Creating a wildly different digital marketing experience

What's at our core

Scroll is turning away from agency/corporate culture to focus on the people who make it all possible. We value the people we serve and the people behind the scenes – our employees. We work to have clear communication and focus on each of our clients’ goals.


It’s about us – the humans behind the marketing. We value our customers as much as we value our employees. We strive to build relationships founded on trust and a common goal of growth.


We merge ad supervision with content creation. We do both, and we do both well. We have years of experience behind us and a team of digital marketing experts.


Our prices start at $499. We put it right out there. We’re transparent with our pricing because we strive to be trusted and fair with our customers.


We’re humans – no automation. Our process is focused on our over-communicative approach that you’ll experience from start to finish.

our people who take care of you

Shane Hickenlooper


Dan Page


Layne Lawson

Web Design Team Lead

Coming Soon

Cody Penman

Paid Media Team Lead (performance)

Lindsey Chisholm

Copywriter/SEO Team Lead

Preston Palmer

Account Executive

Veronica Robinson

Paid Media Specialist (org)

Mitch Perry

Paid Media Specialist

Ben Hickenlooper

Web Design Specialist

Taylor Seymour

Paid Media Specialist

Nate Ferguson

Operations Manager

Isaac Lewis

Sales Intern

Mark Batoon

SEO Specialist

Coming Soon

Adrian Marco

SEO Specialist

Coming Soon

Adrian Marco

SEO Specialist

Tyson Lindquist

Paid Ads Consultant

based in utah

Scroll has deep roots in Utah – this is where it all started and where most of our team members are from. We spend all the time we can outdoors golfing, trail running, or simply enjoying the beautiful state we get to call home. And even though we’re based in Utah, we work with clients nationwide.

Our Past Leads us to our present

After working in marketing agencies, corporations, freelancing, and running eCommerce businesses, we experienced frustration from clients who saw no results, no transparency, and wasted time and money.

In the beginning, co-founders Shane Hickenlooper and Dan Page worked in separate spaces – Shane in Web Design/PPC/SEO and Dan in Social/Branding/Strategy. It made sense for them to collaborate and help the local market succeed by becoming experts in the digital marketing space.


We wanted to be the best via transparent communication, honest tangible assets for clients, and results/money earned. We’re completely dedicated to helping businesses understand their marketing strategy and how to use it to succeed in the digital marketing world.

After a couple of years running a small agency, Uinta Local merged with Mason Bledsoe’s company, Scroll. The partners were able to grow the Uinta Local agency, and in January 2021, the name Uinta Local shifted to Scroll.

Scroll has experienced major growth in 2020 and 2021, which caused the name change. The previous name was unclear in regards to the company’s growth (local) and the expansion to national brands. “Uinta” was also foreign to customers outside of Utah, the company’s founding state. Therefore, the shift was necessary for Scroll’s growth.

Scroll is focused on the people we work for and the people we work with, meaning our customers and the employees who support our customers. Their growth and success equal our growth and success.


Join Our Team

4-day work weeks, mandatory PTO, flexible schedules, full medical/dental… do we really need to say more? Our team is growing like crazy and we’d love to have you here for the ride.