkedIn” are more than mere thoughts; they’re shackles that bind us to shame and unfulfilled expectations.

Embracing the Community Spirit

The discussion shifted to Mitch’s move to Arkansas and his work with corporate Walmart. He reflected on the sense of community in Bentonville, Arkansas, where he encountered a unique culture of support and belonging. This experience was eye-opening for Mitch, highlighting the significance of feeling needed over loved, an idea originally posited by Clayton Christensen.

The Journey from Corporate to Coaching

Mitch recounted his transition from a high-stress corporate job to becoming an accidental entrepreneur. This shift wasn’t just a career change but a complete transformation of his life. He found himself helping people who were facing similar struggles, turning this into a lucrative and fulfilling coaching business.

Realization and Transformation

A pivotal moment in Mitch’s journey was his realization that he was living a life of suppressed personality and high stress, masked by a facade of happiness. This led him to explore various self-help methods, eventually discovering that the key to lasting change was understanding and rewiring the human brain.

The Concept of Self-Transformation

Mitch emphasized the distinction between temporary motivation, as offered by self-help, and permanent transformation, which comes with self-transformation. This involves changing core beliefs and rewiring the brain to move from a primal state of stress and anxiety to a state of power and control.

The Three-Step Process to Overcoming Shame

One of the highlights of the conversation was Mitch’s three-step process for dealing with shame: identify shame, respond with grace, and choose grace over shame. This approach helps individuals move from a place of guilt and obligation to one of freedom and desire.

Building a Life of Fulfillment

For Mitch, fulfillment comes from not just achieving goals but in becoming more of who he truly is. He shared his strategies for personal growth, focusing on consistent action and alignment with one’s values.

Finding the Right Coach

Towards the end of the podcast, the conversation turned to the topic of selecting the right coach. Mitch advised that alignment and resonance with a coach’s message are key. He stressed the importance of investing in oneself and being open to guidance.

Mitch’s Future Vision

As for what lies ahead, Mitch is focused on ‘becoming’ rather than setting specific goals. He plans to continue his personal growth journey while helping others do the same, emphasizing the joy of the process and the fulfillment of the journey. This episode with Mitch Whiting was not just a conversation but a journey into understanding the power of the mind and the importance of living a life aligned with one’s true self. His insights serve as a guide for anyone seeking to transform their life from a state of mere existence to one of profound fulfillment.

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Podcast Transcript


the way we identify shame is becoming familiar with the words that we use in our brains that are shame okay should is


a shame word that’s the number one okay so I should go for a run I should post today on LinkedIn I shouldn’t Miss I


should post every day I should post whatever it is we have all of these shoulds in our life okay there’s people


jokingly say like stop shoting all over yourself need to have to got to and must


are shame in Disguise hey this is Mitch Whiting and this is scroll


[Music] sessions Mish we’re excited to have you


on today thanks for joining us thanks for flying you flew in only for us right all the way from Arkansas feels so good


feels so good to see the mountains feels good to are there any mountains in Arkansas there are it’s we’re in the Ozark Mountains but people in Utah would


inevitably say those aren’t mountains those are Hills which they be right compared to here but yeah yeah yeah


what’s like Max altitude uh I mean it’s like 1,200 feet so it’s really they’re


not I don’t know what it is it’s there’s no mountains comp but it’s very hilly gorgeous green trees everywhere yeah


beautiful and the Ozarks I actually one of my favorite TV shows is Ozark really with Jason baitman nice I haven’t seen


it oh my gosh it’s incredible but it’s also uh it’s a little dark it’s very dark comedy yeah and it go Jason


Batman’s character is the way he is in real life and you recognize he just kind of a jerk but great show very different


from Arkansas where I live is very light very happy yeah yeah so you aren’t from Arkansas no but you when did you move


there uh a few years ago I joined corporate Walmart and that’s how I discovered the magic of Bentonville it’s


where Sam Walton founded Walmart and we just fell in love with the community it’s just an amazing amazing place what


is it that you loved about the community yeah the best way I can describe it is from a quote from Clayton Christensen

What Mitch loves about the community


who said that people would rather feel needed than loved and I haven’t forgotten that quote and I’ve never seen


that principle be more fully lived out than in Northwest Arkansas because nobody has family and there there were


times like when we moved out there a month before Thanksgiving for example we in the grocery store and some super nice


Southern woman just starts talking to us right she said what are you guys doing for Thanksgiving and we’re like oh we don’t know yet you’re coming over and


it’s that kind of like that kind of community because no one has family and you just you need each other


wow that’s really interesting why have you like why have you chosen to stay in Arkansas uh the friends the community


yeah it’s it’s also the lowest cost of living state in the country everyone in Arkansas would hate me for saying all of


this because the traffic’s getting worse everybody’s figuring out how amazing Benton don’t come to arkans there shirts


yeah there’s shirts that say like move to fville like Bentonville is lame just because people you know don’t want


people to live there as much but it’s amazing we love it so well I mean what what took you out to Arkansas like why I

What took Mitch out to Arkansas


mean other than Walmart like why why choose to stay there why get into what you’re doing now yeah um I guess there’s


two questions there what took us to Arkansas truly was Walmart and then we fell in love with the community I took a


job out here in Utah for a year and a half it was amazing opportunity and then I became an accidental entrepreneur I


you know we can get way deeper into my story but I went from you know really struggling to transforming my life in a


way that enabled me to help other people who I saw were struggling in a similar way that I was and the more that I


offered to help people the more people wanted help and so it became a business


and at one point I was making more money in 10 hours a week than I was in 40 hours a week in my day job and I’m like


okay well this is not only what I want to do but financially it made sense and so I always thought entrepreneurship


would be like a leap the entrepreneurial leap right where you burn all boats and don’t have a plan B and so you have to


like make it work but for me it was something much different which was serving and loving and building and


giving in the way that I knew how and from that inevitably success comes from


is what I believe what what was the Catalyst to you know start you on that Journey uh it’s not I it’s probably not

What was the catalyst to Mitchs journey


I mean maybe it is a single decision it was probably a series of decisions then obviously it’s like oh makes sense


logically I’m making more money in 10 hours than I am in 40 and this is fun and I enjoy it but like what was the


what was the catalst to to make that change yeah I have this picture


that I really really treasure because it’s a picture of me on a on an


executive jet working for Walmart the largest company in the world and you don’t have to know me at all to look at


that picture and to see that I was struggling like I’m smiling but my eyes like you know the difference when


someone really smiling versus when they’re trying to smile and you just see suffering behind my eyes and the the


crazy thing about it is I did not know that I was suffering in that moment I was on an executive jet for the first


time I thought it was awesome I was like living the dream right this your first job out of college this is my first job out of college and your role you were


telling me before this was a role that many people take a long time to get some


many people take this role 12 to 15 years you know into their career and it it’s the dream air the dream it was a


miracle for me it was a series of events that led to me getting this role and um


I was happy I thought but I was really suffering and um it wasn’t until I was


at the doctor’s office a few a few months later where I was getting an allergy shot in my rear end because it


snows polling in Arkansas it’s really brutal uh in the spring but how stressed


are you and I thought about it in all the things that I was grateful for I was


a pretty optimistic person person and I said probably like a two out of 10 and


my wife who’s so loving and so authentic and so precise looked at me and said are you kidding me you’re like a nine and I


sat between my wife and this doctor feeling a little bit awkward you know it’s kind of like when you tell your love story and you have differing


details and it just like starts to feel awkward you know um but some part of me


knew she was right but it was the first moment that I had ever started to realize it and so I think I said something like probably like an eight


out of 10 and just we moved on and then it was shortly after that that one of my mentors and friends was talking to me on


the phone and I was just very open with him about how I was feeling about life and the things I was struggling with and

Why Mitchs personality was suppressed


he said listen you’re Mitch Whiting you love people like I’ve never seen before you’re a high achiever you’re this


you’re that but do you realize you view yourself as a wounded bird and that


pierced my soul it just hit me so hard and I knew that I was truly living a 9 out of 10 stressed life and I looked


back back and I was I would go to downtown Bentonville Square where you always run into friends and people that


you know and I remember times looking at my wife and saying hey we should go into that store over there before she would


see the our friends when I would see them because I didn’t want to talk to them the people that I love the most


because my personality was suppressed and I didn’t want people asking about me and so from there I just knew I wanted


to change why do you feel like your personality was suppressed and that you didn’t want people asking about you yeah


I um I found something very interesting


which was that a lot of my clients experien this as well which are people that are high performing yet still


experiencing a high level of suffering and one of the the things that they experience without being conscious of is


they feel like they’re not as far along as they should be while simultaneously


feeling like a fraud for being as far along as they are this really unique


dichotomy where you can feel both at the same time and I think part of the reason


why I was so unaware is because gratitude was getting in my way that sounds like a very strange concept when


we talk about gratitude being one of the most powerful emotions that we can feel and true gratitude of course doesn’t get


in the way but the form of gratitude that a lot of us experience does which is to be grateful for all that we have


in a way that doesn’t allow us to admit that we want and need more from life and


so when I’m sitting in the doctor’s office I’m thinking about my beautiful wife my kids I’m thinking about the job


that I have my relationship with God like my friends and family that love me not and ignoring the fact that I have


like 50 hours a week that I’m spending in stress anxiety overwhelm self-doubt comparison judgment shame hesitation


procrastination and so what what I found is a higher form of gratitude I person


person believe the highest form of gratitude is abundance and true abundance is to be able to be grateful


for everything you have and for that to be enough With Arms Wide Open for all that God still has for you that it’s


okay to admit that you want and need more from life because God wants that for you he wants to give you more and

How Mitch became more grateful


how like how how did how did you make that shift to then becoming more more


grateful for for everything because you obviously took a job here in Utah right


yeah yeah um I picked up a book called grit because like my clients the problem


that they think they have the false problem if they think they don’t have enough grit commitment Focus um you know


and so I picked up a a book grit actually you know my one of my family members sent it to me they must have


clearly seen that I had the same problem just kidding um and yeah after uh


reading that book I was still struggling and so IED picked up another book which


was um oh um David gogins oh yeah uh


can’t hurt me yeah and I thought you know if grit isn’t enough maybe I need to learn how to suffer how to love how


to love to suffer and he has a very interesting approach to like pretty much just calling everyone pieces of crap


exactly and that’s how I felt about myself once I realized I was living a nine out of 10 stressed life and I was


unaware of it yeah it’s it’s like pure self-deprecation basically so I read


that book and I found out something very unique about myself that must be different than most people which is I hate


suffering nobody hates nobody just me and so that didn’t work for me and so I


thought you know maybe I just need to hack my habits and so I read a Tomic habits and uh it was inspiring and


motivating like I think the other three million people who have read it but for me it wasn’t


transformative I it takes 21 days or whatever and I don’t even know that that was in that book but I’ve grown up with


this idea that it takes 21 days to build a habit and um I would always be disappointed when I would do it for 21


days and then I’d miss and I feel like I’m starting over again and so it didn’t it didn’t Transform Me long term and so


then I thought you know none of this is working and so maybe I need to forget about grit and suffering and habits and


I you know found a book called willpower doesn’t work let’s just forget about the willpower and do the opposite and I


still was struggling and so then I thought maybe none of this is my issue so you maybe


self yeah like and and I’ve been listening to self-help Tony Robbins and


self-help like reading like How to Win Friends and Influence People the greatest salesman in the world by Aug manino since I was 10 years old yeah and


that’s what a lot of my clients experience as well which is a frustration that they’ve read all the books they’ve listened to all the


podcasts they know the YouTube goobers and entrepreneurs but they’re still not experiencing the alignment the


transformation within themselves we experiencing the promises which is right where you were at right where I was at


and so I thought maybe none of this is the issue maybe it’s not grit maybe it’s not focus maybe it’s not commitment maybe I just need more money that will


solve my problems and so like Robert kosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad and I go into like maybe I need to sell vending


machines and have passive income maybe it’s ebooks someone else’s ebook that I can Rebrand and sell maybe it’s we


actually started an Etsy shop to try to sell like covid forms and like all this


stuff and uh that didn’t work either and what I what I realized was I was missing


was I now call the manual to the greatest technology of the universe the human brain under needing to understand


not just the psychology and the self-help or psychology and philosophy that we all love from self-help which I


think is perfectly named self-help because it’s so helpful when you’re listening to the podcast or you are you


know reading the book You’re motivated you’re inspired and it’s helpful but I ultimately found it was temporary


compared to what I now call self- transformation which is to understand the neuroscience science of how to


rewire your brain so that you can move from reframing your thoughts to rewiring


your brain temporary motivating inspiring to permanently transformative


and that’s when my life began to change I learned the ability to change my core


beliefs to rewire my brain in a way that got me my 50 hours a week back of living


in what I call Primal State the stress anxiety overwhelm self-doubt hesitation


procrastin ination judgment shame comparison so what was it cuz you were

Self transformation


reading all these books trying to find the answer what was it that actually helped you realize wait I need self-


transformation instead of just like self-care I know your Runner did running


have anything to do with it was it another book you read was it a coach what was it that took you from man


self-care is not working to oh it’s self transformation yeah like it was more self-awareness than anything like just


understanding yourself better I think it began with self-awareness right like realizing that I was suffering for the


first time really admitting it you know allowed me to then have some


self-acceptance of who I am and that it’s okay to suffer right and when for high performers it’s


really hard because like you think like this term anxiety is like so heavily used in our society and there’s like


diagnosed anxiety but then there’s anxiety that every human experiences every day it’s a normal part of life if


you’re not experiencing anxiety that means you stopped breathing like if we’re living we’re experiencing Stress


and Anxiety and um I don’t think I was okay with saying I feel anxious because


I felt like I was labeling myself when I was like well no I’m not struggling to get out of bed like I’m performing at a


very high level but I was spending 50 hours of every week in an anxious State


and so I was struggling and and so um I can’t remember your question just like


how how did you get from the more or less self-aware to transformation like what what what took those steps to make


that happen yeah I mean a lot of action that’s what I think was missing uh for


me in a lot of ways was we learn and we learn and we learn without and it’s not


not taking action all of us are trying we’re taking action but it’s consistent daily action I was actually I took this


um it’s called the Adobe Creative type test and I got my result back of what my


creative type wasn’t it said I was a Visionary and um I thought cool sounds


awesome and I read it and it did resonate pretty deeply with me and it said I see potential in everyone and


everything around me which has always felt true and it I mean it’s the reason I’m a coach now like my mom’s always


called me a rescuer I’ve always been there for people and seen their potential and um it said it said my


untapped potential which is really interesting because the very thing we always go to is like where’s our weakness right we don’t focus on our


strengths and so I’m like oh untapped potential like that’s what the problem is and I think it was right it said my


untapped potential was consistently fueling my Visions with daily


action I was like oh my word of the year that year in that moment with my wife was consistency this is when I was


living that nine out of 10 stress life I’m like I’m not consistent in anything and so I like let’s just can we have


that be our word of the year my wife’s like sure that’s a great word of the year you know I was just begging to like become consistent as a person and so I


started posting content on LinkedIn daily and a lot of people post content


on LinkedIn for the opportunity to make money to grow a business to become a solopreneur but for


me I just did it because I was struggling I wanted something to be consistent in and that was the thing I


decided to be consistent in and what most people don’t know is that we retain 10% of what we read but we retain 90% of


what we teach others and so for me it’s all about been it’s been always about becoming it’s been about me committing


to myself to learn something every day to digest it and be able to write it in a way that might impact others but that


I would remember and transform from that understanding and that that lesson I love that it’s something that I think is

Anxiety and consistency


common is uh people will assume uh anxiety and consistency


sometimes have uh a lot in common and you know coming from the Running World and this something that even I’ve


struggled with being consistent sometimes I get anx around it so I’m


like if I’m not consistent then I have anxiety around the fact I’m not consistent and then I’m sitting there instead of on a run anxious right


procrastination what is it about what is it about the consistency that brings you


anxiety the the fear that I’m not going to uh be able to keep it up like you’ll


miss you’ll miss a run miss a run end up being another run that you miss yeah Miss A Linked In Post and then beat


yourself up over it yeah yeah that’s that’s uh shame which is really


interesting kind of a buzzword in the day that we live in but the more that I’ve learned about shame I have learned


that it’s pervasive that’s the word I use for shame pervasive in all of our lives and I created a model a three-step


process of replacing uh shame with grace that I’d be L to share with you pleas do


it right now it would help you with running it would help you with um posting on LinkedIn the three steps are


first to identify shame okay the second step is to respond to shame with Grace


and then the third step is to choose Grace over shame okay identify respond


choose the way we identify shame is becoming familiar with the words that we use in our brains that are shame okay


should is a shame word that’s the number one okay so I should go for a run go for a run I should post today on LinkedIn I


shouldn’t Miss I should post every day I should post whatever it is we have all of these shs in our life okay there’s


people jokingly say like stop Shing all over yourself and it’s a good term because it’s uh unless you say I


shouldn’t should all over myself then you’re shaming yourself about shame which we also how much wood would wood chuck chuck that’s right um and so


should is a shame word is one of the best ways you can identify shame but need to have to got to and must are


shame in Disguise those really get you I need to do this I’m getting anxiety just to thinking about that cuz I use those


words every day every day pervasive that’s the word every day with yourself every day with


yourself every day with myself we’re using shame and so once we identify it I just call it out I just say oh that was


shame second step is Now to respond to shame with grace and the way we do that


is just with one sentence that we say to ourselves which is I don’t have


to just release ourselves I don’t have to and it gets really interesting when you think of all the things you don’t


have to do I’m a father and a husband and I love being a father and husband


but I also through the lens of Grace realize I don’t have to be a father and a husband if I don’t want


to there’s a lot of people not being a father anymore that aren’t there for their kids there’s a lot of husbands


that are no longer married that are no no longer there for their wives but what I find about myself is from a place of


Grace is that I’m freaking awesome because I love my wife and I love my kids and I show up every day not because


I have to even though there’s times where we feel like we have to but when we realize that we don’t have to we get


to choose Grace which takes us to the third step which is to choose Grace over shame and there’s two ways that we can


choose Grace over shame one of them gets really interesting which is to say and I don’t want


to huh because shame makes us feel like okay I don’t have to but then we go


right back to but I have to right and we show up as a dad or as a husband or whatever you know as a runner as a


LinkedIn poster and um um the best example I can give to people


that are believers of God is a lot of times we have this desire to pray of


course but we have this shame that comes up at night where we get into bed exhausted at the end of the day and we


think I should say a prayer right you ever experienced this we all have and I


just say oh that’s shame that I should pray and instead I then say I don’t have


to and it’s really weird it’s like feels like rebellious sometimes when I share this with people who are who are


believers and um the next thing that I have said which is the first way to


choose Grace over shame is and I don’t want to and I go to bed with a smile


total peace knowing that God’s not like I need your prayer he doesn’t need


my prayer like it was for me in the first place and that’s totally okay the second way which is the most common way


we choose Grace over shame because of how incredible we are especially from a place of Grace we realize that we’re


freaking awesome like I said we say but I can and I want to and so the next time


you feel I don’t want or I should go on a run you just identify that’s shame and you say I don’t have to go on a run but


I can and typically you find you want to right okay and then you come from a


place of Desire instead of Duty and the fancy word for desire is Faith and Faith precedes Miracles you experience


miracles in your life and you become someone who’s consistent rather than someone who does things consistently


there’s a big difference there well and I think that I mean going back to you referenced Atomic habits and there’s a


big piece in there where he talks about basically wanting to become your future


self and obviously compounding habits can get you there but he talks about the


easiest way to do those compounding habits is to basically foresee yourself


it’s the the desire of the the one’s future self that will get you there you want to be a runner you need to do


things that put you in that mindset of a runner right totally change your identity and then you become that


identity one of the things that I found that’s slightly different in fact it’s


very different thinking than that but it gets you to a very similar result which is I personally believe that you cannot


become a better version of yourself but only more of who you really are like Michelangelo spoke of his sculpture


David he didn’t sculpt David but rather took everything away that wasn’t David yeah and again what we find behind Grace


is that we’re freaking awesome we’re these powerful beings like amazing people and it’s really the hours that


we’re spending in this Primal State instead of a powerful state that is suppressing our personality suppressing


the real us and it’s by doing the work of chipping away everything that’s not


us that we reveal our most powerful self who ends up being someone who’s very consistent very intentional very present


with the people they love typically pretty funny people are pretty funny and uh really awesome and so the work that I


do with my clients is to help them chip away all of the hours that they’re spending in a primal state that are


keeping them from being their real self so gra I guess my last question on it


would be grace and accountability H how do I still find accountability when I’m giving myself so much grace yeah because


I think a lot of times when I give myself too much Grace I’m like no I


deserve a day off or I don’t need to do that or I don’t want to do that today then I start to chip away at my


accountability and I don’t hold myself as accountable so what would be your response to that like how do I still


find accountability in that process I I can clearly see why that’s a fear I


think once you experience Grace it’ll change you and you’ll see that you’re


actually more consistent and powerful than you realize and that it’s imp possible to create powerfully from a


primal state but from a powerful State you can do nothing but create powerfully Grace is a powerful State it’s a very


powerful State shame not so much it’s a primal State and so our shame is actually keeping us from operating at


our highest level and From Grace again you reveal your real self living in a powerful state is to be in alignment


with who you really are which is a play a person who’s consistent and intentional and funny and present and


you’ll just find that you actually love to run you actually love to move your body you actually love to be in


conversations with people you actually love to reach out and serve and build and love and create in the way that


you’ve always wanted to but it’s these Primal states that are keeping us from doing it wow it’s incredible you say


that because I think that the people that I see that I want to be like where I see people out there that are running


all the time or successful entrepreneurs I see them out in the world and I’m like what is it inside of you that click so


much that you can be so confident so aware and so actionable at all times and


to me it seems like they are always in action and confident and I think you’re


kind of answering it in the way that is impossible to be understood which is that they give themselves Grace to


understand themselves once you really understand yourself you are in that state of you’re not being Primal anymore


you’re Progressive and you’re actually working towards something so that’s pretty incredible I I’ve never understood it that way what for you


Mitch what was like the the shift like I maybe there was a single instance maybe


there wasn’t of when you like decided to not be shameful anymore MH like what what what was the Catalyst to you did


you know coming up with your three-step method coming up with you know and realizing that hey this is obviously a


problem for myself probably a problem for a lot of high Achievers and how how


how did that all start yeah because you can coach other people to do it so there has to have been that experience for you


too right it was I discovered it I basically co-created it across many different coaching sessions of clients


where I just realized that over and over again as we as we dove into the deeper


the unconscious thinking that was you know negatively impacting my clients lives and keeping them from living um


I’ll tell a story that’s like really a good example of this which is this is one of the most impactful coaching


moments that I’ve had in my life which was this client who since the age of 12 has been afraid that he will go to


prison okay very unique very unique limiting belief for no reason the he has


done nothing illegal very ethical powerful person and um the challenge


with this individual is that his dad was put in prison in 2008 during the financial market crash and so when that


happened the meaning that he assigned to his experience which is what our beliefs are they’re the meaning that we assigned


to our experience was that someone could frame me at any time I’m probably going


to go to jail too so from age 12 to age 30 every day he’s lived in fear every


day he’s lived in fear and when you when you when you have this thought of you know I’m going to go to jail and you


really look at it it’s easy to have shame of like what’s wrong with me yeah I’m not


going to go to jail obviously right like am I stupid like that our brains go there right and we like


yeah like I haven’t done wrong of I’m not going to to prison but there’s a difference between knowing something is true and believing it’s true we can know


that we’re good enough but in the moment do we believe we’re good enough no we can know things are going to work out


but in the moment do you and I believe that it’s going to work out no and so not always does you know our belief


align with our with our logic and that’s the experience for all of us but in his case with going to prison and so the


Judgment side of our brain the shame side side of our brain looks at our thinking like I’m going to go to prison


but I’ve done nothing wrong as really stupid like our brains like we start beating ourselves up and saying like why


would think why would I think that that doesn’t make sense at all um but what I invite my clients to observe their minds


with is Fascination curiosity and Grace instead of the judgment and shame because judgment and shame prevents us


from ever seeing our unconscious thinking clearly and so from a place of Fascination curiosity and Grace I asked


him question after question after question to really understand like what’s everything that he’s experiencing


around his thinking and ultimately one of the things that I shared with him this was in a this was in a group of 10


other individuals that I was coaching at the time in one of my group coaching programs and um he’s just so courageous


right like sharing this openly sharing his story one of the first times he had ever publicly shared that his dad even


went to prison right he has 10 people in this yeah never he’s like had told one other person


and um he one of the things that I shared with him was that when we live from a place


of fear we immediately guarantee the very thing we’re afraid of and so he’s


afraid that he’s going to go to prison on occasion I’ve referred to the Primal State as the prison State and the


powerful State as the freedom state every day since he was 12 years old he’s


lived in a state of prison of being afraid of going to prison so when we act from a place of fear we


immediately guarantee the very thing we’re afraid of and when we transformed his limiting belief I said how do you


feel right now and he looked at me emotional tears said I feel free not


even thinking about the analogy there and I said that’s what it feels like to walk out of prison for the first time


and someone else in the group goes it sounds like you served your time oh that’s cool was really amazing and so we


all walked out of that session deciding that we’d all served our time living in this state of stress anxiety


overwhelm and we were ready to go use my methodologies to go do the work to transform to rewire our brains and to


step into Freedom step into a powerful State consistently that’s awesome I think it I I hope I’m quoting this right

Removing Fear


but I think it’s Tony Robbins and he says something to the effect of like once you remove fear like gratitude


usually fills its space right and then gratitude leads to abundance and so like I think those it’s really


true like I have no doubt like immediately once he removed those fears like his immediate you know his


immediate response is you know gratitude isn’t it interesting right his whole life he had freedom but wasn’t


experiencing it so you do you start to have the Gratitude of all the freedom that you’ve always had and you can’t you


can’t we cannot change our past right you can’t change whether or not your dad went to prison or whether or not


whatever happened in your life the trauma the challenges the adversity the struggle the pain but you can change the


story about your past and it’s not that you lie to yourself and change the story


it’s that you see what has always been true and the truth shall make you free what is true will always move you to a


powerful State and when we’re thinking something untrue it’ll move us to a primal State and that’s what keeps us


stuck is just believing things that aren’t true like I’m not good enough like things won’t work out like I


shouldn’t have done that of those things are true some form of the opposite is true and when we step into that some


form of the opposite when we discover the truth the truth sets us free so it


yeah that is the thing that I think of there is thoughts and beliefs are


different and absolutely it’s important to recognize when you have a thought that it’s not necessarily your belief


and to take have more faith in your belief than you do your thought right so your thought might be like that’s stupid


and you immediately think because I thought that I believed that MH but you don’t you know you don’t believe that


you’re stupid so why why listen to that thought and I think that’s been a hard


thing in my life and in a lot of people’s lives is that our thoughts are not our beliefs and recognizing that we


don’t have to listen to our thoughts all the time you can think whatever you want it’s your action your belief and that


thought that is going to propel you forward or backward right yeah a thought


or a belief will not evoke an emotion until you believe it but the moment you


believe a thought is the moment it evokes an emotion like you could look at me and say man your purple hair is so


ugly right I don’t have purple hair I don’t believe you I’m not worried about it but if you know as a kid people said


you know something about my red hair or how skinny I was or whatever and I believed it I chose to accept that


thought as my own it evokes an emotion and beliefs are I mean they they are



here right they’re in your they’re in your Your Soul Your Heart Right and and they’re unconscious yes yeah and and and


and guide you for for right or for wrong you know we see a lot of people believe


a lot of things and be incredibly convicted about their belief you know so


I I think it’s it’s definitely important to decide what what you believe for sure


yeah the majority of our beliefs were formed before the age of seven sheesh so


we all have beliefs that are conscious that we decide but then there’s most of


our beliefs are undecided and it’s not that they’re undecided every belief that we make is a decision every belief that


we make I say make but have because we do make our beliefs we create them like a belief is the meaning that you assign


to your experience it’s your choice right and so two people can experience the same thing but assign different


meaning to it one can be traumatized and the other can be empowered and that’s one of the most beautiful things about


rewiring your brain transforming your beliefs is the worst thing that happened to you can become the best thing that


happened to you not because you’ve changed what happened but because you changed the meaning that you assigned to that experience I think step coar had


Anderson Cooper on his show once and Anderson Cooper’s mother I think had


just passed away and Anderson Cooper asked stepen colar you believe that we


have to be thankful for every situation in life and Anderson Cooper kind of starts to cry and says do you really


believe that to Steven colber because he’s obviously sad that something terrible just happened to his mother and


Stephen coar responds with the and I’m gonna butcher this I’m sorry stepen coar


I know he’s listening uh I’m gonna butcher this but in a nutshell he


says uh in order to show gratitude for life we have to show gratitude ude for


all of it we we have to just be grateful for existence right life is a gift and


if life is a gift everything that happens in it is a part of that gift regardless of if it’s good or bad and I


think that that is such a it that message hit me so powerfully because


it’s easy to say like why me why me why me when bad things happen right like me and my wife struggle with infertility


and it’s easy to look at everyone else around us and be like you’re all having kids we started trying having kids two


years before you 3 years before you but to immediately just say life is a gift and even the bad things that happen in


life are a part of that journey and to recognize the good that comes from it it it shifted my mindset to believing that


and that everything was a gift and I don’t feel sadness around infertility as


often anymore because now I’m like oh this is awesome that I get to just experience life with my wife and that I


get to have all these things along the way so I gratitude is very very impactful it is so impactful and what


you’re experiencing is not a change of circumstance but a change of meaning yeah only thing that’s changed is you


still don’t have a child but your belief about that experience changed and I personally have found that through the


lens of becoming there are no such thing as problems yeah that’s awesome man well

Strong Beliefs


and I think with like Stephen cber too like he he’s got very strong beliefs he’s a very strong cath catholic


christian man and he’s very like uh I don’t know outspoken about it with


guests like he has guests that push him on that topic quite often and vice versa


um but you see it come out in him too like he’s very convicted and really


truly I I feel like believes in obviously what what he believes in and it guides everything he does too yeah um

Mitchs Personal Experiences


Okay so we’ve talked a lot about some of the principles that you do that you use uh some of the coaching things that you


do as well as some of the stories from some of the people that you coach I kind


of want to talk about Mitch a little bit and some of your personal experiences I


know that you obviously worked for Walmart you made a shift from Walmart because you felt that sense of uh


overwhelmingness and um the reason why I I made a shift from Walmart because um a company


reached out amazing opportunity and during that transition was during the


same time that I was struggling and it was just yeah they they happened


together but not as a result of not as a result because then I remember we even spoke while you were working at your

Mitchs First Client


last job and you were coaching at the time but what was the first when was the


first time you ever actually charged someone for cure yeah yeah it’s uh I’m


really EXC excited to see this client my first client this week uh I’ve got 35


clients that are flying in from all over the country to be at this event with with me and well I’m hosting a private


dinner for them and it’s going to be really special just sharing stories for them to get to know each other for the first time for me to be in person with


them to meet them in real life for the first time and uh this individual I just love so deeply because they changed my


life by being my first client right and I had experienced this self-


transformation right and was living more consistently in a powerful State and


seeing my old self and My New Self which is really not old and new but just more


or less of who I really am right because we can’t become a better version of ourselves only more of who we really are


and so I became more of who I really was and I could see with more clarity other people who were suffering and struggling


because I had admitted that I wanted and needed more from life and I could see when other people weren’t when they were


struggling but ignoring it because of this gratitude that they were hanging on to rather than this Clarity and


abundance and so one particular individual my first client posted on


LinkedIn super vulnerable post not like the vulnerable that’s like designed to get likes but the vulnerable of saying


I’m struggling does anybody have any advice for me I’m like wow that takes courage right to really just open up and


ask for help and I just sent them a DM and I said four words I can help you


that was it and I and I look back at that and it’s it’s this these four words


are what I now call the four words to making money in business as a coach as a service provider as a consultant


whatever you’re doing is I can help you so many people are trying to sell instead of serve and when I just served


and I said I can help you he said and I said I’d happy to you know be happy to spend an hour for free with you let’s talk about exactly where you’re at


exactly where you want to go and if we both see it’s a good fit we can talk about what it looks like to work together and we felt it was a perfect


fit to work together that I could because of my experiences I could uniquely help him with what he was going through because your ideal client is


always just some version of you and he was experiencing the same things that I was experiencing and so um he took 24


hours to think about it right I gave him a price and um he talked to his wife and


the first thing he said back on our follow-up call was I said how was the last 24 hours in making a decision and


he’s like it’s been crazy like the kids you know this and I’m expecting him to say we didn’t get a chance to talk about


it but he surprised me and he just said but anyway I’m all in and it was such a


beautiful moment because all I wanted to do was help him right after everything I had been


through and I knew I could help this person go from suffering to thriving or


from surviving to thriving and I gave up swearing a long time ago I just decided


not going to swear anymore and uh as soon as I hit end call a big hell yeah


just burst out of my mouth because I had experienced this beautiful moment of money and meaning be being synonymous


for the first time you know aome I uh never I never really believed in uh like

Coaching Therapy


coaching or uh Consulting and I was watching the show


Ted lasso where he’s meeting with a therapist and he starts to get mad at


her saying like you don’t care about me stop pretending to care about me like you’re charging me an hourly rate to be


here and then she turned it back on him and said well you coach a bunch of young


men and you get paid to do it like do you not love those men and it flipped


him upside down and therapy became a critical part of his life amazing and I think that that where you said money and


meaning come together is that impactful moment of recognizing I can love someone


but I have to make an income and I have to be able to provide for myself and show value and you can do that


synonymously and that flipped my head on coaching and Consulting and I don’t even think of it and this might I don’t know


how this could be interpreted but I don’t view it as a way to provide for my family even though it is the way I


provide for my family but what’s powerful about coaching and therapy any way that you’re investing in yourself is


when you see yourself when you get to the point where you see yourself as


worth spending money on that’s a something that a lot of people struggle with we’re so used to spending money on


owning things but not used to as a society spending money on owning our future we’re not used to spending money


on becoming right and that’s the most fulfilling thing we can do next to giving I think the the two ways that


I’ve spent my dollars that have been the most fulfilling are becoming specifically typically the highest form of becoming which is what I call


becoming someone who helps other people to become I think that’s the ultimate purpose of this life and then giving


Which the reason I give my wife and I have decided to give is when we see an opportunity to help to give to help


people become someone who helps other people to become and so our whole life is centered on this idea of becoming and


um that’s uh that’s what happens when you create so I don’t do it to provide


for my family even though that’s is how I provide for my family I do it I have an a price for someone to pay for


coaching so that they have a container to invest in themselves to see


themselves as worth it and then to be all in to be ready to transform because


people try to coach people for free therapy a lot of times it’s so commoditized that people show up and


it’s more of just a thing they do instead of something that they’re all in but when someone pays a significant amount of money they’re hanging on to


every word they’re ready to try every single thing and when you take action that’s when your life changes it’s not


the learning like Tony Robin says that knowledge is not power knowledge is potential power it’s applied knowledge


that’s power I love that so do you feel like



uh while you were working your current job you got up to 10 customers while you


were there or no I’m sorry you were working a 40h hour work week at your normal job but you had but you were


making more money in 10 hours per week than I was in 40 yeah so how many customers did you have before you quit


uh I don’t really remember actually yeah um and talk a little bit about were you


getting any fulfillment from the job that you had yeah a lot which is really fascinating more than you felt like you


were getting even when you worked at Walmart yes and it had nothing to do with the company or the job that’s and


that’s what’s so cool about this and I say that very specifically because our circumstance


do not create our emotions and this is something that most of us don’t know we walk around believing that our


circumstances create our emotions like oh my kid just hit my other kid I’m so frustrated right or my manager chose to


be frustrated yeah my manager just gave me this horrible feedback and doesn’t understand me I feel terrible right now yeah the


circumstances we believe create our emotions but if I were to say um let’s


say somebody that you love deeply passed away a few hours ago but you don’t know about it how do you


feel right now totally fine yeah whatever you’re feeling you’ll continue to feel so the circumstance happened


someone you love passed away you don’t feel an emotion did the circumstance create an emotion for you you just ch


you just to you don’t you still don’t feel anything yet circumstances once you know about it you begin to have thoughts


it’s our thoughts that create our emotions not our circumstance and so um


I change my thoughts about my work and I decided that when every day when I


well first of all I started Living in alignment with my values I truly one of the challenges that my clients


experience is that they’re frustrated that God family friends health and hobbies are their number one priority


but that work remains their number one priority in practice right it’s a big struggle for all of us well I started


Living in a way where I was fulfilling my I was fulfilled in my relationship with God I was fulfilled with my relationship with my family I was


fulfilled with my hobbies I was fulfilled with my health and so by the time I showed up to work which was I


decided my fifth priority imagine saying that to your manager work is my fifth priority right we don’t live in a day


where people do that right but one of my mentors does and everybody in the company knows that work is his fifth priority he’s the highest performer in


the company right in his department has gotten more raises than anyone else I know while work being his fifth priority


and so I was so inspired by this I’m like that’s the way I’m going to live I’m going to live in alignment and so I started to live this way and by the time


I got to the parking lot at this company before I walked in every day I told myself this is my greatest passion


because it was true at that moment because the other four passions had been fulfilled and so I went into work loving


what I do and so one of the invitations that I consistently give clients who are unfulfilled at work which is many of us


is to never leave a job until you love it oh because it’s the ultimate indicator that you’ve become a master


self coach that you have control now of how you think and feel regard regardless of your circumstance and I found one of


my clients who is an attorney an amazing attorney but realized he was very unfulfilled as an attorney and didn’t


like it ended up realizing that what he loves to do is teach okay he loves to


teach others and he changed the meaning that he assigned to his experience


changed his belief about being an attorney and he realized that in a court of law he is a teacher he’s educating


and teaching the judge the jury everybody in that room and he fell in love with being an attorney again he


didn’t have to leave his job yeah he has great passion for it again wasn’t a circumstance wasn’t a circumstance just



needed to change his thoughts no that’s awesome where where in your journey have


you felt like you’ve been most impacted by mentors we’ve spent a lot of time about you helping others couple mentions


of mentors but like specifically in your journey where where have mentors come in


and giv you you know advice that have you know more or less pushed you along


this path yeah I think of he’s my financial coach his name is Chris Claflin who outside of my wife and my


parents has had the greatest impact on who I am out of anyone in my entire life and he was the one that said Mitch do


you realize you view yourself as a wounded bird he was willing to challenge me and to call out and to see me clearly


for who I am but also see me for who I really am or who I could be and a a true


leader challenges and supports right if you’re just challenging you’re not a


true leader if you’re just supporting and you’re just like come Cry on My Shoulder you know I’m here for you you’re not a leader but if you challenge


and support and that’s what he did he challenged me and then he supported me he guided me to a place where I could you know become who I really am and then


the other aspect that I’ll say is that I grew up thinking like having like very few people um like one or two like one


of them being my dad another being my like my uh youth leader that I admired and I kind of went for everything for


advice and then later in life I realized it was kind of silly because no one’s an expert in all things and so the mentors


like as I think of the mentors that have had such a big impact on me is it’s been so many people and it’s one thing from


this person and one thing from this person so now for me the first thing I think of if there’s something that I


want to become the first thought I have is there’s got to be a coach that does


that and I go f find them I go invest in myself be all in in that process and save turn decades into Days by just


getting someone who’s not like doing it for their ninet to-5 and just like as a way to provide for their family even


though again coaches provide for their family by doing what they do but they’re doing it out of like their greatest passion purpose not all coaches but the


right coach right a powerful coach is doing it because that’s what they feel called to do because the crap has revealed their craft the struggles and


adversity that they’ve experienced in life has realized a better has discovered allowed them to realize and


discover a better way and now that that’s what they’re doing so I just get different things from different people when I need them and it turns decades


into days it really really has sped up my growth and it’s not about achievement it’s all about becoming and one of the


most core things to my to my belief system is that the secret of becoming is


that achievement always follows and so the moment you focus on achievement is the moment the same moment that you lose


the guarantee of achievement because we end up burning out we end up missing a run we end up feeling like the skill’s


not going down we end up whatever it is and when we focus on becoming success


becomes inevitable because we have the joy of the process the Fulfillment of the journey and then the the outcome is


just a surprise because we’re not even thinking about it and it slaps you across the face with more joy and more


fulfillment but when you focus on achievement you don’t feel the achievement because we do what what I


call Goal shifting it’s like you get there and then you normalize it your brain normalizes it and then you’re like


now on to the next thing right we do this in business we do this in life we do it everywhere um but when you’re


focused on becoming success becomes inevitable that’s awesome Arthur C



Brooks says happiness is not a destination it’s a a


direction meaning and I guess similar to achievement right like we focus on


achievement but achievement is one thing where becoming is a concept infinite


yeah yeah and happiness I guess is the same way right like you’re never going to be happy all the time but happiness


can be a direction where we’re constantly trying to find ways to be more happy and more fulfilled really is


what we’re looking to be in life the interesting thing about setting goals or focusing on achievement is that goal


setting only works for 9% of people there’s an amazing study about New Year’s resolutions about how 59% of


people don’t set them don’t set goals for the year and then of the 41% that do only 9%


officially achieve those goals and straa the fitness tracking app that you and I are on um in 2019 they had 800 million


user logged activities and they found that January 19th was the day that most


people fell off and they deemed that day January 19th as quitters day as a


company right it’s so it’s so much of a real thing yeah and um they have the data to back it up now and going back to


this conversation of Shame like I I challenge you to find anybody that doesn’t feel like they should the shame


word should have goals we all feel like we should have goals but it only works for 9% of people so why do it why why do


it or is there a better way which is I created the anti-g gooal mindset which is how to achieve massive results


without setting goals and one of the things that I found was that when you set a


goal it limits you because we only can set goals from our present self from Who


We Are today and if you could become who you really are consistently consistently live in a powerful State take daily


consistent action over time 3 months down the road even even 30 days but


three months six months one year from now the any goal that you would set from your present self today would look silly


to your future self to who you really are totally well it’s funny because we’ve even talked about this and I was I


wrote a LinkedIn post about this yesterday like I had no idea what scroll was going to be mhm you can’t no clue I


and I had a little bit of foresight into the fact that I knew I was going to keep trying but I didn’t even know I was


going to give it four years I let alone like build it to multi-millions of dollars like at the time I think my mind


could only fathom doing $110,000 you know so to set a goal year one to do the


millions we’ve done now wouldn’t have made sense and I guess yeah how as a company I you know it’s to forecast and


set goals like how do you have an anti-g goal setting mind as yeah there’s a there’s a phrase that I saw um on link


in uh like a post and they said write your goals in pen and your plans in pencil


okay it’s it’s cool and we all love it and it goes viral every time someone posts that idea but it only works for 9%


of people remember even though we’re like we’re like yeah that’s good okay but we’re gonna flip that and that’s


what I do in my life which is I write my goals in my plans in pen and my goals in


pencil okay I write my plans in pen and my goals and pencil and the difference


is is that it’s not that you can’t have goals if it works for you you’re one of the 9% keep doing it it’s great but if


it doesn’t then you can create something that I feel is more deep and more fulfilling which is creating vision for


yourself for imagining and seeing your future as the way you want it to be I have an exercise that I take that I do


myself that I give my clients which is called your perfect day or I call it in five years and you just write down


there’s like tons of questions and it’s everything you want your you imagine your life feeling and looking like and


one of the things that I wrote down is just feel so silly but that I wear Lululemon pants every day here I am


wearing Lululemon pants and um what I what I’ve oh heck yeah what I’ve consistently found is


that where there’s no vision the people perish so in a business you do need


Vision but when it’s your Focus you lose the guarantee of that Vision coming into


reality and if you do achieve that vision and that purpose it will be


limited because you had created it from your future self from your present self and so by detaching from the outcomes by


writing your goals in pen and your plans in pencil by showing up consistently the


thing I love about pen is that pen Fades if you don’t maintain it right so you can set the goals as a company you can


not have them be the main focus but rather Focus on becoming helping your people love the process love the work


they’re doing love who they are become more of who they really are instead of trying to fit people into the box that


you think they should be as a manager and create another version of you which is what a lot of people do like really lean into strengths of your individual


of of your employees which is not strengths are not always something that you’re good at which the corporate world


wants to squeeze everything out of everyone of what they’re good at and they bucket them and pigeon hole and


Corner them into like their strengths and that’s what they do and like they become very unfulfilled because they’re doing the thing that they are good at


but it isn’t actually a strength because a strength is not what you’re good at a strength is what makes you feel alive


and when you focus on becoming and do what makes you feel alive you actually have the greatest capacity to become way


better at that than what your typical classified strengths are because you’re living from a place of power and from a


powerful State you can do nothing but create powerfully so so Mitch there’s a lot of uh obviously you’re a great coach

How to pick a good coach


you have a lot of great insights but something Dan and I have talked about in the past too is like there’s all these


people who sell courses there’s all these people who are that a lot of people just consider like scam artists


that sell courses or coaching because they really don’t have anything of value


or they’re just ripping off the next guy how can people be aware of how to pick a good coach versus


someone who yeah might just be selling a course that they’ve duplicated or a


program they’ve duplicate or something like that yeah like what makes a good


coach someone just on LinkedIn was just they commented I shared a post and they


were like saying like wow this is an amazing pitch for coaching like I wasn’t pitching coaching and so I told him I


said if you if you think this is a pitch maybe you want to be sold because that’s the perspective you’re coming you know


to this and I thought that was really interesting and he’s he messaged me and said yeah I actually love to be sold


when it’s the right thing but been skeptical of coaching in the past and he’s and he asked the same question of


like how do you uh find the right coach I don’t have the best answer for


this because the coaches that I’ve worked with have felt so godsent like one of


them came through a Facebook ad okay awesome another one like was someone


that I met at church amazing another one was someone that was referred to me from


someone else that I admired and was doing what I wanted to do and they point pointed me in that direction um so


there’s I I can’t like say like yeah go you know they’re all different channels I can’t like tell people how to find but


what I can invite people to do is to be very open to investing in themselves and


be very open to looking for help for asking for help because most of us aren’t asking for help like it’s very


very rare for anybody to ever even get on a consultation with a coach very people few people St I istically do that


in their lifetime let alone like move forward and invest in themselves so this guy who wants to be sold you know


whether he really does or not I think he really does because I personally love to be sold when what the seller what the


Creator the coach the person is saying deeply resonates with my soul and so I’m


just looking for messaging of people talking about you know what they’ve been through and what they’ve experienced and


what their Solutions are and how they help people and when it’s exactly what what I’ve experienced I’m not a


skeptical right so alignment yeah just alignment when it’s just like yeah you’re speaking exactly Into the Heart


of that I have the thoughts that I have and you have what I want and if it ends up being a duplicate of someone else or


some scam like you’re going to feel you’re going to feel that very quickly I personally have not experienced it and I


think part of whether or not something is um is feels like a scam to you is if you


go into it believing it yeah you get what you put into something circumstance


and even if you are like scammed more or less I I can’t remember I saw there was this woman and she had posted about like


spending an insane amount of money basically on on personal growth right and she felt like even on on some of the


people that she’d spent a lot of money on she wasn’t fulfilled then and then on some people she’d spent a little bit of


money with and felt a lot of fulfillment and she had realized now that she’s a


coach she’d realize she’s like it it really like I actually learned more now


looking back from even the time that I had spent more money and hadn’t been fulfilled because now I know what not to


do or what to do right and she just obviously mindset shift on like


investment in herself and I think that that’s huge like alignment is totally huge and I think you need to find people


that are probably uh either again it’s this wanting to become the person that you


want to become right you you want to find people who are probably already at or or have same amount of experience as


you so that you can learn from them that are just a few steps ahead yeah that’s what you want it doesn’t have to be the


ultimate coach like it doesn’t have to be the perfect person but if they’re a few steps ahead of you and they can give you one distinction that changes your


life it’s worth it and that’s for me like all of my clients get the full value of their coaching within our first


session I’m convinced of that I’ve heard that from many of my clients over and over and over again and I’ll tell you


you know a story that taught me this principle which was I was hanging out with a friend and he’s a coach and we


were playing a yard game in his backyard it’s called bottle bash I don’t know if you’ve ever played this game oh yeah


it’s it’s very fun it’s like this 5 foot little thin steak in the ground and you put a plastic bottle on top of this disc


and then you throw a frisbee to try to hit the bottle off and if you’re coordinated you’re no longer coord


playing this game because when the Frisbee hits the bottle you all by


yourself have to catch the Frisbee and the bottle before it hits the ground and it’s going everywhere right and I’m a


competitive person I typically I like to win things I also typically win things right I don’t know if I just like will


it and just stay calm you know and present and just I don’t know it works out a lot of times and I’m getting


destroyed by my friend absolutely destroyed and in the middle of the game he says can I give you a tip and I said


yeah i’ love it you know and he said perfect I’ll wait till after this game CU I want to destroy you so he smoked me


uh 21 to8 okay so no competition here


after the game he said are you ready and I said I’m ready he said right now your foot is pointed exactly where you want


the Frisbee to go turn your foot exactly perpendicular to where you want the Frisbee to go and watch how it changes


the game felt very uncomfortable for me very awkward very counterintuitive but I


did it and I start hitting this tiny steak like I don’t know 20 feet away three and four times in a row and I have


no experience with the Frisby like very little experience and I ended up beating him by six points that very G next game


and he said if that’s not the power of coaching I don’t know what is that’s beautiful yeah that’s awesome


it’s the small distinctions that can permanently change your life that that make coaching worth it so you don’t have


to like find this coach that has it all but if you come from a place of Desire


of willingness of openness ready to ask for help ready to learn ready to apply to do the things that you learn then you


may never be the same I can never throw a Frisbee with my toe pointed forward again I will always have my foot


perpendicular and there’s just certain things like that that we learn when we understand our conscious thinking in a way that applies and sometimes a course


doesn’t do that for you yeah that’s that’s the beautiful thing that I’ve Loved about one-on-one coaching or group


coaching spending time with real people not just on screen is that it’s very high touch very personal very custom and


gets to the core of your challenges your unconscious beliefs and allows you to rewire your brain instead of just


learning something cool that might reframe your thought so what’s the what’s the next thing for you Mitch like


what what’s one what’s Mitch’s Vision Two what are your uh pen pen to paper


plans to get to your business yeah what’s the fiveyear uh perfect day look like yeah uh for me me like the first


thought that I have is that it’s just all about becoming so I’m really truly focused I have zero goals for my


business or for my life and it’s really amazing because I’ve exceeded every goal that I


ever set before like tenfold literally tfold and so I’m just focused on


becoming and I know that the secret of becoming is that achievement always follows and so for example like I’m on


podcasts I’m making video because podcast and videos used to really scare me so it’s just literally doing this not


to get more clients not to grow my business but to become someone who can speak and share his message in in the


most impactful way possible and the way I do that is by doing the things that scare me um and so but this week I mean


this week is a big week um in terms of what’s next for me I’ve just flown in from Arkansas last night here on this


podcast I’ll be on another podcast in studio this week um I have VIP access to


Tony Robbins Gary vaynerchuk Jim quick uh um who else Jesse ller Dean grao is


the amazing jer’s like my favorite person of all time by the way it’s gonna be so fun so fun um for the two-day


event silicon slope Summit um the Wednesday night after the first day of the event I’m hosting 35 of my clients


for a private dinner the next night I’m hosting with 10 Creator friends from LinkedIn an event where we have 300


RSVPs of people that we know and love and some of them we don’t know but we love and we can’t wait to meet um and


then good to see my dad this week get to see my my grandma and my grandpa um


hopefully some other family that I’m that I’m in town to see and then just raising my kids just loving my wife like


that’s really the most the thing I’m most excited about is I’m just protecting my values and living from my


values rather than towards them and um just trying to act like a puppy on the


ground with my daughter as much as possible and wrestle my boy and I know we talked about uh LinkedIn is really


the only platform you’re on as a social media uh so is


that where people can find you and reach out are you yeah yeah you can reach out on LinkedIn that yeah that’s the only way to find me and um I create content


daily generally I have a lot of Grace for myself so I don’t feel like I should post every day but when I can and I want


to I do even on weekends yep I don’t post on weekends no weekends no very rarely very very rarely yeah Monday


through Friday awesome well we could have an entire episode too talking about the way


you structure your work now cuz I know that you obviously went from the 40 to


50 hour work week to a big change in your work week now um and I’d love to


even maybe do like an episode two on that sometime because I’m sure we could talk for hours on that oh yeah but this


has been crazy insightful for us I feel like we just scored so good best free


coaching session of all time I love it no you’re so nice really I’m super glad we can make it work especially this week


while you’re thanks for the invite it’s so fun oh my gosh anytime this is great we’re excited to continue our our


friendship so again we we we really appreciate the time Mitch maybe leave on your your single


piece of advice for someone wanting to make a change in their life yeah thing


that comes to mind is something that I don’t actually often share but there’s a lot of amazing resources out there an


infinite amount of resources but there’s only one thing that is the source of all


change and it’s God if you don’t believe in God try it if you do believe in God


believe in him a little bit more and uh you’ll be guided to the resources that you need for yourself it might be a


coach it might be something else but that’s the true resource love it thank


you MIT appreciate it well this has been awesome Mitch thank you for coming on we’re definitely going to have to do a


round two sometime we love it and uh if you haven’t heard of Mitch whing look


him up on LinkedIn um and please I I know Mitch is always willing to


communicate with people I know that you also do uh free consultations for people


that’s right yeah I could tell you who I support right because it’s not for everybody most people that I have


consultations with I end up not giving them an offer to work with me only if they’re truly my ideal client and my


ideal client is family centered leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to admit


that they want and need more from life like we’ve talked about today and who want to become the man or woman that


they’re meant to be for two reasons not for more money not for more Fame not for more recognition but to be happy with


themselves and deeply present with their family and that’s what I that’s what I call Deep success so we’re not chasing


success together which my clients already have plenty of it right even if sometimes they feel like Unworthy of it


um but deep success which is the ability to sit in the Peace of the Silence of your own soul without any need for d


distraction or escape to be happy with yourself and deeply present with your family and so if that’s interesting to you and you want further support I offer


a free consultation one hour one-on-one with me to just get clear on exactly where you are exactly where you want to


be and how we can bridge that cap how we can create the life that you’re looking to create um and if we both feel like


it’s a good fit we can talk about what it looks like to work together awesome well Mitch this has been awesome thank


you so much and good luck with all the events this week it’s going to be fun excited for you fun it’s going to be awesome man yeah so


that’s a wrap that’s a WP scroll sessions thank you



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