The Scroll Story: A Journey of Entrepreneurial Growth with Dan Page and Shane Hickenlooper

Welcome to the “Scroll Sessions” podcast, where co-hosts Dan Page and Shane Hickenlooper delve into their entrepreneurial journey and the evolution of Scroll, a digital marketing agency. This episode, recorded in the new studio at Catalyst, part of Davis School District, offers insights into their paths to entrepreneurship, the challenges they faced, and their vision for Scroll’s future.

Early Days and Entrepreneurial Drive

Dan and Shane recount their contrasting high school experiences, with Dan being the archetypal rebellious student and Shane excelling academically. Despite these differences, both were driven by a deep-seated desire for independence and control over their professional lives, leading them towards entrepreneurship. Shane’s journey in sales and Dan’s venture into photography laid the groundwork for their partnership.

The Inception of Scroll

Scroll began as a response to market needs rather than a preconceived business plan. Initially offering web design, SEO, and social media services, the agency adapted rapidly to changing client demands and market trends. Dan and Shane emphasize the importance of adaptability in entrepreneurship, sharing how they pivoted Scroll’s focus based on client feedback and industry shifts.

Scaling and Evolving Services

As Scroll grew, so did its service offerings. The co-hosts discuss how they moved from relying on external partners for SEO to building a robust in-house team, including overseas staff. This expansion not only improved service quality but also allowed them to manage larger accounts and delve into e-commerce marketing.

Looking Towards the Future

Looking ahead, Dan and Shane share their vision for Scroll in 2024. They envisage a more structured organization with distinct divisions, including a white-label marketplace and specialized service websites. This structure aims to cater to diverse client needs more efficiently while scaling the business.

Lessons and Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Dan and Shane offer valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of starting small, understanding the market, and gradually scaling up. They encourage taking calculated risks and stress the significance of gaining real-world experience.


“The Scroll Story” is more than just a tale of a digital marketing agency; it’s a narrative of relentless pursuit, continuous learning, and adaptation. Dan Page and Shane Hickenlooper’s journey is a testament to the power of entrepreneurial spirit and a guide for anyone looking to carve their own path in the business world.

Podcast Transcript




welcome everyone to scroll sessions this is a new studio season two we’re very


excited about this studio this happens to be right across the street from our actual office in kville and for those of


you wondering if we built a massive Studio yes 100% we built this all on our


own no um so cattle list is a part of Davis School District and it’s right


across the street from our office and they have graciously offered to let us


use their Studio to help their students learn and we are stoked about it because


look at this place yeah it’s pretty awesome yeah catalyst is uh a place for


high school seniors and kids in high school to take their more or less College uh credit courses and get


additional Technical Training in you know anything from audio visual to uh


you know uh web and graphic design there’s some marketing courses business courses there’s all you can get like


partial Pilots license here there’s a whole bunch of really cool stuff there was a helicopter that landed in the back


of catalyst today yeah I don’t know if that was part of a class today or not but pretty cool um yeah let’s actually


talk about that for a minute because uh school for me growing up I went to Davis


High School which is technically in this uh jurisdiction I guess you could say


and uh I hated school and I was terrible at it uh I never went to well I tried as


hard as I could to not go to class if I didn’t have to and I wasn’t going to get a u yeah um and I didn’t get great


grades my parents were yeah and you were the opposite right yeah I was pretty


much the opposite student body yeah I I served in student body I was pretty involved in high school I was a pretty


good test taker I got really good grades normally honestly without trying too


hard for some reason I have a good memory okay um and you know me with my memory I just feel like I can just


remember stuff really easily and so tests weren’t that difficult I did struggle in certain classes but I think


uh you and iphy or no I struggled in chemistry man chemistry was so difficult


for me for whatever reason but I I I feel like you and I had very opposite High School experiences for sure 100%


and seeing Catalyst was like this mindblowing experience for me yeah oh


yeah because I thought I played music in high school too and as we walked in


today there were all these kids that were playing guitar drums Dr in there


recording I’m like this would have changed my life in high school and uh I guess for the people that don’t know too


like this is all of the Davis School District I believe Catalyst just serves Davis School District alone so how many


high schools are in Davis School District I’m not even sure but yeah there’s it up at Le well at least that


but there’s 10 10 high schools 10 high schools that’s amazing um okay so the


thing that I just think is amazing about this program is the fact that like it gets people really involved like there’s


students here today working on the set there’s students that are speaking in our ear there’s students doing


everything and I feel like if I had something like this when I was in high school I would have just eaten it up and


been able to really Excel not to mention we’ve also hired interns through this program yep and can you imagine getting


real world experience in high school in high school it’s crazy yeah like the i i


internships and definitely like CT was a thing when we were in High School um but


there was nothing like the at the level that it is today for sure like I had friends that did internships and stuff


but I I didn’t partake when I was in high school but like yeah if something like this existed holy cow you’d be so


much ahead of your your peers if you decided to go this route and for anyone that’s in Davis County or has kids that


are in high school in Davis County like look into the Catalyst program because


it’s it’s huge it’s really really really really cool yeah honestly I just think


if you are in high school or even in college and all the people who sit there and complain about how schools aren’t


offering the support that they need for Real World Experience like Davis school district is offering that experience


like these kids could go get jobs after they graduate here no problem yeah the


people that we hire as interns could get a full-time job with us no problem as they actually learn Real World skills


yeah so I think it’s amazing if you are a parent in the Davis School District or if you live in the vicinity like don’t


be dumb make your kids do something like this or if you have already graduated


and you wish you had something like this go offer to be an intern somewhere go offer to learn somewhere for free like


experience is everything and that’s the way that the next decades are going to go yeah oh yeah 100% nobody’s G to care


as much about a degree don’t listen students nobody’s going to care as much about a degree they’re going to Care way


more about the experience that you have yeah so this is amazing and I hope


higher education is doing stuff like this and I know higher education kind of already was but um but this is awesome


that you know Davis School District has made this investment into its high school high school students and I think


hopefully sets all of you guys up for uh a better path in life than even even we


had and and hopefully sets you guys up for a good uh a good trajectory long term so that’s our intro we’re prob


we’re probably gonna just talk about Catalyst every time we come here because


I am just honestly mind blown and the faculty here are amazing what they do so


um well we can we can jump into like I guess SE this is season two and season


two is I I feel like season going into winter hence our background yes going into winter for sure season one we had a


lot of awesome guests and you know all all during that time we never I mean we


talked a little bit about scroll and about obviously like what we are and what we do but we didn’t like get into


it a little bit more so in this episode a little bit we’re going to talk about


scroll kind of how we started a little bit of our history where you know and where we are


today and what we’re doing now now yeah I mean the podcast is called scroll sessions but really we like to highlight


entrepreneurs and I think we’d like the feedback from people that listen to understand what is it that they want to


hear and you know you and I have been having these conversations Dan about what do we want scroll sessions to be we


did a season one we interviewed some awesome people yep but what’s what’s the goal out of the podcast this isn’t a


money producing thing for us right now it’s just something that we’re passion about we’re passionate about the state


of Utah we’re passionate about entrepreneurs here we’re passionate about marketing and we would love to


understand how we can catapult this podcast into something


that is super valuable for the people who listen so I think feedback is going to be critical on understanding uh where


to go next but like Dan was saying like you were saying I for some reason in


this setting I like I feel like I’m speaking to like other people that’s okay I I feel like we I feel like we are


I’m going to get used to that but like uh I think what you’re saying is that


uh yeah we haven’t had a chance to really brag about scroll who we are and what we do so let’s maybe get into that


and say uh first of all I know we had in one of our very first episodes shot on


GoPros in our office it’s very true man we talked scroll and how we started so


maybe quick recap on how scroll started and then uh let’s get into like what we


were offering so maybe you give uh your perspective on how scr started because


yours is a lot taller than my perspective uh yeah for those who don’t know or can’t tell on camera or audio


I’m 65 audio you can usually tell yeah usually usually you can really tell you know um I’m 65 and it’s always like the


number one thing you know I’ve Been Told my whole life wow you’re really taller than I expected um this is why I want to


take you to Japan oh I know everybody’s going to be taking pictures um but in terms of how scroll started Shane and I


uh we didn’t we we didn’t know each other in high school we did go to the same high school we knew a lot of the


same people though for sure um we didn’t get connected until much later you know after we served our uh our LDS Missions


and went we started going to school we kind of reconnected and met at ldsbc at


the time and uh you know you dropped out


of ldsbc and got a job for KSL I continued through school but at the same


time we were doing a lot of similar things you were selling digital marketing more or less and I was kind of


doing consulting for digital marketing in the influencer space in college and out of college and shooting content and


stuff and then post all of that you had left you know KSL where you were working


at the time and or DDM and uh you wanted


to do things on your own and I was at that time I was doing photography on my


own I had been self-employed for about like two years doing photography on on my own and Consulting and you had posted


on social I think it was Instagram or something saying hey I am getting an office space like I want to get out of


my house or get out maybe your dad’s office at the time like little bit of both yeah I I want to you know have have


my own separate office and that piqued my interest cuz I wanted to get out of my then in-law’s house that I was living


in CU we were house sitting for them and I was just like I just want office outside of my house and so I hit you up


then we went to lunch and we went to Zha in Bountiful and uh we ended up having


that lunch uh that was supposed to be like an hour and it turned turned into 5 hours but luckily we both were on our


own and didn’t have a job to get back to yeah exactly exactly know that that 5 hour lunch then turned into a business


literally the following week we had like we just talked about everything that we were doing I think we realized we get


along really well we have really I think strong uh skills that are very


complimentary to each other and we were like maybe there is something here maybe we go for it you know and and I think we


had the lunch on the Friday and we moved into the office together on a Monday and


that I think from then on out you know changed definitely my life I know it’s changed your life too but yeah I mean


it’s been a wild ride I think the one thing I’d want to ask on that that I don’t think we’ve asked each other


before yeah weirdly you know you know someone so long and I’m like I’ve asked you everything and me and my wife randomly will be like I can’t believe


I’ve never asked you this question um and we spend each we spend a lot more time well we should probably spend more


time with our spouses but we spent a lot of time with each other the last five six years yes yeah uh the question I


would have is why entrepreneurship like go let’s go back to that day at Zhao or


the day that we decided to move into an office um why why entrepreneurship for


you you’ve always done more entrepreneurial things you grew up in a semi entrepreneurial


household but also a household that focused heavily on education it very it was very I grew up on a very independent


household like my parents raised all of us to be very I don’t want maybe not necessarily


say independent of them but definitely independent thinkers for sure my both my parents are in the medical field both


have very Advanced degrees and so education was always important my dad


traveled quite a bit so like travel culture uh like just


understanding the world was really important in my family um and I think that instilled a lot of things in me now


I didn’t do anything entrepreneurial until probably 20 I mean I I had some


stuff that I would do in like junior high like I started little side hustles and businesses that I would like as


little as selling lemonade to like doing a recycling business in junior high and we can get into that but I got like a


legitimate job after you know in high school I worked at a bakery and I love


that and that got me my first experience for what an amazing boss is like a


business owner who was grinding and I have the other side now of like how hard it is to like pay for a retail space to


like run a very low margin business and and what do you mean muffins are high


margin yeah food man food is like the lowest margin business you can get into um but I I I have a lot of more respect


respect for her Marne who was like my first boss and she such an amazing boss


business owner I think had a lot of potential it just sucks she had a lot of personal things going on that they had


to shut the business down um after that I went and I went and worked in the


hospital system in in Utah I worked for following the parents path yes follow my


parents path and I I I went and worked for uh University of Utah and Huntsman Cancer Institute um and I had Horrible


Bosses it was like my first time that I like was honestly like I dreaded going


to work Myers were the worst my my like my just it to taught me everything not


to be when I was like managing people and managing a business per se and


that’s what really kind of like pushed me in the direction of Entrepreneurship I didn’t want anyone like being pissed


that I was 5 minutes late to work or something because I had to commute from cville all the way to the top of


University of Utah and traffic and you know what like I’d have to leave forever early in order to make it exactly on


time or have somebody like super upset that I wasn’t running fast enough going


back and forth like taking cars from the you know garage up to the you know valet


like just little things like that that I’m just like I don’t want someone having to tell me what to do and I think


that like pushed me in the direction of Entrepreneurship and and photography I’d always taken you know pictures not


professionally but I had a camera and I’d always done that since junior high and so that really pushed me into


entrepreneurship I’m like I’m done I’m done with this this boss I’m done with having someone control my schedule like


I need my you know I need I need the freedom to do what I feel like I need to


do and that’s I think what pushed me into entrepreneurship ship and then I


quit well first I mean I was a little smart about it I had I I had gotten uh


engaged and we were my wife and I were about to be married and I said I told my


wife I was like um at the time fiance I’m I’m going to do photography full-time I’m going to quit my job this


was like a month before we got married and I remember my father-in-law like


absolutely grilling me about like what my plans were cuz he knew that um my


wife family comes from a very uh non-entrepreneurial family very traditional both teachers for like 30


years both of them and she’s the youngest so everyone wanted to give you advice right yeah oh yeah big time all


the siblings the parents every everybody wanted to hop in and say oh you you shouldn’t be doing that you know but um


what I what I did was is I replaced and doubled what I was making at Huntsman in


University of Utah on a monthly basis with photography clients and I did that about three or four months before I quit


so I had built up a savings I had like built up a little Runway and I had a I had a recurring clientel going at that


point and it was safe more or less at that point to then quit my full-time job


a month before we got married and like go in you know full steam ahead into an


actual business I think that’s one of the things that we’ve talked about on the podcast before and just uh in


general entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be risky and that was one of the things that even catapulted me when I was at


then ldsbc I had an uh I had a class called


entrepreneurship and we read the book The emth which is all about awesome book The Myth of Entrepreneurship and how uh


entrepreneurship is so risky and you have to take all these big jumps and you know quit a job and have no money and


yeah e eat mac and cheese and ramen forever but uh in reality you can be very smart


and not take a lot of risk with entrepreneurship where you build up a savings you build up a clientele you


know you have your 9 to5 and you work your 5 to9 y your five to n makes enough money that you can then quit the 9 to5


and I think that’s much more common now so entrepreneurship to you was you


didn’t want to have a boss you wanted flexibility yeah it was a little bit out of like I would say like


personal necessity if that makes sense like it was like it wasn’t necessarily


like I had never thought about doing it full-time I’d always like I need to go get a job right that’s what my family


did that’s what my friends are doing and um but it was more out of like personal necessity for myself to prove to myself


that I could do it and I could also do something that I was at the time felt I was really good at I was passionate


about like doing photography and then you know one or two years later doing


you know Consulting like really working with you know people on their social media and influencer campaigns and


marketing campaigns before we got together like that’s what I became passionate about and realized like I can


also make money at this and I’m pretty good at it yeah I I feel like I when I


first got into entrepreneurship I was looking for kind of the quick wins like the next three or four years but I


wasn’t looking long term I wasn’t wondering what am I going to do for 10 years what am I going to do for 15 years


and I think a lot of people get into photography for the quick win right they


can go shoot weddings and make three or4 thousand they can go and do uh family


sessions and make 500 bucks and yep that’s extra money uh but it’s not


consistent and is this what you want to do forever so how are you viewing photography were you viewing it as a I


want to have a studio one day or were you viewing it more as like I’m going to do this so that I have money while I’m


going to school and I don’t have to have a full-time job it’s a great question and I I like to think I know what I was


thinking then but I I I at the same time I think I’m smart enough now to know that like I had no idea like I really


had no idea what I wanted out of it I just knew that I I’ve always enjoyed


talking to people connecting with people I’ve enjoyed like The Art of Photography


and like being outside of Nature and I knew I could combine the two of those things and it would bring money so you


were just thinking in the moment this is I can make money and I can do the things I enjoy yeah but you weren’t thinking


about your retirement plan or no 10 years ahead no not at all sounds like a classic photographer yeah not at all


like I I was not thinking 10 years ahead and I I think photography and obviously


like service businesses in general it’s hard to scale them without additional


people right and I think at some point you know I realized I think it my wife and I when I got married I brought my


wife on my wife also is an artist and she has you know I it was easy to teach her how to do photography um and you


know at one point we were doing like maximum about I think it the most we ever did in a year was like 38 weddings


and then we had you know roughly 100 to 150 other shoots a year and that was full-time and it was very busy like


every weekend’s gone basic and your wife was your support she she worked with you yeah she worked with me and while she


was doing school and stuff so scalability was a little better there you had two people yeah there’s you got two people so you got someone that can


edit or someone that or we both went and shots you’re getting new angles but yeah scaling photography or any service


business is really difficult without additional people and so you look at like the LIF span of a photographer and


it’s actually like not that long it’s about it’s about like 10 years like most people do it for about 10 to 15 years


and then stop and looking at where I am right now I’ve done it for about 10ish


years and now it’s like just a side thing that I do for when people hit me


up and ask for referrals yeah like or our former clients come back and say hey will you do my wedding or hey do my kids


wedding or whatever and of course like I’m going to hop on that and help them out but yeah it’s like those are hard


they’re hard to scale and we’re and we also started a service based business yeah hard to scale well that’s kind of a


side rant but I think it’s interesting to know you know why you got in why you got into entrepreneurship what


catapulted that and some of the ins and outs of like I I think our early


entrepreneural Journeys as both of us very similar right like we just wanted


to maybe do something that we were passionate about make money but we weren’t thinking five 10 years ahead we


were just building something so that we didn’t have to go yeah work for a dumb boss at the hospital yeah no 100% And I


felt like you had similar at least maybe like personal necessity reasons for like


becoming an entrepreneur maybe talk a little bit about like your your path as


well yeah I think I also became an entrepreneur out of necessity but mostly


because I had no idea what I wanted to do all I knew was that I was good at sales yeah and I had worked in sales and


seen success I didn’t want to go to school and study anything particular nothing was really intriguing to me um


and I always felt like called to do more than just sit in a desk and answer to


someone yeah so long story short yeah it was out of necessity I didn’t really have any other


options other than a sales job and I figured if I’m going to sell I might as well sell for myself because the commissions are better yeah so yeah 100%


um so that’s why I got into it uh and I hated working for people I I like to say


that I’m a terrible employee but a great business owner uh I’m a good employee shortterm but eventually I’ll


your business because I’ll hate working for you yeah and I will like undermine you and I will want to like start coming


up with ideas myself that the boss isn’t going to want to implement or something


like that and that’s my ego that gets in the way and I need to be better about that but I do think that uh I had great


bosses like they they helped me learn discipline they helped me learn to uh to get better at sales they helped me


learn more about digital marketing um my dad has been my boss before and he’s


taught me a lot about entrepreneurship so I I just think that entrepreneurship


for me was yeah I I want freedom and flexibility I wrote about this on LinkedIn the other day but I remember my


brother who was also a professional photographer and they were doing so well he had shot Miss America’s wedding and


they were just killing it and we’d go on family trips and they’d be able to like spend money on a Patagonia jacket on the


trip as like a souvenir and I thought that that was so cool because it’s such an expensive jacket or they’d go to L


we’d my family group text would go off and my parents would be like hey anybody want to go grab lunch and none of the


siblings had kids yet but we were all married yeah yeah and they would be like sure yeah we’ll come meet you there


because their schedules were flexible where I was sitting and a button-up shirt tucked in to some slacks in an


office in a cubicle in Salt Lake being like I get 45 minutes yeah for sure so I


I didn’t want that to be my life regardless of how much money I made um it wasn’t necessarily about the money it


was about the freedom um and I was just hoping that money would come but


industry no idea what I wanted to do yeah and I think we were both in that same boat where it was like yeah I


started a few product companies you started your photogra and then we ended up running a digital


marketing company together so um if people want to know more about kind of our Journeys we do have some earlier


episodes that yeah we can uh link and they can go listen to those but uh let’s


get into scroll as it started so scroll as it started we were web design and SEO


yep right andit a little bit of social stuff on my end but that only lasted for


three months like three four months months until we decided like hey uh some clients left us and we just realized


it’s a really hard it’s a hard service to do as not a freelancer yeah for sure


this business was all started out of client needs not out of our ideas and dreams literally we just found people


that were willing to pay us and we did what they wanted us to do and slowly built a business off of what other


people wanted us to do so it wasn’t like Hey we’re Shane and Dan we’re starting scroll and it’s going to be web design


SEO and social it was hey we’ve got five people that are willing to pay us for something let’s just deliver on deliver


on what they are willing to pay us on so I had a few people that were willing to pay me to build a website y so I built


them websites I had a few people that were willing to pay me for SEO so I found a company that would do SEO and


then I just upcharged it yep uh Social Services you had a few people willing to


pay yeah willing to pay to manage their social media and then create content and all that kind of stuff and we in


literally I think it was the 3 or four months we lost almost all of our clients I think yeah I think we got up to we had


like $5,000 in recurring Revenue together when we first started yeah and uh it all we went and like bought office


furniture and moved in and then everything cancelled yeah um and then we realized we’re like well what do we do


now and we were had the fun and smart idea of getting that Hometown Values


Magazine yeah and shout out to Hometown Valley they probably won’t like this but we literally just like cold called we went


through that that whole that and the valac we went through those two things


and we found businesses that they’re adverti like they had more or less seemed like a strong business and we


would literally just call them and just say hey is print working for you do you


like do you understand if it is working and you know here’s digital marketing


here’s a here’s a new ish newish way to to go to market that is very trackable


that you can understand you know everything about how it’s working and if it’s working for you yeah and I will say


on that note too we actually przed our business yeah


instead of just saying yeah whatever these people that we know are willing to pay us to do we built a business we


built a website we called ourselves you into local yeah which is now scroll and


uh we said what are we going to offer like let’s offer web design and SEO and then when we called through Hometown


values we got a few people that were willing to take take us on and work with


us and uh some of those people are still customers today we Noble house design we


called from Hometown values and Split Rock Custom Homes We messaged on Instagram yep and both those clients are


still with us today after four years so we love them and they mean the world to our business yeah oh yeah um but scroll


was just web design SEO we had przed it we called some local companies we named ourselves you went local because we were


just offering some local easy Services yeah um and we did a lot of in you and I


did a lot of in-person appointments pre-co it was right before covid and we were doing uh I just sorry uh we were


doing a lot of inperson meetings yeah which is super fun I I think like we we did an inperson appointment a little bit


ago and it was fun to kind of like have the Nostalgia of that cuz it was fun like you and I are you and I are really


good when we go in person and we’re for whatever reason we have like an almost 100% close rate when it’s you and I in


person so um well let’s talk about scroll obviously adapted uh we brought


on new people that helped us get into paid ads we przed our business even more


we got much better at web design instead of hiring an SEO company to do our SEO for us we built our entire SEO staff


here in house and in the Philippines and um yeah so like what is scroll now not


what is scroll now let’s talk about where we want scroll to be in the next year as far as what we offer to


companies because and this could be a discussion that we’re having almost live right


because we’ve talked a lot about it yeah we have we’ve talked a lot about it but where where are we going do we want to


for the people listening scroll helps we have about 70 direct clients but


indirectly we manage about a total of 250 MH um the reason for that is because


we do a lot of white label work meaning we do work for other agencies and we want to find out what


our Niche is because we have helped everyone yeah we’ve we’re very like industry agnostic which is kind of


interesting especially I feel like in our space I feel like a lot of agencies are very


much either pick a niche very early on or at some point decide to Niche down um


we haven’t quite done that yet I think we’re on the precipice of probably doing that but you know we’ve the bulk of who


we’ve worked with are in in in service Industries like in the home service space and Professional Services


electricians plumbers HVAC all those like consult other


agencies stuff like that those are the people that we’ve worked with and recently we’ve gotten into big e-commerce customers and we’ve done


really well there because our ad buyers have been with us for multiple years and they’ve gotten so good at what they do


where we used to not touch e-commerce with a 10- foot pole now now we’re handling like literally six figure


monthly budgets yeah and they’re and growing them faster and better than other agencies which is a huge uh hat


tip to our uh ad buyers yeah but um yeah something that you know at the


end of our uh at the end of the year we always go over what we want to do for


the next year and maybe we can kind of start that discussion live on uh scroll


for the next year what do we want to focus on yeah where do we want to go I I think


uh at least in my opinion where we scale and where we grow is we take our are


already strengths and just make them stronger and we look at new opportunities right and we’ve talked


about this but I think one is like some kind of white label marketplace right we


we have white label is a huge percentage of our business um and we we’re I feel


like we’re really good at it and you know all of our agency partners also would agree that we are really good at


helping them Outsource their services in a way that you know one is uh saves them


cost from hiring inhouse people to fulfill the work but we’re also actually


delivering results on the web front on the SEO front and on the you know paid


ads or Performance Marketing front and other white label agencies are garbage they suck and they’re hiring all these


people overseas they don’t have account managers so the big thought is that a wh label Marketplace would actually have


account managers here in Utah or here in the states that can actually oversee


what’s going on and communicate with the agency at a very high level so the agency is very clear on what we’re doing


yeah we dealt with really crappy white label Partners y for years built it our


,000 a month on White Label Partners yeah and agencies deserve a good option uh to


Outsource and I think that that’s definitely going to be a focus for 2024 I think the big thing that we focus on


is separating our business into what it actually is right we have the white label aspect of our business we almost


create an its own website let it exist as it is yeah then we have our direct to consumer or I guess B2B website that is


scroll and it’s here’s our services all a cart pick what you want and then we have like a very Niche website that is


here’s this one product that you can buy from us and you can buy it online you know that ideally is how I would see


2024 going is we separate out and actually maybe make three branded


websites or three separate businesses almost that yeah that run uh individual


of each other yeah know and I I think that’s awesome and I think the the cool thing is that looking back from where we


started and just servicing more or less client needs and then going


przed that that shift to us going przed has been huge not only for like us


internally but it’s given us a way to scale right where I feel like a lot of


agencies you either they either get stuck in like a certain Revenue amount


or they get stuck in a very particular Niche or whatever it is and they can’t


get past that or they can’t service more clients either because they don’t want to or because they literally can’t do it


because of you know like either Staffing or other scaling issues yeah I think think that’s a big goal uh of ours two


for 2024 that we kind of have talked about but something that I would love to get into more is Staffing overseas a lot


stronger there are so many talented people overseas and we’ve been compiling a list and going over it uh we met with


a company here in Utah called Bloom that works with the BYU Pathways program to help get overseas employees that are


really talented yeah um I think building out that team could be really cost effective give those people awesome


opportunities and then help us scale way faster cuz we are at a more affordable


price point so that the barrier entry is lower for small businesses and the only way we can scale is volume is yeah is


volume and we need uh some more affordable options of Staff in order to


do that so our core staff that’s here amazing getting overseas staff is going to make us a lot more scalable because


the last two years we’ve grown but not as much as we’d like compared our first two years yeah and I think that having


that solution is going to help a lot yeah and I’m excited for the future man I think uh there we have a lot of uh


we’ve got a really good solid foundation I do feel like um it’s a foundation that


I I do believe we can continue to build upon and I think if we you know continue


to invest and and and really continue to Niche down our our more or less our products and services and get those


continuing to perform because they are performing we’re I feel like doing an amazing job for our clients at the price


point that they pay us at and then you know getting into also higher end offerings you know we’ve brought on some


more or less larger clients that we didn’t normally or wouldn’t normally take on you know even a couple years ago


and that is you know good source of Revenue to scale and I think we have the ability to do that now where we didn’t a


couple years ago yeah because we have staff here we’ve got great contractors when needed we’ve got good staff


overseas like yeah we’re prepared to double our business in 2024 with the


right marketing approach yeah and that’s something we can definitely get into at a later time is our marketing approach


for 2024 yeah because I think got stuff uh I’m I’m excited for uh the rest of


season two of scroll sessions I think we’ve got we have some really cool guests already lined up we’ve got some


awesome I think opportunities with with the podcast we started the podcast as like really a content a a Content


experiment for us um I think you and I have enjoyed consuming content and


enjoyed consuming podcast content and we’re like we like we’ve got to do one ourselves you know if you’re going to


consume might as well create yes 100% well let’s uh give some teasers into


some of the people that we’re going to be having on in 20 well not 2024 but in season two yeah uh we’re we’re gonna


have some people on from kisik y really excited about that we’re going to have


on a few people that own marketing agencies so we’ll probably dive a little deeper into the the marketing agency


World kizik we’re going to be able to talk about creative and e-commerce uh who who else we have we’ve got some


other like unique entrepreneurs we’ve got the churo we’ve got the churro guy


so we’ll get into like product Founders we’ve got some other uh local people


here in Utah that are really involved in like Community Building uh like tacos


together we’ve got some other awesome guests that are be going to be coming on the next couple months but for those


listening let us know if there is a anyone you want to see on uh I have a feeling with uh the new studio and uh


We’ve upped our spend on our podcast too we’re actually running a lot of advertisements for it now so we’re


growing really quickly and uh we want to get big hitters yeah we’re excited so


let let us know if you have any questions this is season two episode one


and uh I think that’s a wrap for the first episode I think that’s a wrap okay that’s it scroll sessions we’re





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