The Proof

That our services work & Clients Stick around

Partner Program Business Transformations

Affordable Building

$1m+ in revenue
$49K in ad spend

Legacy Exteriors

$150k in revenue
$30k in ad spend

Fence USA

100K in revenue
15K in ad spend

Montana Concrete

$500k in revenue
$55k in ad spend

UpFront Services

$30K in revenue
$3.5K in ad spend

Complete Remodeling

$250K in revenue
$9K in ad spend

Epic Windows & Doors

$50K in revenue
$3.5K in ad spend

Power Builders

$750K in revenue
$13K in ad spend

Just a few of our Case Studies

Based on our experience, businesses are most successful when they spend at least $1000 per month on ads.

We only have a tiered management fee – that means every penny of your ad spend goes toward scaling your business.

ROAS = Return on Ad Spend

Paid Ads

Spending: $1,000/day

Initial cost per lead: $55

Ending cost per lead: $20

creative: Before/Afters, Testimonials, Videos
Attic Insulation Squad
Insulation Leads
Total Ad Spend: $1000

Received: 114 leads

Cost Per Lead: $8.66

Creative: 2 different video ads showing process & quality
The Shirt Stop
Promo Product Leads
Spending: $300/Day

Initial Cost Per Lead: $50+

Ending cost per lead: $20

Creative: creative Videos and carousels
Market Masters
Online Forex Course
cost per lead: $5

11.2X ROAS Lifetime of the Ads

Decreased cost per lead significantly

Built on multiple creative assets
Real Estate Prospecting
Lead Gen
Average spend: $500/day

1.7X ROAS with another agency

We Scaled to 3.24 ROAS and growing

Strategy: Narrowed targeting, solid retargeting funnel
Clothing Company
Cost per lead: $5

7X ROAS Lifetime for Teacher Course

Sold out all online yoga classes

Creative: videos and carousels
Salt Lake Power Yoga
Yoga Teacher Course
Ad Spend: $24,064

Revenue from Facebook Ads: $130,289 and scaling

Average order value went from $90 to $185

Creative: videos, static images
Pescatore Seafood
Fresh Seafood Ecommerce
Spending: $2000/month

Currently a 5x ROAS

Average order value: $897

Creative: Creator Videos, Testimonial videos, Funnel Strategy (lead gen + retarget)
Candice Payne
Relied heavily on wholesale, never ventured into digital

Grew from 2.7 ROAS to 3.62 ROAS & Scaling

Creative: Seasonal Campaign
Paper Goods Company

Need some more???


44% Traffic Growth

617,599 Organic Keywords

31,858 First Page Keywords

Doubled AdSense Revenue over a year
Six Sisters Stuff
Food Blogger
588% Traffic Growth

101 First Page Keywords

1,282 Organic Keywords

Cut Organic Customer Aquisition Cost by 75%
White Pine Dental
Dental Office
300% increase in organic search in 3 months

25+ First Page Keywords

78% of traffic is now organic search & Google My Business
Noble House Furniture
Furniture Store
44% Traffic Growth

820 Organic Keywords

162% Pinterest Impression Increase
Laser Sight Digital
Listings Optimization
76% Traffic Growth

59 Main Keywords in Postions 1-3

96 Main Keywords in positions 4-9

Keeping The Peas
Food Blogger
95% Traffic Growth

3,370 Organic Keywords

367 New Keywords in 3 Months
Amazon Marketing
66% Traffic Growth

366 Organic Keywords

8 New First Page Keywords
Hippo Lending
Medical Loans
440% increase in organic search traffic

937 organic keywords

26 First Page Keywords
Hope Squad
International Suicide Prevention Program
305% increase in Organic Search Traffic in a year

856 Organic Keywords

32 First Page Keywords
Split Rock Custom Homes
7 Figure Custom Home Builder
300% increase in organic sessions in 5 months

Google My Business Ranks Across the State

Majority of leads are organic
Utah Discount Appliance
Appliance Center
Organic search sessions doubled within 2 months

Brought 14 construction keywords to page 1

40% of all site traffic is organic
Gerber Construction
8 Main 1st Position Keywords

3 main keywords in the 2nd position

16 Main keywords on the first page in 5 months
Journey Team
Microsoft Partner
Since working with Scroll, our website has seen a huge increase in traffic! Our Ad Revenue from SEM has also doubled in 6 months. We used to be so dependent on social media to drive traffic to our site and with all the changes in algorithms, it was so disheartening to see our traffic decreasing year over year. Once we met with the owners and their SEO Team, they were ready to help us from Day 1. In the free consultation meeting with them, they gave us so much great information about changes we could implement immediately to start seeing changes with our SEO. We were so impressed with their thorough strategy that we knew needed them on our team immediately! Their customer service and hands-on attention cannot be matched!! We feel like they know us personally and care as much about our company as we do. They back up their words with action and we have loved having them help us take our website to the next level. We can’t say enough good about this company! After working with a handful of other SEO companies, this is the first company that has kept their promises and proved they know their stuff.”

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